By Dbod

Lands travelled on nomadic journeys
Through red rivers of stagnated memories.

Skeletons with faces calling her name
Forcing confession.
Bringing grief of many mourned through one.

Showing the petulance of a life not wanted but lived with a pleasure.
Pleasure found under damp rocks in dark dirty soil,
crawling in gaps and holes.

Wanting to control and have all.
Wanting to bury the silent voice that whispers to a locked away place.
One that is denied acknowledgment.

How long can a dam hold.
Walls of wood and mud last a long time but not eternity
Inside slimy and dank. Pourous and seeping
The largest flood starts with the slowest drip.

Dependence of belief lying in the cracks of denial.
Sincerity of hatred fueled by the challenge of guilt.
Guilt of failure feeding the denial.

Like worms burrowing through her body punishing, eating, festering.
Growing, becoming puss covered scabs of a closed mind.

Meager offerings, easily subdued.
Difficult to fight, dancing in abuse by moonlight.
Background stars mapping the unconscious
Uncontrolled emotions running rampant plundering the hearts of the

Others watch and do nothing
The pawns of their enertainment oblivious to their fate,
playing their roles like rats in a maze, chasing crumbs through tunnels
of black
Never knowing for what they search, simply doing, but feeling a loss.
Covering it with more depravity and senseless acts of bloodletting.
Shrieking in delight at anothers demise, laughing as the life force
drains into the ground.
Becoming weaker with each kill.

Preservation not destruction shows the way
Honesty not denial conquers the self

The chrysalis forming in the cocoon.
As the shell cracks open shadows of angels pour in.
Awakening on wings of enlightenment with the spirit of white
An angels soul with the warriors heart binding wounds of years of decay.

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ounds of years of decay.

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