by: Xenaslaves

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One warm summer day, Ephiny and Sarina accompanied Xena and their Queen to the Amazon Village. They were returning from Gabrielle's home village, where they had attended a wedding. Xena knew the crew was exhausted and began to look for a safe place to spend the evening.
They reached a beautiful area by a glorious waterfall, and decided to stop for the night. Ephiny and Sarina headed out to the nearby lake to gather up fish for dinner. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Xena stayed behind to set up camp.
Xena started the fire while her companion began her preparations for dinner. She was exhausted from the long journey but being in the presence of Gabrielle always made her feel content.
Gabrielle decided to walk over and take a seat next to the warrior. She had been working hard on a new story, and was glad they were finally alone to tell it. It was a nightly ritual that they both enjoyed greatly. She knew Xena enjoyed listening to her stories, and loved hearing her warrior's reaction.
"Xena? Are you ok?"
Xena looked over to her companion and smiled.
"Of course...why'd you ask?"
"No reason I guess..."
"Tell your story Gab..."
Xena hadn't finished her sentence before Gabrielle took the opportunity to start her tale of adventure.
"I think you'll really enjoy the story Xena. It starts in the land of..."

Gabrielle stopped when she noticed that her warrior hadn't been listening as closely as she usually did. She decided Xena had to be worn out and didn't take it too personally.
"You look like you could use a back rub... Warrior Princess."
Xena looked up at her bard to see that perfectly defined smile radiating across her innocent face.
"You offering?"
Gabrielle's smile grew wider. She moved around to stand behind her and placed her hands on broad shoulders. "You're so tight."
Xena couldn't help but chuckle at her clever remark.
" know my life."
The feel of her bard's hands against her body was magnificent.
"That feels Reeaally nice..." The Queen softly laughed at her warrior's remark.
"Xena. Why don't you get some rest? You look so tired. Please! For me?"
"No Gabrielle." Xena lowered her head, her chin touched the middle of her chest, "I'm fine... just thinking..."
"About what?" Gabrielle's hands slowed their pace. She moved around so that her eyes caught directly with her warrior's.
"About what Xena?"
"We can discuss it later, Gabrielle. I *know* you're hungry. I can hear your stomach growling. I `m going to see what's keeping them, so we can eat."
"But Xe..."
Xena stood, her eyes still fixed on her companions. She placed her fingers over the bard's soft lips, stopping her mid sentence.
"It's no big deal... No worries..."
As Xena headed out towards the woods,
she turned around to say,
"Gabrielle... Stay..."
"I know..." Gabrielle sarcastically raised her hands to the sky. "I know Xena... I know."
The warrior shook her head and continued on her mission.

She smirked at the fact that the bard had been following her since she had left. What was happening to her Gabrielle lately?
Lately, it seemed she was trying to protect her by following her around constantly.
Xena thought the gesture was adorable, and decided to not mention it, in fear the bard would stop giving her the special attention.

As Xena and Gabrielle approached the lake, they heard a loud screeching noise. This made them instinctively duck behind a huge rock. Xena placed her arm across her bard's chest to restrain her from moving, while she popped her head around the edge of the rock to find the cause of the noise.
"Are you ok, Gabrielle?"
"Yes. But Ephiny and Sarina? What if they're..." Gabrielle's words were cut short, at the sound of Xena's soft whisper.
"By The Gods!" Xena said, before slowly turning to face Gabrielle. She tried to hide her smile, now evident across her face, but it was too obvious.
"Gabrielle, let's go back to camp."
The Queen looked at her with a confused, angry expression. She was confused by the sudden change in character, and angry that Xena was always trying to shield her from everything.
The bard ignored the plea, pushing her strong warrior to the side to take her own look.
"Sweet Aphrodite!"
Xena quickly covered the bard's mouth tightly.
"SHH! You'll interrupt them..." Xena whispered.
Gabrielle peeked out for another look, a small smile became evident across her young face.
"Come-on let's go!"
"We'll leave in a moment Xena... I promise."
Xena smiled at the Gabrielle's sudden behavior before moving behind her to take another look. She wrapped her mighty arm around the smaller woman's shoulder and watched with lust stricken eyes.

Sarina was lying naked on her back in soft grass, her arms lying comfortably above her head. Her knees were raised in the air, with her legs wide open for the night's breeze.
However, this wasn't what made Xena and her bard so shocked. It was the fact that Ephiny's face lay securely between Sarina's inviting legs.
They watched as Sarina thrust her hips repeatedly towards her lover's mouth, moaning louder with every movement. Sarina's hands were grasping convulsively against the soft grass that surrounded them. It was obvious to Xena she was close to climaxing.

Before Sarina had a chance to finish, Ephiny moved herself up, to lay beside her. It was obvious that Ephiny had a bigger plan in mind.
The Regent's bare body moved on top of her lover's. Their tongues played a teasing game with each other, sliding in and out of each other mouths. Their lips were glued together, only parting to take small delicate bites on the neck.
Ephiny slowly brought her hand up her lover's stomach, to her breast, cupping it. She teased the erect nipple wickedly, pinching it between her fingers. This caused her lover, to shake beneath her, letting out small moans of pleasure. Ephiny's right hand was rested on her lover's thigh, slowly moving up Sarina's body.

"Gabrielle, we should go."
Xena couldn't handle the burning sensation she was feeling. The urge to grab the bard was getting stronger, and she was sure she wouldn't be able to control herself for long.
"No, Xena. One more second."

Ephiny repositioned her body, placing herself on top of Sarina's right thigh. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, letting out a loud moan at the contact. Sarina's head tilted back as her eyes closed. She could feel the wetness between her lover's legs, rapidly increasing. Sarina thrust her hips up to meet her lover's body. Practically exploding with sensations, she let out a few cries of pleasure.
"Oh Sarina... Oh yes YES. MMMM"
The Regent moved her center up and down her lover's leg, soaking her lover's thigh with her juices. It was obvious on the Regent's face she was coming to her own sensuous release.
"OHH Ehp..."
Ephiny inserted two fingers into her lover's folds, systematically thrusting, and penetrating.
Sarina yelled out her lover's name repeatedly, feeling herself coming closer to her release.
"Harder... Oh please harder!"
Ephiny matched every moan her partner let out. The noises coming from the women were enough to make Xena release a soft moan as she bit her lower lip to remain in control.
After Gabrielle heard the soft moan she raised her eyebrow and smiled. Then she focused back on the couple, not mentioning it to the warrior.
Ephiny's pace increased, penetrating her fingers deep inside her lover's body,
"AHHH, oh BY the Gods.... Oh YES YES, Ephiny!!!"

Ephiny could feel Sarina's body shaking below her. She took in every sound, every movement her lover offered. The sounds of pleasure from Sarina made the Regent groan louder. She continued to rub against her thigh, slowly coming to her own release.
Ephiny moved in for one final thrust, causing them both to reach the heavens,

"Xena, we can't let them see us. Let's go."
" Gabrielle. I've been trying to tell..."
"Shh. I know. Let's go. I'm ready now." The bard replied.
They retreated quietly and slowly, until they reached a safe area, out of hearing range. They walked in silence, both shocked at what they had just seen together. Xena was focused on the Queen's reaction to the situation, but decided not to mention it until later. She remained silent letting her thoughts race in her head.
She imagined everything she wanted to do to her companion. Lowering Gabrielle to the floor, and doing things to her that would make her scream her name. She'd lunge down to capture those beautiful lips she wanted so much to possess. Their lips would touch, as if for the first time. Her hands would secure the bard's breasts as her own. Slowly pinching her nipples that caused her lover's body to shake for more.
She could hear the bard's voice yelling her name, XENA! Oh Gods! XENA! The sound of her lover, making her wet with desire. She would lower her hand, to the center of Gabrielle's womanhood. Moving the undergarment to the side, so that she could feel her bard's wetness on her fingers. The warmth of her lover's center caused her to moan out loud. She would insert two fingers into the soft folds that are Gabrielle. XENA!

Xena jumped out of her thoughts and focused back on her young companion.
"YES? What are you yelling about?"
"I've been calling you repeatedly! What were you thinking about?"
"Oh nothing, Gabrielle."
Embarrassed, Xena walked faster towards the camp, not really answering the bard's questions.
When they reached camp, the warrior walked over to brush Argo and Gabrielle headed towards the fire.
The Queen reached for the frying pan but hesitated. Smiling, she looked over to Xena and asked,
"So does this mean, I don't get to eat *anything* tonight?"
Xena dropped her brush at the question, then glanced over to her bard. It was obvious Gabrielle had startled her warrior, and began to laugh. Xena stood there speechless as she watched her companion. The warrior's only option was to smile in hope that they would leave it at that.
She reached down for the brush, trying to regain her composure.
Once finished with Argo, she went by the fire and took a seat. She wanted to talk to Gabrielle about what they had seen, but found herself without the words.
Her bard was better with words anyhow, so she decided to wait for *her* to bring it up.

"Here's the fish, My Queen" the voice came from behind them, as Ephiny and Sarina approached.
Gabrielle grabbed the fish, cautious about not looking into Sarina's eyes. She walked over to the fire to prepare them. Sarina and Ephiny sat by Xena, waiting for someone to start a conversation.
"Why are you both so quiet. Did something happen?" Ephiny asked.
After no one answered her question, she looked over to her lover, and raised her hands.
"HELLO? What's going on my Queen?" Sarina innocently asked while looking over to the warrior in front of her.
Xena finally gave in to the questioning, confessing what they had seen.
"We saw you by the lake," Xena whispered. She felt her cheeks flush, her embarrassment obvious.
"XENA!" The bard yelled, rolling her eyes at the warrior.
"OH I see" Ephiny remarked
"So what did you think?" Sarina asked, with a tiny smirk across her face. She found it quite entertaining to have others watch and comment on her sexual habits. But this was another story all in it's own.
Simultaneously the bard and warrior reacted, with a small smile and chuckled.
Xena rubbed her neck, smirking back at Sarina's playful stare.
Gabrielle approached them, to stand next to Xena, while Sarina broke the uncomfortable silence.
"So now our secret is out in the open.... You two care to share, or do we have to drag it out of you?
The Queen could feel the blood rushing to her face as her legs began to weaken.
Xena remained quiet as she watched the bard's inner struggle, waiting for her to respond. Gabrielle was still insecure when it came to talking about their relationship with others.
The bard spoke slowly, as she tried to hold a fake smile. "To be honest Ephiny..."
"Wait you don't need to answer. I'm sorry you had to find out about us that way. We thought you knew about us already." Ephiny said.
"Don't apologize." Gabrielle took a quick breath before continuing, "It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful," she remarked.
Ephiny knew she had reached an uncomfortable topic of conversation with the Queen but wasn't willing to let it go with the warrior. She looked over to Xena, and asked,
"Xena, have you ever been with a woman?"
Xena hesitated in answering, looking up at her bard for the answer. She was about to respond, when she felt her lover's arm come from behind her. The Queen's voice spoke quietly from behind the warrior.
"Yes she's been with a woman... she's been with me." She lunged forward in order to capture Xena's eyes' with her own. "And only me?" Xena laughed, and opened her mouth to respond, but Gabrielle interrupted. "Wait. I don't want to know." The bard quietly said.

"Well, my Queen. We *knew* that already. " Sarina said, now blushing from her own embarrassment.
Xena's face became serious as she tried to probe into Sarina's remark.
"How did you know? I mean... I'm sure you suspected, but how did you know?"
Gabrielle took a seat on her lover's lap as they waited for an answer. They sat patiently, while the Regent began to explain the reason for their laughter.
"A couple weeks ago, when we were at the amazon village. Sarina and I were walking to the Queen's tent, with a few other Amazons. We couldn't find her, so we decided to let everyone go for lunch, and we went out to search.
We figured you were together, so we didn't worry, but we needed to deliver you a message.
As we walked towards Sarina's tent, we noticed some noises coming from behind one of the trees, so we went to get a closer look. When we reached the back of the tent, we saw you two by the trees."

Xena's mouth dropped, as did Gabrielle's. They knew exactly what the Regent had witnessed. The bard covered her face quickly, as the warrior lowered her eyes to the floor.
"OK Ephiny. Stop. We're clear on what came next." Xena stated, trying not to break a smile.
Seconds later the four woman broke into laughter.

Later that evening, after they had gotten to talk about their relationships they decided to go to sleep.
Ephiny lay herself down by the fire, waiting for Sarina to come lie next to her. She wasn't able to sleep until she knew Sarina was safe in her arms.
Her lover lowered her body down to rest on Ephiny's upper body, her face comfortably positioned on her lover's chest.

Gabrielle could feel her lover's firm breasts pushing against her back. She could feel the soft kisses Xena offered to the back of her neck.
"Mm Xena, I love you," she whispered as she held her warrior's arm tightly around her body.
"I love you more." The warrior softly replied.

After they said their goodnights, Xena quietly thought back to the day the Regent was speaking about.
That day both had been annoyed by all the unwelcome visitors, and decided to take a walk so they had a chance to be alone. They spent a beautiful morning by the lake together and, by lunchtime, headed back to the village. On the way back, Xena started to play with her young bard, teasing the sides of her breasts with her fingers.
Gabrielle cleverly counterattacked, moving her hand up and down her warrior's thigh. "Wait Gab... Are you sure you want to play with the warrior princess that way?" Xena reacted immediately, picking up the bard in her arms, and positioning her against a tree.
The Queen straddled the warrior's waist with her legs, holding on tightly to the back of her neck.
Xena kissed her passionately for a few moments before Gabrielle felt a strong hand caressing the inside of her thigh. Xena held her against the tree as she slowly slid her other hand up and down the bard's center, driving Gabrielle wild with anticipation. Gabrielle cupped her warrior's breast, but felt only leather. She began to tug on it aggressively, tearing it. Xena took the hint and lowered the top, revealing her beautiful round breasts for her companion.
They looked around for unwanted watchers before locking eyes, and kissing. The bard reached around Xena's back pulling her warrior closer. They kissed passionately, moaning quietly at the burning sensation they both felt racing through their centers. Xena moved the woman's undergarment to the side, as she slid two fingers into her warm center.
Gabrielle lowered her mouth to the warrior's erect nipple, biting it. She ravished it, the taste of her warrior driving her crazy. The sounds of her warrior's soft moans were enough to drive her wild with passion. She moved her hips aggressively against Xena's fingers, so that they would go deep inside of her.
"MMMMM OH yes, Gabrielle that's it. UMMMMM"
"Oh XENA... XENA. OH Yes, yes YESSSSS"
Xena could feel her bard slowing coming to her release, the warrior's fingers drenched in her juices. She thrust in and out one last time,
Gabrielle's body began to shake uncontrollably. Her bard let out a loud cry, before embracing her lover in her arms.
Xena smiled. She enjoyed hearing her name yelled into her ear. She lowered the bard to her feet, helping her to the ground. Her body shook for several moments before finally calming. She looked over to her strong warrior and smiled.
"Umm, I love how you make me feel Xena." The bard said with a wicked smile.

Xena smiled at the memories she had just reviewed in her mind. She slowly kissed her bard softly on the neck before falling into a deep wonderful sleep.

The End

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