Violent Content Warning: This story does contain scenes of a violent nature.

Alternative Content Warning: This story does depict a loving relationship between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This story takes place about a month after ‘Hero of My Heart.’ All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.



Still My Hero

By: Teagen2



"Do you like scary movies?" She laughed into the receiver.

"Hey Cody."

"Hey babe. I’m getting off at nine. You still picking me up?"

"You bet. I’ll see you in a bit."




I couldn’t wait to get home. Mason sold her house and moved in with me last week. Now I have a home, not just a house. That damn Debbie makes her presence known every so often. But I haven’t seen her face to face since I beat the shit out of her in Mason’s bedroom. I still smile at the expression on her face as I threw her out of that window. Mason pulled up outside. "Hey." I walk up and meet as she steps out.

"Can you drive? I’ve got a headache."

"Sure." I lead her around to the passenger door and open it for her.

"Thank you." she smiled.

"Nooo problem." I really like my truck better than this Escort. I squeeze my tall frame into the driver’s seat and scoot the seat back to accommodate my legs. I hear a chuckle from my girlfriend. "Yes, this is so funny."

"Actually it is." I smile as I flip the headlights on, after buckling my seat belt.


We headed down the four lane on the way home. She was relating the latest chapter to her book that she was working on. "You think its good to put a fight scene there?" she asks.

"Hey, you can always put a fight scene in." I chuckled. "Nothing like a good action sequence."

"You would say that."

"You asked." I smiled.

"I did, yes."


We continued to converse over the chapter until we were hit with such force, my head was thrown towards Mason and then it whacked the window leaving a solid crack. "Ohhh." I moaned as I tried to move my head. Looking out of the windshield, I noticed the car must have done and least a 360 degree turn. I moved my eyes and saw the totaled front end of a pick up. They must have slammed us in the side.

"Cody, are you okay?" I closed my eyes as pain shot through my back. I heard her unbuckle her seat belt.

"You okay?" I countered.

"I’m fine." She touched my shoulder.


"I’m sorry." she whispered. She looked around as we both heard a siren approaching. It wasn’t long before we saw a police car come to a halt near us. The officer jumped out and ran to my window. The door was damaged, but he managed to get it open.

"Everyone okay?" he asks.

"She’s hurt." Mason said. I wasn’t about to argue. He grabbed his radio and said something into it.

"What’s your name?" he asks.

"Cody." I whisper as I feel my back protesting again. "I can’t move." I moan.

"Don’t try. Paramedics are the way. Sit tight." He jogged over to check the truck.

"Cody." I heard it in her voice.

"Don’t cry, Baby. I’m okay. My back hurts that’s all." She started to touch me, but thought better of it.

Suddenly there were a ton people around us. It finally registered what happened. I just wrecked Mason’s car. A small woman entered the car at my door. "Cody, don’t move okay?" I don’t think I could if I wanted to. "What hurts?" She carefully removed my seat belt.

"My back."

"Can you move your feet?" I shifted both of them.

"Good." She placed her hands on the side of my head, bracing my neck. "Just relax....Get the backboard." she said to her partner. I felt something wet move down my cheek. It was blood. "You’ve got a small cut on your head." She said after seeing my eyes shift. Her partner returned with the board and another man. She placed a collar on my neck. Now I was beginning to get scared. What if my back is broken? Will I be able to walk? "We’re gonna move you now. Just relax. Let us do the work." I bit my lip hard as I felt pain when they began to move me.

"Ahhhhh." I hissed as I was pulled from the car and placed on the ground. Now I was scared. I couldn’t see Mason. I heard the sound of Velcro as I was being strapped down and then I was lifted.

The lights inside the ambulance seemed extremely bright. "I’m right here." Mason caressed my cheek. I moved my eyes, since my head was strapped into place.

"I’m sorry, Hon."

"About what?" She wiped the tear that just escaped her eye.

"Your car."

"It wasn’t your fault. That truck ran a red light and slammed into us." I was momentarily distracted by a needle going into my hand.




I was ecstatic when I heard the news. My back was only strained. After a few meds, I was on my feet and slowly walking out of the emergency room. "Cody." Mason smiled. "Are you okay?"

"Strained my back, that’s all. Gotta take it easy for awhile." I stopped long enough to sign myself out. Relief spread across her face. "Guess, I’ll call Rachel."

"Already did. She’s on her way." We stepped out into the night air. I took in a deep breath.

"How’s your car?" I asked.

"Don’t know. It got towed. We’ll find out tomorrow. Don’t worry about the car.....You wanna sit down?" she gestured to the bench. I kept my back straight as I eased myself down.

"Ohhh." I moaned. I took her hand as she looked at me. I could tell I gave her a good

scare. "I’m fine. I promise."


"Yeah?" I rubbed her knuckles softly.

"The person that hit us....was drunk."

"Not surprising." I smiled, she didn’t.

"The grill was three inches away from hitting you head on." she said shakily. "Instead it hit the back passenger door." Her hands began to tremble.

"Hey....I’m okay. We both are."

"I came so close to loosing you." A tear slipped down her face. "I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you."

"Shhhh." I cradled her as best I could with my injury. "I love you, Mason." I ran my fingers through her hair.


I noticed Rachel’s Bronco pull up. I wiped her face with my palm. "Rachel’s here." I whispered. She sat up and tried her best to put on a neutral face.

"You guys okay?" she jogged up to us. "Cody..."

"I’m fine." I stood very carefully, with Mason’s help. "Just hurt my back." Rachel opened the front passenger door for me and I stepped in. She pushed the seat all the way down.

"You lie still. My dad threw his back out once." she smiled, softly closing the door. Mason jumped in the back and sat near my head.



"What did you find out about the guy that hit you?" Rachel asked as we neared home.

"Not much." I said. "He was three times over the legal limit." I sighed. Cody kept her eyes closed as she asked,

"Is he okay?"

"Unscaved." I said through clenched teeth.

"Shit." Rachel responded. I brushed my fingers over Cody’s cheek. "Here we are, Ladies." Rachel smiled. We both exited and helped Cody out of the SUV.

"Thanks, Rach."

"No sweat. Just call me if you need anything. Cody, stay still for awhile."

"Okay, okay." I smiled.


As we entered the house, Cody started to remove her jacket. "Here. Let me help you." I got the denim jacket off and hung it on the hook in the living room. That’s when I noticed the back brace Cody was wearing. It looked like the bottom half of a safety belt, like she wears at work. I wordlessly bent on one knee and untied her shoes for her and removed them.

"I feel like an invalid." she sighs.

"Hey." I chastise. "You better be damn lucky you didn’t become one tonight." She nods in agreement. Her head went down.

"I’m sorry."

"Cody, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. It wasn’t your fault. Now...let’s get some sleep.


Cody winced in pain all night. She just couldn’t get comfortable. I tried the ice pack, heating pad, and sticking a pillow here and there to position her body but nothing worked. She dozed off for a total of two hours. The phone rang interrupting my breakfast making. "Hello."

"May I speak to Mason Connery?"


"This is Detective Jacob Rives. I’m handling the collision reports from last night."


"The driver is being held under charges for DUI, reckless driving, and fleeing the scene of an accident. Your vehicle is being looked at to get an estimate of the damage. Have you called your insurance company?"

"Yes, I have. Their sending a rep out today."

"Good. The injured party....Cody Madison. I will need copies of her medical bills and records for her injuries."

"Fine. Detective, do you have a name on the driver?"

"A...Debbie Duncun of Resca." I can’t believe this! "Mame? Do you know the driver?"

"Yes, I do. We have had numerous problems in the past from her. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was trying to kill us." I sighed.

"That’s a huge claim, Ms. Connery. Would you like to come down to the station and discuss the matter?"

"I need to speak to Cody first."

"Fine. I’ll be here all day. Just ask for me."

"Thank you."

"Goodbye, Ms. Connery."


I hung up the phone slowly. I can’t believe this! My hands were visibly shaking as I moved into our bedroom. Cody was lying on her back watching television. "Cody...um I have to talk to you."

"Sure." I moved into the bed on my side and sat so she didn’t have to move to see me.

"I want you to promise me something."


"That you won’t get upset."

"What is it, Baby?"

"Debbie was the one that hit us last night."

"WHAT?!" She started to sit up, but her back wouldn’t allow it.

"Hey, lie down." I adjusted the pillows around her.

"I thought you said it was a guy."

"No, I assumed it was. They just called to see about my insurance when they told me who the driver was." She nodded. "They want to know if we wanna press charges."

"What do you want?" She reaches up and pulls me down next to her.

"Just to put it behind us. Your bills are paided. The only thing that makes me mad is the fact that she hurt you, Cody."

"I’m alright, Mason."

"Yeah..barely. She could’ve killed you."

"But she didn’t...Its up to you whether or not you want to pursue this, Mason."

"I don’t want to, Cody." I don’t know why exactly, but I guess I chickened out.

"Then we won’t."


I had to take Cody back to the doctor today and I finally got some fresh air. "Well looks like you’ll be driving my truck for awhile." Cody smiled.

"Not long though. Just three weeks." We stopped at an intersection. "You want some ice cream?"

"Sure." She caught the look in my eye. "Mason, what’s wrong?"

"Debbie’s behind us." I said shakily. I’d recognize that Camero anywhere. Since she couldn’t turn around, Cody looked into the rear view mirror.

"Are you sure that’s her?"

"I’m positive." My breath hitched as we were forced into motion by the green light.

"Its okay, Baby. Just drive slow." Cody soothed as she watched Debbie through the mirror. "Pull into the gas station." I did. My heart sped up as Debbie followed us. "Okay.

Stop the truck."


"Stop, Mason. Its okay."

Debbie’s Camero causally pulled next to me on the driver’s side. I fought the urge to look over, but failed. I glanced over. Sure enough, it was her. She was alone apparently. She waved. My eyes narrowed, but my face remained neutral. Debbie cut her engine and got out. She moved around her hood and made a bee line for me. "Go." Cody said. I hit the gas. The tires squealed at the sudden movement. I pulled out of the station and back onto the road. I glanced in the mirror to see a very pissed Debbie jumping up and down, probably cursing us.


Before I could get Cody into the house, Debbie pulled up with her new ‘toy’. I think her name is Sue. "That’s it." Cody hissed. She moved to intercept Debbie. Both women stepped out of the car. "Cody, no." She was in no shape to fight. Despite that, Cody shoved Debbie backwards. "Get the fuck away from my house." Debbie fell backwards onto her ass. Sue moved to intervene. I ran to them and stepped in between the women and my lover.

"Stop it." I said to all three of them. Debbie lept to her feet. She swung. I wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way and I felt her fist collide with my face, knocking me onto the lawn.

"HEY!" Cody responded by decking Debbie for all she had. I looked up, holding my face as Sue tried to hit Cody, but she missed. I grabbed her ankle and twisted. She screamed and fell to the ground.


Debbie picked up a tree branch and swung. Cody dodged it, but barely. Didn’t this woman learn anything from trying to hit Cody with that bat? I guess not because Cody caught the second swing and wrenched the branch out of her grasp. I felt a kick to the side as Sue jumped to her feet and attacked me. I grabbed her hurt ankle again and twisted. "Owwww! You bitch!" she yelled as I righted myself, fists clenched. I waited until she was once again standing. Just as I was about to throw a punch of my own, I heard a siren.

I saw a police car pull into Cody’s driveway. I looked over. Cody and Debbie were locked in combat. Debbie was trying to toss Cody to the ground.

"EVERYBODY FREEZE!" I looked at Sue and we both dropped our hands. Cody wasn’t that lucky. Debbie was pounding on her, she had no choice but to keep defending herself.

"HEY! I said stop it!" I watched in horror as the man and his partner separated them and threw Cody to the ground. "Get down." Cody whimpered as the man placed a knee into her back and roughly handcuffed her.

"Hey! She has a strained back!" I said angrily, moving to them. The man started to frisk her. I was stopped by the partner who had just handcuffed Debbie. He grabbed me by the arm and Sue too.

"Sit." he said, sitting us on the lawn.

"Stand up." The officer helped Cody stand and moved her closer to us. "Sit." He placed her several feet away, facing us.

One officer pulled out a notepad. "Who’s residence is this?" he gestured to the house.

"Mine." Cody said quietly.


"Cody Madison."

"Do any of these people stay here?"

"Yes, my girlfriend." She looked straight at me. Debbie had been placed on my other side.

"Why don’t you come have a seat next to Ms. Madison." I gladly stood and sat down next to Cody, who was visibly hurting. "Wanna tell me what’s going on here, Cody? We can’t very well have brawls going on."

"Those two pulled up and attacked my girlfriend. I was defending myself and her." She was mad. I heard it in her voice. I just hope she can hold her temper.


"Debbie Duncun." He pointed to Sue.

"Sue Farmer."

"Run them, John." he says to his partner. "Is that what happened?"

"We just came to visit Mason and this bitch just hits me." Sue nods her head agreeing.

"Do we have the caller?"

"Yeah," The officer walks away. We follow him with our eyes and see one of our neighbors.

"What did you see?" he asked.

"I heard a car pull up suddenly, so I move to the kitchen. I see Cody," He pointed. "hit her." he pointed to Debbie.

"Stand up, Ms. Madison." My mouth dropped in disbelief. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to see what was going to happen.

"This is bullshit." Cody huffs as she stands.

"You are under arrest for assault." The officer tightens her cuffs.

"Look at her. She didn’t hit herself in the face you know." Cody gestured. I must have a black eye. I stood. Her words were falling on deaf ears.

"Can I take her stuff?" The man digs though Cody’s pockets and hands me everything

inside. "I’ll come and get you, Baby." She nods and winces as the officer pulls her arm.

"Can’t you at least cuff her in the front? She was injured in a car accident two days ago." He chuckled and ignored me. Asshole. I watch as they put Cody into the back of their car.

"Ms. Duncan, you have a failure to appear. Let’s go." I watch with great delight as they repeat the action with Debbie. They place her in the other car that had pulled up. I hope they end up in a cell together.



I sat and watched the flow of offenders come through the station as I waited for Cody to be processed. Thank the gods she only has to pay a fine, which I just did. "Cody." I stood as she signed something and stepped out to me. "I brought your jacket."

"Thank you." she smiled as I helped her into it.

"How’d it go?" She held up a sheet of paper.

"Three hundred dollars. They looked at our police report from our car wreck and saw Debbie’s name. They know we’ve had trouble with her. Since this happened at my house, they turned me loose.

"Gods I’m so sorry, Cody." She drapes an arm over me as we head out of the station.

"Its not your fault, Sweetheart. If its anybody’s, its Debbie’s." I nodded and cuddled into her body.


Just as I was helping Cody into her truck, Debbie pulled me around forcefully. "Damn it! I’ve have it with you!" Shock spread across her face as I yelled at her, something I haven’t done or have had the courage to do. I shoved her as hard as I could. "You fucking bitch!" These last two days pushed me too far.

"Hold on, Baby." she stutters as I continued to push her roughly. "I am not your baby!....AHHH!" I lost my temper and began swinging at my ex. I felt my knuckles damage her nose on the second blow. I just attacked her, swinging and hitting her where I could. When she went down, I began to kick her. Tears were blinding me as I all my rage was released.

"Mason....stop.." I heard her plea from under me.

"Stay away from me!" I then kicked her directly in the face.


A pair of arms came around me. Not to restrain me, but to comfort. "Its okay, Mason." Forgetting my victim, I turned in her arms and sobbed on her shoulder. "Shhhhh.....You better get outta here before I turn her loose." Cody said to Debbie. I heard Debbie scramble to her feet and run. "Now your my hero." she whispered into my ear.

It took a good twenty minutes before I could drive us home. So much has happened within the last two days, that I really lost it. But I feel strangely relaxed now. "Here." I helped Cody up and out of her truck. She’s hurting now more than ever.

"That was some whoop ass you dished out, Mason. Boy, I guess you don’t need me anymore?" she winced as stepped into the house.

"Don’t worry." I smiled. "You’re still my hero, Cody."



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