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Tell Me Again, How You Felt Something

By T.Novan


Xena straightened the blankets on the large bed while Gabrielle changed Eve into her sleeping gown and prepared to put the baby down for the night.

"There you go sweetheart." The bard cooed, picking the baby up, then settling into a chair near the fire. "Want me to tell you a story tonight?"

Xena laughed, pulling back the blankets and crawling into bed. She pulled the blankets up around her shoulders, rolling on her side to watch the bard and their daughter. "You know she does. She won’t sleep the night through if you don’t tell her a story."

"Is that so sweetheart? Hmm, how about I tell you a story about how your Mama loves to torture me?"

"Keep it clean!" The warrior growled with a playful grin.

"It’s true." Gabrielle offered, cradling the baby close, rocking slightly in the chair to ease her into sleep. "You say things just to get my goat."

Xena chuckled. "Works every time."

"Mean, just plain mean." Gabrielle grumbled, offering Eve a finger to suck on as she began to drift off.

"Oh you love it."

"Un-huh." The bard looked down into their daughter’s face. "Did you hear that Eve? She says I like it when she teases me." She looked over to the bed. "You were teasing, right?"

"Gabrielle, you know I was."

"You really didn’t feel anything?"

Xena took a deep breath, propping her head up in her hand. "Yes, Gabrielle, I felt something…totally disgusted."


"Really. Come on now. Why would I want Ares when I have you?"

Gabrielle cocked an eyebrow. "Well, there is one little reason I can think of."

"One tiny, tiny little reason." Xena held her finger and thumb apart just a bit. "Besides it’s not like we can’t buy one of those. Remember when were fought those temple armies and he invaded my dreams?"


"He knew where he had to be to get a reaction out of me."


"The boy was on his knees." Xena snorted, rolling on her back laughing.

"Far more information than I needed Xena." Gabrielle looked to the baby again who was falling into a deep, relaxed sleep. "And hush before you wake Eve."

The warrior stifled any further laughter behind a pillow. The bard had a tendency to get really cranky if she woke Eve after she finally got her down for the night. When she could finally breathe without laughing she removed the pillow. Taking a deep breath, she rolled over, watching Gabrielle place Eve in the cradle near the fire.

"Sleep tight sweetheart." The bard leaned over giving the baby a tender kiss before rising from her knees to move to the bed.

"My mother finally bought a clue today too."

Gabrielle gestured to the much larger bed they had been given during this trip. "Ya think?"

"Yeah, I think. Smart ass." Xena pulled the covers back for the bard. "You should have seen the look on Ares’ face when she said she would have preferred Apollo or Hermes. It was priceless."

"I’ll bet, and watch your language." Gabrielle chastised, dropping her robe and climbing into bed. She yanked a pillow out from under Xena’s head. "Pillow thief."

"There are four pillows on this bed," She snatched it back. "You don’t need three of them."

"I need one for between my legs, one to cuddle with and one for my head."

Dark brows shot high into dark hair. "I can sub for all three of those. Where would you like me to start?" She rolled over to face the bard. "Between the legs perhaps?" She wiggled her brows.

"I dunno, Xena," The bard pouted, rolling to her back. "Wouldn’t want you to do anything because you’re having Ares withdrawal."

"Oh gross!" Xena dropped to her back. Her entire body shook with the disgust of the image.

The bard laughed, moving in on the warrior, climbing halfway on top of her. "No Ares withdrawal?"

"Hardly." Xena’s arms moved slowly around Gabrielle. "I was think…"

Gabrielle placed her hand over Xena’s mouth. "Oh don’t even say you were thinking of me the entire time."

"Wond’t phink oof it." The warrior shook her head, speaking through the hand over her mouth. Then she delivered a very sloppy lick to the palm of said hand.

"Oh yuck!" Gabrielle jerked her hand away, wiping it across the blankets.

Eve fussed.

"Shhh," Xena grinned. "You’re gonna wake the baby."

"Un-huh." The bard slid her hand under the blanket, running her hand over Xena’s stomach. "Guess we had better be very, very quiet huh?"

"Think we can?"

"We can try."

Xena bit her lip when Gabrielle’s hand travel a little further south. Her eyes locked with those of her soul mate. She smiled relaxing her body into the soft bed as Gabrielle began a very through exploration of her body. "That’s good." She gave a very low moan. "Very good."

"Quiet." Gabrielle whispered, nibbling a very sensitive earlobe. "If you wake the baby we’ll have to stop."

"Shoulda put her with Mom tonight." Xena groaned, feeling Gabrielle’s hand nudge her legs apart to explore further.

"We can be quiet." She sucked the lobe into her mouth.

"Maybe you can." Xena whimpered. "I can’t."

"Lemme help." The bard stopped long enough to pull Xena’s shift off. She gave it a little twist and placed it in the warrior’s mouth. "Bite down on this." With that she dropped her head allowing her mouth to begin a very heated and tortuous session all over Xena’s body.

The muffled groans and grunts, mixed with the twitching and writhing of Xena’s body made her own body respond with deep desire. "Hands! Your hands now!" She whispered this command to her partner. She wasn’t disappointed. She quickly began to wonder if she was going to need something to bite down on too. Deciding that she might, she went for the broad shoulder closest to her. This got a deep growl from Xena. It was a good growl.

It wasn’t long before both of then were sliding against each other, their bodies soaked with perspiration. The passion between them, becoming more intense with each passing moment. Gabrielle lifted her head as the tremors in her body started. She removed the shift with a tug and replaced it with her own mouth. The kiss was long, deep and hard as both of them trembled together.

Relaxing into Xena, she felt strong arms wrap around her body. "Love you, Warrior."

"Oh I love you too, Bard."

They both listened for a moment for any signs of disturbance from the cradle.

"Guess we were quiet enough." Gabrielle laughed softly, moving down to Xena’s side, tossing a leg over the warrior’s.

"Like I had a choice." Xena kissed the top of Gabrielle head, wrapping her arms around the small woman. With her entire body relaxed and totally satiated she yawned, really very ready to go directly to sleep.

"So," Gabrielle teased, running a hand over Xena’s stomach again. "On a scale from one to ten where does Ares rate?"

"Compared to what?" She stretched, her back popped several times. "Oh that felt good. That was a five on a scale from one to ten and Ares rates below that."

"And me?"

"Oh sweetheart you are so very off the scale."

"You suck up."

"I’m a warrior, Gabrielle, I’m not stupid." She laughed. Then she felt the pillow come down on her head repeatedly. "Behave before you wake the baby. I’d like to get a little sleep before she decides she needs a middle of the night snack."

The bard placed a tender kiss to Xena’s lips. "Can we help it if you’re just so delicious?"

"Hmm, yeah, well…" Xena yawned again.

Gabrielle smiled at her partner. "Love you. Get some sleep." She snuggled down into Xena’s arms.

Her eyes slipped closed. She felt the bard relax into sleep. She heard Eve fuss. She groaned and waited. It became quite clear that the baby was ready to be fed. She squirmed free from Gabrielle, who curled into the blankets and pillows.

"Big brat." Xena grumbled, looking down at her partner. She put on a robe then moved quickly and quietly across the room to their daughter. She picked Eve up cradling her close, taking a moment to toss another log on the fire. She settled down into the chair, opening her robe and bringing Eve to her breast. "Little brat. What is it with you two about letting me sleep?" She stroked Eve’s cheek as she suckled.

She looked back to the bed and then back to her daughter. The two people she loved most in the world, close to her and safe and sound. Then she looked out the window at the moon. "You see this Ares. This, this is what makes me feel something."


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