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The way of the warrior. Xena rolled over onto her stomach and glanced at the small woman who was fast asleep. Despite the small scratches to her torso and her hand wound she was the essence of beauty herself. Xena sighed. ‘ What have I ever done, or not done, in my lifetime to deserve this beautiful woman.' She asked the question of herself every time they made love; whether it was gentle and loving or obdurately filled with battle lust, as it was this night. Images flashed through the warrior's mind and she shook her head to relieve the phantasm of the merciless conflagration they participated in. ‘ I would do anything to protect her from the vestiges of my past. But what can I do to drive those evil spirits from my mind, from my depth of the guilt that threatens to eat me alive?' She was now restless. She never told the bard about this particular problem of hers; the restlessness that overtook her when the rage was appeased and the clouds of lust were gone. Xena got up from the bed and quietly walked to the the tent entrance. ‘My body is placated yet my spirit is not, oh Gabrielle, how do I tell you that what we do is not enough. I need. But of what I need I do not know.'


The way of the warrior. How many times have I trodden this road; the way of the warrior that reigns in my life. It is an unseen force, a compulsion if you will, to take from the rich harvest of battle a small portion for myself. I reap this terrible portion because it is, sadly to say, my nature.


They were tired. The fighting outside of the city-state of Pella was fierce and brutal. The invaders from the east, wanting to break up the known trading routes, ruthlessly invaded Macedonia in the hope of taking over the business of the taxation of goods to the eastern peoples. The general of Pella, Apollo Adrastos, had reluctantly joined forces with a single Roman legion under the command of Cassius Nero Sejanus, who was known for taking the upper hand whenever in combat. Although both sides suffered many casualties, Pella with the help of Sejanus, massacred many of Darius' army and sent the rest back to the east. The Warrior Princess, owing a debt to Adrastos, agreed to fight with the Pellian Army.

Xena wiped the blood from her sword on the tunic of the dead soldier at her feet. "Gabrielle!"

There was no reply as the former Destroyer of Nations lifted herself up to full height in order to scan the battlefield. A Greek soldier ran up to her, dodging the dead bodies all around him, . The young man arrived out of breath.

"Are you Xena, friend of Adrastos?"

Xena re-sheathed her sword. "Yes I am."

The soldier looked all around him, in every direction. "By the Gods, this was a terrible thing...terrible." He handed a small scroll to the warrior. "This is for you."

"Yeah, I know. But war can be nothing less, " said Xena as she eyed the boy. Without further comment he turned on his heal and left.

Xena surveyed her surroundings, just like the young soldier. The battle had been fought off the main trade route to the east; the large grass field, separated by two small hills, was littered with bodies. The dead bled into the grass staining the blades red. The smell of newly rotting flesh overwhelmed the aroma of the date trees that filled the area; blood, flesh, and bone were everywhere. The men from the east did not gather their dead for burial in their homelands but left them, without consideration, in the places they died. Macedonians and Romans alike gathered all of the dead. The physicians, along with the help of others--including Gabrielle--fought to save lives, including the few of the enemy still alive.

The way of the warrior. It is a man's nature to enslave the world to his pursuits. Whether this is known by these great builders of the future that this force is not of their own making makes no difference. Creation. Continuance. That ebb and flow of passion that demands its own satisfaction. How can death and creation be born of the same substance then? How can intense destruction drive a will to its opposite; that urge to, if not to create life, bear the burden of needing lust and its fruits?

Xena was neither repulsed nor indifferent to the battlefield before her. But all her energy of mind and body was focused on Gabrielle and she knew it would only increase if she did not relieve the battle lust soon. She unrolled the scroll and read its short message. She threw the scroll as far as she could and howled into the sun.

The way of the warrior. She promised she would be here!




Gabrielle's head shot up at that terrible cry and her body shivered. A sudden stillness fell upon the place and she momentarily closed her eyes before gasping for breath. She glanced around and noticed many of the health care volunteers had jumped with surprise. A few of the guards grabbed the hilts of their swords and left the tent. She looked down to the young Roman soldier she was attending to tried to smile.

"Is their anything else I can do for you?"

He glanced at the stitched leg. "No, no...you've done so much for me."

"Believe me, it was no big deal. I've mended a few in my time."

"You don't care for us, do you?

Gabrielle frowned. "No, you're wrong. I have no problem with any Roman except Julius Caesar. He hurt my friend many years ago."

The young man tried to smile. "I'm sorry. Personally, I've never met the man, only his confreres."

The bard glanced up to the door, apprehension evident on her face. "Look, I've got to go. I'll check on you later, okay?"

"No you won't."

"Excuse me?"

"Whoever is coming is coming for you. Am I right?"

The way of the warrior. I end up with the same questions and answers every time. But, these are somehow no longer enough. Is it a difficult thing to want more than the satisfaction? Yes it is. To satisfy the body is easy; to satisfy the yearning is something else.

"How...how could you know?"

"The look on you face when we all heard the cry. A warrior is coming to collect his prize."


"...her prize. Thanks for taking care of me."

Gabrielle immediately left him and went outside. It was hot and humid; the warm moist air made the campsite stifling. She looked around just as Adrastos was coming her way.

"I can't begin to thank you.." The general towered above the small woman.

"There's no need."

"Look, Xena is coming and I don't want this happening in the camp. It will arouse my men."

Gabrielle eyes widened and she blushed. "How do you know, General?"

"I know Xena, remember?"

"Where can I go?"

The older man put his arm around the bard's shoulders and pointed north. "Just beyond these groves of date trees there is a small valley--the remains of farming community. I've taken the liberty of having one the old houses prepared for you two . But leave now; I'll take care of it when she arrives."

"By the gods, you knew this would happen..."

"I know her. There is no time, Gabrielle. Go!"

They both looked up when Xena's howl seemed closer. "Gabrielle!!!"

Gabrielle took off in the direction the General had indicated.

Sejanus, his helmet tucked under his arm, came up to the General. "What was that all about, my friend?"

General Adrastos took hold of Sejanus' arm and guided him away . "The pangs of life, Roman."

The way of the warrior. It comes down to only this, if such a claim can be made--I find lustful life in both destruction and creation. What better to serve lust than the strains of battle. To kill--and the threat of being killed--drive the soul and body to that other urge.



Xena exploded into the camp like a wraith on a midnight run. She steadied Argo and looked around the camp. There was absolutely nothing out the ordinary going on. "Gabrielle! Where are you?"

"She's not here, Xena."

Xena whirled Argo around to face the voice. Her voice was broken and husky with need. "Where is she, Adrastos? How dare you keep me from my wife!"

The General shook his head. "You forget how familiar I am with your ways after battle, old friend. Did you think I would allow this rape to happen in my camp?"

The way of the warrior. If I was a poet or philosopher than maybe my struggle would not lead to such torment. As a poet I could write in lyric verse, if I was a philosopher I would sit down for many hours and dialogue with my companion on the nature of needs. Since I am neither then I only follow my body and seek to fulfill the desire that has me in its grip. If I can not covet an answer for my soul then I will pursue one for my body. My answer can only be one body, one soul...


"Battle lust is still strong within you, warrior. Do you deny this?"

Xena slumped over Argo's back. "Adrastos, I would never intentionally hurt Gabrielle."

"Intention has nothing to do with it, Xena, and you know it. Once the ebb of lust has you in its grasp you are powerless to stop the rushing tide." The General drew his sword.

Xena growled, "I don't have time for this! Where is Gabrielle?"

Apollo Adrastos, being a General for many years, knew when a possible battle was fruitless and futile. "Down into the valley, Xena. But know this, if you hurt that lovely girl I will personally see to your death."



Gabrielle was abruptly awaken from her nap by the sounds of hooves coming in her direction. The sound stopped and was replaced by an aroused warrior treading in her direction. She got up from the bed and peered out the tent flaps. ‘Here she comes.'

The way of the warrior. I am a whirlwind of need, a rushing river of need. Like an animal I have sought out my mate and will, once again, appease that urge one more time. Is it an impetus to procreation, to see to the succession of myself? A small portion of it is. Yet how can I accomplish this with this woman? My woman--Gabrielle.

No sooner than that thought came into her mind the warrior tore at the tent flaps until the thin ropes gave out; she was in, although, to Gabrielle is seemed as if a crazed animal just found its victim.

Xena had the bard in her arms and was kissing her; her undulating tongue demanding entry into the mouth she was devouring. Just as suddenly as it started it ended. Xena shoved Gabrielle away from her and backed up a few paces, her eyes never leaving those of her beloved. "No...no...I can't Gabrielle. Not like this!" Crying out, she fell to her hands and knees.

Gabrielle was at her side in an instant. "Xena its all right. Please listen to me..."

Xena sat back on her heals and regarded her bard. "My lust for sex after a battle, Gabrielle, does it hurt you, frighten you?"

The bard involuntarily pulled her blouse close to her body. "Xena, where did these questions come from? You know I would let you know if your actions ever hurt me."

The warrior shook her head. "No, please don't lie to me. I rape you, don't I? Oh gods, how many battle have passed, how many..." She pulled herself from Gabrielle's arms and started to leave.


The warrior whirled around and grabbed onto to door flaps. "I can't loose you, Gabrielle. We've been through too much for me to leave you; I love you too much. You'll have to ask me to go."

"I won't do it."

"How can you let me..."

"Shut up and come here, warrior. Or are you afraid of me now?"

Xena pushed herself through the door. "What did you say to me?"

Gabrielle knew she was provoking the warrior. But Xena left her no choice at this time; the guilt trip the warrior always tried to evoke was a disgrace to the trust they each had nourished within the other. "Oh, gee, Xena, let me refresh your memory..."

The warrior grabbed her shoulders and shoved her to the bed. "Do you think you can coerce me into the the battle lust with your words, little girl?" She turned to leave.

"You fucking coward." Gabrielle watched as the warrior stiffened and balled her fists. "Do you think this is only about you? What of my needs, Xena? Or don't they matter to you. Maybe I need your battle lust as much as you do. I guess that makes you a fucking, selfish coward!"

The way of the warrior. She knows me so well. Well enough to know I will not let anyone speak to me like that, not even her. I find I can no longer withhold from her what we both need. I must have known all along that she needed her own release from the horror of war. How selfish of me to deny this bond in our relationship. We have many shared things that keep us together as one, whole person. It never imagined this to be one of them. I set the pace of our rutting and Gabrielle holds up just to my liking. If this is indeed rape then we do it to each other, without blameor the need to forgive.


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