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Tending Her Heart

By Shalon


I lay my hand on her forehead as I tend her. Yes, she is so very warm.

This fever is the worst I’ve seen in a long time and it has overtaken her mind as well as her body.

Mostly she sleeps quietly and I sit and watch her as I ring the water from the rag to place again on her brow. I smile at the picture of innocence.

She seems so young when she sleeps, so simple and peaceful. I secretly love watching her sleep, for it is the one time she is unguarded and not trying to prove herself.

But there are times, like most of last night that she is restless. She tossed and turned and struggled amid the whimpering and moaning.

And she talked…no…she pleaded…

She pleaded over and over with me not to leave her, or reject her.

Have I been so callous, so uncaring and selfish? I step back and look at myself and the way I’ve treated her. Yes…I realize I have.

How could I? How could I hurt one as fragile as her and barely realize it.

She acts tough, but on the inside she is still the young delicate girl from so long ago.

She moans and my hand strokes her silky hair, wet from the sweat of the fever. I place the gentlest of kisses on her brow, to let her know I’m here, and feel her tremble as the fever works its evil inside her.

"Don’t leave…" She reaches for me with a shaking hand.

I grasp hers in mine, one so much larger and rougher than the other.

Two hands so different from each other though they fit together perfectly…so like us…

I anxiously search her face for any sign of cognizance, hoping after days to see some sign of her gem colored eyes.

My shoulders slump when I realize she is still unconscious and I lean close to answer, letting her feel my presence.

"No my love, we’ll never be apart again…I swear it." A quiet conviction, shaky with emotion welling from my fractured soul.

I dip the rag again and ring it out, then place it back on her forehead. Then I reach for another to bathe her face and neck as I watch over her, my insides in turmoil. .

I am so scared…scared that she won’t come back to me…

I try to stay calm but I know she can hear it in my voice.

"Gabrielle…" A frightened plea…

My heart stops as I look down at her, her face contorted in fear… fear that I’ll leave her.

I curse my insensitivity and swear to myself that from now on I will tend her heart so much more carefully.

"I won’t leave you love, I’m here…I’m here."

She relaxes finally, and my breath leaves me as I look down again to smooth raven tendrils away from sapphire eyes, finally opened after days of fever…


By Shalon – 28Jun99

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