Trust of Faith

By David Boddy

14/4/98 COPYRIGHT.

She rides the beast.

It's horns of granite and hide of steel
Nostrils blow turrets of fire.
Eyes like black opals glow with the venom of it's creator.

Bucking and lurching such as a wild storm with lightening and thunder crashing
Savage and barbarous with poisonous contempt, spraying spittle from it's jaws of
death burning her skin like caustic rain.

Hooves as big as boulders smash the ground in untamed rage.
She cries with laughter at it's attempts to fling her from it's back, for she is Xena
Warrior Princess.

The beasts rampaging evil to often led the way, easy to follow, yet hard to resist.
New found armor of self respect and a knowing belief of the whispering inner angel
sheild against it's advance.

Sword once swung with vengeful rage and mighty hate aimed at her own heart but
always striking others now sheathed in wary contentment.
Refreshed life acquired from an innocent past forms as tiny pearls combine and
explode in the rebirth of her true self.

Once she came with death her ally and they fled and cowered with their fear of her,
now she rides with a trust of faith, a symbol of optimism in a hostile world.

Atonement comes from only one.
Xena, the warrior, savior, friend , forgiver.
Admittance clenses soiled lies of innocent guilt.
A distorted shame destroyed nations.
An awakening now saves them.
Confronting the past to brave the future.

The future conviction of the trust.

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