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Written by
Susanne Beck, T Novan, Okasha

Disclaimers:  Yes, as always, this is an “uber”.  The two main characters bear a marked resemblance to two actresses we all (I we hope) know and love (or at least like a lot).  But, resemblances aside, they ain’t them.  Honest.

Violence and Naughty Language Disclaimer:  Yup, it’s there.  Bunch of four letter words your mother promised to wash your mouth out with soap if you ever uttered.  And violence?  Hoo-yeah.  It’s a “homage” to Stephen King, and his stories aren’t exactly walks in the park.  Usually.

Maintext Disclaimer:  This story deals with women and love.  And women in love, as well.  And it will have a healthy smattering of erotica contained therein.  If you don’t like that type of story, hitting the “back” button is still free.

Genre Disclaimer: This is a serial, after the fashion of the Green Mile.  It’s an uber/sci-fi/horror/post-apocalyptic piece.  If your tastes run more toward present day, or past history, this might not be the story for you.  If it is, please, read on.

Serialization Disclaimer:  This is a serial.  Which means that one part will be coming out each week in old-style serial fashion.  The story isn’t finished yet, but we are keeping at least six “episodes” ahead at all times, so while you’re reading “episode” one, we are working on “episode” seven.   In other words, we’re not gonna leave you hanging.

Feedback:  Is, as always, most welcomed.  You can feel free drop a line, positive, negative or indifferent (in which case you probably wouldn’t want to send anything, but heck…) to swordnquil@aol.com and I will pass it on to my co-writers.

Thanks:  To the tried and true fanfic addicts of the Xenaverse.  Without you, we wouldn’t have a forum in which to paint our ideas.  You rock.  Thank you one and all.


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