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By Susan A. Rice


Lila looked at her sister and said, "Speak to me… Tell me what you see in her. I don’t understand. You’ve been married before, why her now?"

"It’s love, what’s there to understand?" replied the Bard.

"But, she’s a women, not a man. I… I’m trying Gabrielle, but I need more than ‘It’s love’ to try to understand. Come on, you’ve always been good with words, explain it to me."

"Well, Lila, I guess it’s like this… I love her. I have feelings inside of me that just make me want to reach out and touch her. Love is a gift. And that gift can come in many different shapes and sizes. Should I pass up this chance at love just because the package containing such a wonderful gift does not have a bow? No! Love is to precious a thing and when we find it, we need to accept it as is. If Xena were a man, you would not have a problem understanding but that’s just the outer appearance. You need to see with your heart, not your eyes. Look not at the outer form, but at all that she is and all that she does." Gabrielle sighed. "It’s the little gestures, the quiet moments together. Knowing one another’s hearts, our dreams, our desires. It’s just so much more then the pretty ribbons on the outside. Do you understand now?"

Lila looked at her big sister and smiled, "Yah, I understand. But even you have to admit, that that package is wrapped up in pretty ribbon and is quite beautiful." Lila chuckled as she watched her sister blush and nod her head.

"Yes, well that’s true, but I can’t believe that of all the people she knows that she chose me. Who am I, just some kid from a backwater little village. I’m nothing special, yet here we are. It’s like a dream for me. I just wish I knew what she saw in me."

"That’s easy," said a voice from behind Gabrielle. Gabrielle turned to see Xena standing there with a very serious expression on her face.

"Um, hi!" said the Bard.

"Hi yourself," says a smiling Xena.

"How long have you been there?"

"Let’s see… I think it was from when Lila said, ‘you’ve been married’ or was is ‘speak to me’?"

Gabrielle looked up to meet the Warrior’s eyes and realized that she could do this for hours. She could feel herself smiling at Xena and saw an answering one appear on her partner’s face.

"Well, Xena" said Lila, "care to expand on you comment?"

The Warrior blinked and turned to Lila, "Excuse me?"

"You said ‘that’s easy’ but you never told us why it was easy."

"OK. Well… You see… It’s like… and I." Xena shakes her head and looks at Gabrielle. "You’re the one with the words. You’re also the one who is better at expressing her feelings. All I can say is that to me you are everything in life that I hold dear. You are so special to me that the words to express what I’m feeling could never do it or you justice. You are Gabrielle of Potedia, Gabrielle the Bard, Queen Gabrielle of the Amazons, but most of all, you are my Gabrielle and I am yours forever."

Xena lightly brushes her lips to Gabrielle’s. She can feel her waist being encircled by her bard as she embraces her and deepens the kiss. When the two pull apart, Xena asks, "Does that answer you question?"

The Bard nods her head and cuddles closer. Xena stands there with Gabrielle in her arms and enjoys the warmth she can feel flowing from her. She started to chuckle.

"What’s so funny?"

"Well, I think we surprised Lila with that kiss."

"Nonsense," said Gabrielle, "Lila, we didn’t…" Her voice trailed off as she noticed that Lila was no longer in the room. "Oh pooh, I guess we did. Am I going to get it later!"

Xena smirked and said, "As you wish, but we don’t have to wait till later."


The End.


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