by: James Bergquist

Unknown is the way I worship the little Queen as she walks. Just walks. Her hips sway the skirt back and forth as muscles twitch under that perfect skin of hers.

Unknown is how I will never in my lifetime feel her under me, her breath in my ear and saying my name.

Unknown is how she makes the most boring nights into tales of wonder. Unknown is the way I'm in awe of her. The way the fires glow against her young face and eyes of a true hero.

Unknown is the attraction I felt as she asked me to train her in the Amazon ways. To use a staff. Unknown is my anger for her loving a warlord with bloodstained hands and icy-blue eyes. But I made a oath to serve my Queen and to my Goddess.

Unknown is my admiration to her for changing that bloodstained warlord to a great hero through pure love.

To be leader is to make sacrifices. I can never tell my heart's tale. I must serve my warriors under me, my Queen over me, and my Goddess on Olympus. I cannot confess to her. That is my sacrifice. I am Regent first, Friend second...that is all. As long as I'm near her, I am alive. This is my unknown tale.


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