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Fun and Games

By zuke


"What is your bidding, My Lord?" The words were spoken quietly, the dark head bowed, the face inches from the ground. Blue eyes peered at a crack in the tile.

"Hmmm…let me think a moment." Green eyes narrowed and a crease formed between golden brows. A well-manicured finger tapped against coral lips. "I'm quite weary from our journey today. I would like my feet washed first, I believe."

"As you command, My Mistress," Xena replied. She crawled backward on her hands and knees, and once she was a respectful distance away, she rose slowly, keeping her eyes downcast. She went to the washstand and poured cool water from a large pitcher into the basin, and then found the fragrant soap that Gabrielle preferred. She picked up a towel that she had laid out earlier.

Gabrielle had taken a seat on a small stool, and Xena carried the basin, soap and towel toward her mistress, looking up for a split second to get her bearings.

"Lower your eyes, Slave," Gabrielle growled.

"I'm s-s-sorry, My Lord," Xena replied in a tremulous voice. She hunched her shoulders, trying to make her lanky frame as small as possible.

"You will be sorry," Gabrielle replied in a low, menacing voice. "I will have you flogged for that." She paused and took a deep breath, seeming to rein in her anger. "But that can wait. I have more important uses for you first."

"Thank you, Mistress. I live to serve you, Mistress," Xena said, bowing her head up and down.

"Yes, all right," Gabrielle barked, sticking out her booted right foot. "Shut up now and get on with your duties."

Xena carefully removed Gabrielle's boots, running her fingers sensually over the leather. She heard a whisper of a sigh from Gabrielle, as the erotic dance began.

Once the boots were removed, Xena reached up to run her hand softly down Gabrielle's calf muscle, which quivered and flexed. Gabrielle's feet were small and perfectly formed, unblemished save for small scars where a sixth toe on each foot had been removed at birth. Gabrielle had told Xena the story behind the scars to save her life, but Xena knew never to mention it again.

Xena took the small right foot in her large, calloused hand and lowered it gently into the cool water. Gabrielle moaned in pleasure as Xena began to wash her foot, combining the movement of soap across skin with a firm massage.

"You are very good at that, you know," Gabrielle said, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. She moaned again as Xena hit a pressure point in the arch of her foot that shot a jolt of pleasure straight to her groin.

"Thank you for saying so, My Lord," Xena replied as she lifted the foot from the basin and began to dry it with the towel.

"Did I give you permission to speak, Slave?!" Gabrielle roared.

"I'm s-s-sorry, My Lord," Xena said, wincing at her mistress's tone.


Gabrielle's face was crimson. Once again, she used her full strength to gather in her emotions.

"Your impertinence is becoming tiresome, Slave," Gabrielle warned.

Xena wisely remained silent and stopped moving, holding the foot still wrapped in the towel.

"Finish bathing my left foot, and then I will decide your punishment," Gabrielle ordered.

The foot bath and massage continued. The only sounds to break the silence were Gabrielle's moans of pleasure and the musical tinkling of water in the copper basin.

Xena ran her thumb along the side of her mistress's foot, where rough callous gave way to silky-soft skin. She feared the pain her punishment would bring, but with the pain, she knew there would be pleasure. This combination of trepidation and anticipation caused a tremor to pass through her body and she watched her hands dance on Gabrielle's foot. She tried to keep her hands steady, wrapping them in the towel and patting the foot dry.

The tremor worked its way from Xena's fingers to Gabrielle's muscles. Xena felt an echoing shiver in her lord's foot and dared to raise her eyes. Gabrielle's eyes were closed, a sultry smile raising the corners of her lips. Xena lowered her eyes once again as she felt a warm wash of desire flow through her entire body. She slowly raised the foot she was holding to her mouth and delicately began to suckle the toes.

Gabrielle threw her head back once again and groaned loudly. Xena continued licking and sucking the toes of each foot, and then began to move steadily up her ankles, across her calves, and around her knees – kissing, licking, nipping and sucking randomly until Gabrielle was squirming and panting between her groans of pleasure.

"Enough," Gabrielle managed to grind out between clenched teeth. She took a deep breath. "It's time for your punishment."

She stood on trembling legs and rested a hand against the wall to steady herself. Xena remained kneeling on the floor, her head bent over the washbasin.

"Remove your clothes and lie on the bed, Slave," Gabrielle commanded.

Xena stood and quickly removed her shift. She didn't raise her eyes, but could hear Gabrielle also remove her clothes. Xena heard rapid breathing from her mistress and a barely perceptible whimper. She hid her smile. Gabrielle might own her, but Xena alone had the ability to bring her mistress pleasure. She could make Gabrielle moan and whimper, tremble and gasp. That was true power.

"On your stomach, Slave." Xena turned over obediently and raised her hands above her head. She felt the restraints tighten around her wrists, the leather bighting into the soft skin.

For a moment, there was silence. It took all of Xena's will not to squirm or look to see where her mistress was and what she was doing. She listened and could just make out Gabrielle's footfalls, her bare feet patting softly against the tile. Then Xena heard another, louder sound: the sharp slap of a riding crop, smacking against an open palm. Her hips rose automatically and she buried her face in the mattress to stifle her moan.

For agonizing moments, Gabrielle paced beside Xena, slapping the riding crop against her palm with each step. And Xena quivered with each slap, as moisture began to trickle down her inner thigh.

"You were very impertinent," Gabrielle finally said in a soft, menacing purr.

"Yes, Mistress," Xena replied in an obedient whisper.

"You know that such impertinence cannot go unpunished."

"Yes, Mistress."

Xena felt the bed shift as Gabrielle climbed onto the soft mattress and straddled her legs. Xena's buttocks quivered in need. But instead of the sharp sting of the riding crop, a small, warm hand glided across the smooth globes of her butt cheeks.

"So beautiful," Gabrielle said. "Such a shame that they must be marked." She continued to rub her hand across Xena's buttocks, as the muscles danced beneath her palm. "Of course, they do turn a lovely shade of pink." She lowered a thumb into the crack between the cheeks and smiled as Xena's hips bucked.

"Please, Mistress," Xena moaned.

"Please?" Gabrielle removed her hand and raised the riding crop. "Please what, Slave?"

"I was wrong, Mistress. Impertinent. I need to be punished. I need to be put in my place."

"One would think you actually enjoy this, Slave," Gabrielle replied, sounding bemused.

"No, Mistress…. I just…."

"Just what, Slave?" Gabrielle rested the riding crop against Xena's buttocks.

"Just…please…I…" Xena felt desire take control and she struggled to maintain her composure.

"One would think that you want to be beaten," Gabrielle said. The note of bemusement was gone, replaced by cool anger. She raised the riding crop and brought it down firmly against Xena's quivering flesh. Xena's moan of pleasure echoed the sharp slap of leather on skin.

"Oh yes," Gabrielle purred, "I'd say that was definitely enjoyment. I'd say…."

Gabrielle's words dissolved into a soft chuckle.

Xena held her breath, not knowing how to respond. The chuckle continued.

"Mistress, please…" Xena begged.

The chuckle turned into a giggle.

"I'm sorry, Xena. Just give me a minute," Gabrielle managed to say between her gasping giggles.

"Gab-ri-elle," Xena said, turning to look at the laughing woman straddling her legs.

Gabrielle gasped. "You dare to call me by my given name, Slave?" She tried to look menacing, but her face crumpled and the giggles returned.

"Gabrielle." Xena sighed. "I knew this would never work."

"No, Xena, just give me a minute to get back into character." Gabrielle tried to breathe deeply. She closed her eyes and concentrated, but the laughter bubbled out of her. She tried to clamp her lips closed, but that only resulted in an explosion of laughter that made her laugh even more.

"It's no use," Xena said with another frustrated sigh. She expertly removed the restraints from her wrists, rubbing where the leather had bitten into the skin.

"I'm sorry, Xena. I thought I could do it this time."

Xena just rolled her eyes at her lover.

"Hey," Gabrielle protested. "At least I made it through the toe sucking. You gotta give me credit for that."

"I suppose," Xena admitted grudgingly.

"It was really wonderful, by the way." Gabrielle smiled and leaned over, placing a soft kiss on her lover's lips. Their desire, which had been waiting patiently through the giggle fit, sat up and took notice. Soon the soft kiss became a sensual dance of lips and tongues.

After a few moments, they broke apart, taking panting breaths.

"Maybe we should start again," Gabrielle suggested.

"OK," Xena agreed. "But this time, how about I be the mistress and you be the slave?"

"As you command, My Lord."


The End


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