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The Page was created  by MaryD on 15 December 1996

Welcome to the home of the first Australian Xena: Warrior Princess Page.

The Xena Information Page is a site dedicated to bringing the fan of the show - you - updated information as it comes to hand. In particular since this is an Australian site, I am aiming to keeping Aussie Xenites informed of when the show will be airred and what episodes. It's the home of the XWP Australian TV Guide and The AusNews

This page will continually be updated - there is always something new going on.


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MaryD's Episode Montages

The ESSENTIAL Xenaverse Links

This page has the essential Xenaverse Resources links. It's the
Best of the Best XWP Resources on the net today!

XWP Episode Guides:


AusNews is a section for Australians who would like to keep up to date with what is happening in Australia regarding XWP.

The Good Ol' Aussie Episode Guide

This guide will help the Aussie Xenites keep up to date with the upcoming season 1 episodes that will be shown on Channel 10. This page will be constantly updated and also news relating to the show for Australian viewers will be added here.

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