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15 December 1996

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Welcome to the home of the first Australian Xena: Warrior Princess Page.

The Xena Information Page is a site dedicated to bringing the fan of the show - you - updated information as it comes to hand. In particular since this is an Australian site, I am aiming to keeping Aussie Xenites informed of when the show will be airred and what episodes. It's the home of the XWP Australian TV Guide and The AusNews

This page will continually be updated - there is always something new going on. Check out The What's New on XIP section to for updates


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What's New on XIP

Find out what I've added to the site. Updated regularly.

The ESSENTIAL Xenaverse Links

This page has the essential Xenaverse Resources links. It's the
Best of the Best XWP Resources on the net today!

Aussie Xena Chat Nights
A Party at The Palace - Every Saturday Night

The Palace Upcoming Events Page
Find out what's hot at the Palace!

The Bard's Corner - Stories & Links

You've seen the show but you want more? Well this is the place to go. I have some of the best bards in the xenaverse - stories that are just fantastic. Fan Fiction is another medium for fans of the show to appreciate this show.

The Official Clan MacBat & Wordites Fan Club Page

Are you a fan of the works of Bat Morda and WordWarior? Well have I got a treat for you! The Xena Information Fan Fiction Section now is also the place for the Official Clan MacBat & Wordites Fan Club!

The XIP Postcard Shoppe

A new section on the XIP. Send a postcard to a friend - a montage postcard! NEW! Check it out!

Upcoming Media Events for XWP
Upcoming Media Events for Lucy - The Lawless Alert
Upcoming Media Events for Renee - The ROC Alert

Find out what online events/TV/magazine appearances by Lucy and Renee

Xena: Warrior Princess Books

Reviews of books and news of upcoming XWP books

The ROC File - Renee O'Connor Tribute Section
The page dedicated to Renee O'Connor and the Official GabChat Mailing List Page

The Lawless Files - Lucy Lawless Tribute & Information Section
The newest section of XIP - Find out more info on Lucy than you know what to do with!

Fan Club Information
Find out how to join the
Official Xena Fan Club,
The Official ROC fan club
DUX - The Australian Xena Fan Club!


Xena Warrior Princess Artwork
Check out some of the best artwork in the xenaverse of our favourite dynamic duo!

Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page Subtext Zone
New section - check out the beautiful artwork and screen grabs that spell out SUBTEXT on XWP

In the News!
Here is where you will find a comprehensive list of  transcripts of your favourite article, tv show, online magazine, printed articles in newsapapers etc

In the News - Australia

In the News - Australia is the comprehensive listng of all articles that have appeared in the Aussie media about Lucy, Renee & XWP

XIP In The News

Find out what people are saying about this site

Xena Goodies! - Merchandise

XWP Merchandise - Australian Distributers

Local distributers for comics, chakrams, magazines, t-shirts and other assorted goodies! Check it out if you are an Aussie who wants a local distributer!

XWP Episode Guides:


AusNews is a new section for Australians who would like to keep up to date with what is happening in Australia regarding XWP.

The Good Ol' Aussie Episode Guide

This guide will help the Aussie Xenites keep up to date with the upcoming season 1 and season 2 episodes that will be shown on Channel 10. This page will be constantly updated and also news relating to the show for Australian viewers will be added here. It now includes reviews of upcoming episodes done by Sheryl-Lee Kerr

Episode Reviews by Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson writes some of the best episode reviews that I've come across. Check them out!

MaryD's Montages

thm_sacrifice2.jpg (12475 bytes)
Sacrifice #2 - Season 3 Cliffhanger

This is the home of the Xena: Warrior Princess Episode Montages. Montages from Seasons 1, 2 and 3. Also have montages from ROC's and Lucy's previous work and themed montages!

Photo Galleries

The Photo Galleries contains screen grabs from interviews, episodes and scanned photos from magazines and other sources. Also included are my prized autographed montages and pictures.

The Photos of Wendy Sparks
Wendy has taken some of the best convention photos I have seen.

Outside the theatre - Grease starring Lucy Lawless
Photo by: Kimberly

This section is dedicated to Lucy's appearance as Betty Rizzo in the Broadway show "Grease". If you didn't go and even if you did, check out the reports, mov files and pictures galore of the talented and classy Lucy!

These two pages contain information on the next conventions that Renee and Lucy will be appearing. They have up to date information on con dates, prices, reviews and photos!

The ROC Con Chronicles!

The Lucy Lawless Con Chronicles

MaryD's Xena / Lucy / Renee Bookmarked Web Sites
These sites are my favourite.

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