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Welcome to the home of the first
Australian Xena: Warrior Princess Page.

Welcome to the world of Xena. XWP has been my favourite show since I sat down and watched Sins of the Past way way back in December 1996. The aim of this site is to bring information about the show in one location.

AXIP will keep Aussie Xenites informed of when the show will be airred and what episodes. It is a collection point for information from around the xenaverse.

This site will have alot of Australian content but will also keep Xenites from around the world informed of current Xenaverse News. For all the latest updates go to What's New on XIP

I created this site because I love this show and after nearly 3 years - I still find something special about it.

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The three stars of Xena: Warrior Princess
Lucy Lawless (Xena)
Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle)
Tilly (Argo)

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