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28 March 2015


Wish Lucy a happy birthday by adding your best wishes on the AUSXIP Talking Xena forum thread!

The AUSXIP Starship Auction for 2015 has ended!

Starship Foundation Auction Update: my face hurts from smiling so much. The tentative total (tentative because there may be some late donations directly to Starship or people rounding up (which happens often) is in US dollars first and then the converted rate since we are converting to New Zealand dollars:

Total Amount Raised (tentatively) in USD = $19,320.03
Total Amount To Be Converted (
tentatively) in NZD = $25,537.52

I'm blown away by these numbers. There are three of us in this auction team (myself, Roger and Lori) and I have to say on behalf of them - THANK YOU.

There is a lot of work involved but its worth it to see this reaction. I'm totally blown away. In the 9 years since we have been doing the auction, we have raised $136,847 for Starship. It wouldn't also be possible without Starship's support and their willingness to help us out by creating a way to make the process so easy for everyone.

So from the AUSXIP Starship Auction team,

Thank you to those who bid, to those who contributed and to those that won. That's $25,537.52 Starship did not have a week ago. Humbled and very proud of this fandom.

27 March 2015

Sasha Alexander

Before and After: Actress Sasha Alexander’s European-Inspired L.A. Home

26 March 2015

MaryD's Blog
MaryD's Novel: The Blood of the Greeks Book 1 (2015 Published Edition) Now Available

Lucy Lawless / Agents of SHIELD
Press Release: Lucy is Agent Hartley on Agents of Shield Episode to Air 31 March

Salem Season 2 Premiere
Attend Exclusive Salem Season 2 Premiere Party 5 April 2015

Lucy Lawless / Salem Videos
Salem Season 2 Introducing Countess Marburg
Salem: Witch War Special
Salem: Lucy Lawless 

23 March 2015

AUSXIP Starship Auction
Frequently Asked Questions Updated

Lucy Lawless / Salem Images
Official Salem Press Day Photos March 2015
Lucy at the SXSW Salem Panel & Party News and Images Roundup
Salem Season 2 Official Images

Lucy Lawless / Salem Press
TV Guide Mini Interview with Lucy About Salem and Countess Marburg 23 March Issue

Lucy Lawless / Video
Salem: Epic War Full Season Trailer 19 March 2015
Fangoria Magazine Interview with Lucy 18 March 2015

22 March 2015

Angie Harmon
Angie Harmon made a breakthrough personal discovery on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’
Angie Harmon - Who Do You Think You Are - 'Mutiny'

21 March 2015


It's AUCTION Day at AUSXIP! The #AUSXIPStarshipAuction is HOURS away from getting underway. Starts just after midnight PDT (6 pm Aussie time). Added a couple more items and this is the FINAL list


If you want to bid on an item, you have to register. After registering you will have to CONFIRM your email address or else I can't approve your registration

New Items |  See List of all items before they go live

Autographed Katherine Fugate "The Returned" Script (Play Performed at 2015 Xena Con)

Autographed Lucy Lawless Wonder Woman Action Figure

Book: Xena Warrior Princess Atlantis Chronicles by Aiglon + Bonus Items

20 March 2015

Rizzoli & Isles
Actor Lorraine Bracco Reveals Battle With Clinical Depression

Angie Harmon
Angie Harmon to be Featured this Sunday on TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are?

Angie Harmon Video
Angie Harmon Understands the Power of Walking in Your Ancestors Footsteps

19 March 2015

AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction starts on 21 March at midnight on (PDT)

-  AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction Item List

- Register at

18 March 2015

Sasha Alexander
New Sasha videos at TakeHollywood

A Place To Call Home
Interview: Noni Hazlehurst - The first lady of Australian dramaFoxtel 10 March 2015
A Place To Call Home ReviewPay TV Pick Of The Week 15 March 2015
Noni HazelhurstOlder Women Act UpSMH 27 Feb 2015

17 March 2015

Xena Alert
Heroes Vs Villians March Madness - Vote For Xena + Lucy Message To Fans!

Lucy Lawless / Video
Message To the Fans About March Madness Vote For Xena
Lucy Lawless Picks Her Favorite Heroes and Villians

Wish Lucy Lawless A Happy Birthday
Wish Lucy Lawless A Happy BirthdayAdd Your Wishes!

Lucy Lawless / Salem Images
Salem Witch Wars Special Screencaps

Lucy Lawless / Salem Video

Lucy Lawless and Janet Montgomery Tease Salem Season 2
SALEM: Season Two First Look

16 March 2015


I'm very pleased to announce the birth of AUSXIP Publishing. We will be unveiling the new site soon. In the meantime feast your eyes on the new cover of the first novel of MaryD's Intertwined Souls Series “In The Blood of the Greeks” designed by Jazzy Trafficano who is our Art Director. The book will be available in print and ebook soon.

More news to come.

MaryD's Fiction
Announcement: News Publisher / New Cover - Soon To Be in Print & Ebook

Sasha Alexander
Shameless Spoilers: Sasha Alexander Teases Sexy Role, Nudity & Maura Isles
'Shameless' Postmortem: Sasha Alexander on Her "Progressive" Professor Role

Angie Harmon Video
Promo for Angie’s ep of “Who Do You Think You Are?”

15 March 2015

Xenite Retreat

2016 Xenite Retreat Tickets Now Available

AUSXIP is sponsoring the Xenite Retreat - this is the first time in 18+ years that I've added AUSXIP to any event and I'm stoked I have done this. It's a great idea for an event and it brings us together now that the Creation cons are over. One (if not the major) reason I have sponsored this event is because of the woman heading the team putting the show on. It's headed by Penny Cavanaugh and I have a lot of time and respect for this woman. She has assembled a great team and you know you will have fun!

What is the Xenite Retreat?

The Xenite Retreat is three full days of the best kind of fun with the best kind of people.

Our mission is to host an all inclusive retreat where Xenites have the opportunity to relax, have fun, learn and grow, make new friends, spend time with old friends - most of who we consider family!

The retreat has been developed so that you get to design a weekend that suits you perfectly. Whether you want a quiet and relaxing weekend, or a crazy adrenaline filled adventure, or perhaps a mixture of both... the decision is up to you!

Events such as
Archery | High Ropes | Writers Workshops | Hiking | Pottery | Fishing | Softball | Yoga | Amazon Boot Camp | Self Development | Paintball | Pool | Painting | Massages | and SO MUCH MORE!

Tickets are now open and you have to be really really quick! So head over to and join in the fun.

Sasha Alexander
- Actress Sasha Alexander Talks 'Shameless,' Serbian Beauty Secrets, & 'Dawson's Creek' Days

14 March 2015

9th Annual AUSXIP Starship Auction Update 21-27 March 2015

- I have manually approved all those new registrations that have verified their email address. if you have not verified your address, please do so and then you will be approved for bidding in next week's auction

- If you would like to register for the upcoming auction starting 21 March, please go to to register.

- A full list of all items in the auction will be posted next Wednesday. We have 150+ items to select from!

Lucy Lawless / Salem
Ask Lucy Lawless A QuestionHitFix Upcoming Interview
Press Release: Salem Cast A Spell On The 22nd Annual SWSW Film Festival

Lucy Lawless / Agents of SHIELD
Lucy Confirms Guest Role on Agents of SHIELD

11 March 2015

AUSXIP Interviews
- Rizzoli & Isles Exec. Prod. Jan Nash

2015 Official Xena Convention
Main Convention Page Updated
Photos of Lucy, Lucy & Renee and Adrienne Added

10 March 2015

Lucy Lawless / Ash Vs. Evil Dead
New AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Subsite: Ash Vs Evil Dead
Press Release: Lucy Lawless Joins Cast of Ash Vs Evil Dead in New Zealand
Bruce Campbell Reveals Lucy Joins The Cast of Ash Vs Evil Dead

09 March 2015

Lucy Lawless / Salem
Salem Press Day Photos and Tweet Roundup
Lucy Tweets About Salem and New Behind The Scenes Photo

Sasha Alexander
Promo Shameless S5:E9

06 March 2015

Sasha Alexander
Sasha on Conan on March 18

05 March 2015

MaryD's Blog
MaryD Radio Interview on Chatting with Sherri 05 March 2015

Rizzoli & Isles

Ratings for Episode 515 "Gumshoe"
10 Things With Idara Victor

Rizzoli & Isles Video
Season 5 Promo 54

Sasha Alexander
Images of Sasha in Shameless

04 March 2015

MaryD's Blog
Intertwined Souls Series Announcement

03 March 2015

Lucy Lawless Video

Lucy Lawless lends her support to ‘Where Were You?’

Angie Harmon
Bare Bones

02 March 2015

Lucy Lawless / Salem
Salem Trailer: Lullabye First Look at Countess Marburg

Sasha Alexander Video

Sasha talks about social media

28 February 2015

Adrienne Wilkinson
Adrienne Wilkinson Films Role in Intertwined Souls Series Book Promo

MaryD's Fiction Site
Adrienne Wilkinson Role in Intertwined Souls Series Book Promo
Intertwined Souls Series Promo Behind The Scenes Photos!

27 February 2015

Rizzoli & Isles
Gallery Update- Rizzoli & Isles Location filming
Rizzoli & Isles Ratings

Sasha Alexander
Gallery Update - TakeHollywood Launch Celebration Event
26 February 2015

Rizzoli & Isles
Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 DVD Press Release and Package Art
21 February 2015

It's been a HECTIC weekend and photos and reports will be posted once we get over the insanity of the weekend. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you also to those that I have met and told me how much they enjoyed AUSXIP. It's been a blast to know so many love the site and they have been long time visitors and some new visitors as well. We've had alot of con virgins this year! The fandom is growing and it's wonderful to see!

Sunday is the last day and I suspect it will be very emotional.

2015 Xena Convention
Katherine Fugate’s Xena Play “The Returned” PDF Now Online
Lucy Photos from 2015 Xena Con!
18 February 2015

AUSXIP is now in Xena Con Mode - all AUSXIP Staff are either on their way or are at Burbank.

Con reports, photos and other assorted con related tidbits will be uploaded as soon as we can.

If you want instant updates please go to the AUSXIP twitter account at

Let's get this party started!
16 February 2015



Please share this to other groups! Thank you. The play is on at 12:45 pm on SATURDAY! - please read and share. 

I can't tell you what and who but I can tell you NOT TO MISS THIS PLAY BY KATHERINE. Trust me on this, and believe me when I say...YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS. She will have a cast to remember and you will remember this for a VERY VERY LONG TIME. Guaranteed - 

TRUST ME. If I'm wrong I'll post my pic online - no ifs or buts smile emoticon BE THERE!

That is all.
15 February 2015

Happy Birthday Renee O'Connor!

In 2002 we lost Kevin Smith (Ares) in a shocking accident in China.

Rizzoli & Isles

Tweet Pix
14 February 2015

MaryD Reviews
Book Review: Bucket Full of Stars by Penny Cavanaugh

Angie Harmon

Angie accepts her People’s Choice Award

Sasha Alexander
Back and Forth with Shawn and Larry King
13 February 2015

Sasha Alexander
Gallery Update: Sasha in March issue of Good Housekeeping

Sasha Alexander Video
Sasha Good Housekeeping photoshoot
11 February 2015

MaryD's Blog
Question From Readers: What is Aversion Therapy?

During the 2015 Xena Convention - all AUSXIP Staff will be at the con. AUSXIP will be updated from the con with news and pics (when possible)
10 February 2015

Announcing Xenite Retreat 2016!
Xenite Retreat 2016! 3.5 Days of FUN! 15-18 April 2016

Lucy Lawless / Feel The Love Week
Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week February 2015

Sasha Alexander

'Rizzoli' star Sasha Alexander fights the urge to pick from kids' plates

Rizzoli and Isles
Tweet Pix- First Day of Filming on Season 6!

Angie Harmon
Angie will be a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Feb. 16
09 February 2015

AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction - 100% of money raised goes to STARSHIP - Please register if you wish to bid on items starting 21 March to 27 March.

Register for 9th AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction
You can donate only and be a part of the auction. There will be "items" which are just bids starting from $5

Renee O'Connor
Latest Production Stills of Renee from Last Chance

Rizzoli & Isles
Tweet Pix

08 February 2015

There are 2 GOLD Tickets available from fans who won't be attending Con. If you would like to purchase them, contact MaryD

Rob Tapert

‘Poltergeist’ Remake Trailer Will Give You Nightmares

Angie Harmon
Angie to appear on Kelly and Michael Feb. 17!
06 February 2015

MaryD's Fiction / No Good Deed
-  Added: No Good Deed Reviews
-  Updated Where to Buy No Good Deed

Sasha Alexander
Sasha attends Mary Alice Haney Private Event at Sak Beverly Hills

05 February 2015

Angie Harmon
- Angie's episode of Who Do You Think You Are? airs March 22

Angie Harmon Video
- Who Do You Think You Are? Preview 2
04 February 2015

03 February 2015

*******MaryD's Fifth Novel "No Good Deed" now available on - click here to order *****

AUSXIP Starship Auction
AUSXIP Starship Auction Upcoming Items

Xena Fanfic

Xena Warrior Princess Atlantis Chronicles by Aiglon

Xena Art
A Day In the Life Xena Quotoon #12

Lucy Lawless / Salem

Lucy Tweets About Salem

Sasha Alexander
Get Tickets to TakeHollywood Launch Event on Feb. 18

01 February 2015

Renee O'Connor / Theatre
Renee in Cameo Appearance in SMOKE AND MIRRORS 19 Feb Los Angeles

31 January 2015

MaryD's Fiction
New Fiction Newsletter - Sign Up Now!
Little Xena and Gabrielle Meet Eva Lambros: Artwork by Lucia Nobrega

Lucy Lawless / Salem

Press Release: Salem Returns For Season Two on Sunday April 5

A Place To Call Home
Foxtel Schedule for A Place To Call Home Season 1 March 2015!

Angie Harmon
Tweet Pix from Angie Harmon x Red Earth Collection party
Photos from Angie Harmon x Red Earth Collection party

30 January 2015

Adrienne Wilkinson

Adrienne’s New ProjectInto The 1930’s

Danielle Cormack / Xenaverse News
Danielle Cormack Sydney Radio Interview Podcast

29 January 2015

MaryD's Blog
The Rabbits! The Rabbits! (very funny video)

Lucy Lawless
High Water Comic Anthology with Intro By Lucy Lawless + Images

Xenaverse News - Danielle Cormack

High Water Comic Anthology with Intro By Lucy Lawless + Images

28 January 2015

MaryD's Fiction Blog
Liberation of Auschwitz 70 Years On: Interview with A Survivor

Lucy Lawless / Media

Lucy In the NewsMedia Roundup

27 August 2015

Angie Harmon
Magazine Scans Gallery Update: Femme Fatales 1997

Rizzoli & Isles
Lorraine Bracco Book Signings in April

26 January 2015

Sasha Alexander Video
TH Originals Lucy

25 January 2015

Angie Harmon
Angie films segment for OwnTV's Where Are They Now

Sasha Alexander
Sasha attends Champagne Taittinger Celebrates Women in Hollywood Event

Rizzoli & Isles
Lorraine Bracco's new website

Rizzoli & Isles Video
Japan Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 DVD promo

24 January 2015

MaryD's Blog / Fiction Site
On Your Mark, Get Set….No Good Deed News and AUSXIP Goodies at 2015 Xena Con!

Lucy Lawless / Salem

Salam Season 2 Countess Marburg Investigating Witches

22 January 2015

Greater Good
Greater Good: Petition to Hold Congressional Oversight Hearings On The Pandemic Rise Of Cancer

Rizzoli & Isles

Season 5 Promo 51

Read More News in the AUSXIP Archives