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January 2000

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God Fearing Child

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Editorial - 31 January 2000

31 January

The Bard's Corner Updates

If you find a broken link or you are a bard who posts here and you need your email changed, can you please contact Shari on shaz@shaztilz.com. Shari helps me around AXIP infixing bad links and other errors that pop up.

The following story by T. Novan is an absolute beauty. It's a Uber with a twist - it's Xena an immortal (a vampire) who mourns the death of her Gabrielle until she finds the reincarnated Gabrielle in a most unlikely place. A fantastic read.

30 January

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger to The Bard's Corner

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

XIP Artwork Update
Updated by Dee)

29 January

Mr Potato Head Goes Bowling!
During the recent convention - which I was unable to attend - I sent my proxy along at several venues...well here are some pics of my "proxy" enjoying himself. BTW His name is Horatio and he had big shoes to fill <vbg> Also Little Horatio...you could say Son Of Horatio went along too...stored away in a convenient place..his bum! Many thanks to JuneBug for carrying him over and for nlivin for the photos! And yes there is a little of sanity left in me after three years in the Xenaverse but not much! <vbg>

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Which Ted Raimi Character Do You Prefer?

The Bard's Corner

I just found out one of my favourite bards has his own site up! Way to go Leonard! Check out L. Fox's Fanfic Site and also it contains some of the best montages I've seen, created by Marcella R Wiggins http://www.gabbyfan.com/

Also another bard has made a very welcome return online - Sharon Bowers has returned!
Check out her website

Exposure Web Site

Just a reminder - If you haven't caught up with this series I highly recommend you do. It's a brilliant Uber series. It's written by three of my favourite authors - XWPFanatic, Tonya Muir and T Novan. You can catch the latest episodes on the mailing list - get info on the mailists from http://members.xoom.com/tmuir/expchannel.html or catch the reruns on the Official Exposure Web Site

28 January

27 January

I think a clarification is in order - I've received too many emails from distressed people who think that G&J will become a couple according to the latest blurb from the interview with Rob Tapert. Folks the interviewer asked Rob if he will use Lucy and Renee in another project once Xena is finished. Rob wasn't referring to XWP but after XWP finishes after Season 6.

From a recent interview with Rob Tapert about the future and after XWP is finished.

Q. Would you want to do something else with Lucy and Renee?

Tapert: Of course I'd love to do something with any of them. I pitched a show to Renee and Ted [Raimi, who plays Joxer,] about them as a couple. A silly comedy. And they laughed, but that was more of an off-the-cuff thing.
Read the whole article at http://www.scifi.com/sfw/current/interview.html

The Bard's Corner

New additions to The Bard's Corner: David S. Christian

The Adventures of Dori of Amphipolis

26 January

New Montages

Convention Reports

The Bard's Corner

New Xena Mailing List

I don't run this list but I like the sound of it.

This is a list for committed fans of Xena Warrior Princess. What's allowed are posts that support Xena: Warrior Princess, the Xenastaff, and their vision. Constructive criticism of the show is encouraged. Be as serious or silly as you like.

What is NOT allowed is flaming of other members, the show, the Xenastaff, or the vision of the Xenstaff. They work hellishly hard to give us great entertainment. Let's celebrate that!

To subscribe go to:

25 January

MaryD's Montages

The Bard's Corner

Lucia has created this great cartoon of Angel Callisto and the baby to go with my skit "No Vacancy".


24 January

MaryD's Montages


23 January

The Bard's Corner

22 January

6th Season Xena Confirmed by Rob Tapert
News of a 6th season has been around the xenaverse since last year. Sharon Delaney first broke the news, then Lucy stated that she would like to do a sixth season. Now comes confirmation from the man that should know - Rob Tapert. In a recent article about Cleopatra 2525 in USA Today (20 January 2000), the article stated that As for Xena, the show is in its fifth season and has an order for a sixth, but beyond that, Lawless, who recently gave birth, ''would be suicidal at the notion of a seventh,'' Tapert says. ''But we'll see what happens.'' If you would like to read the full article you can read it at:

The Bard's Corner Update

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

XIP Artwork Update
(Updated by Dee)

21 January

20 January

Attention Aussies:
Channel 7 will be screening a Blooper show this Friday night - it will feature Xena bloopers!

Check your local guides for times.

The Bard's Corner Updates

Fanfic recommendations:
If you haven't read Love's Rendition by Tragedy88 may I suggest you do. It's a fantastic story. It's not finished yet - it's a work in progress and if you don't mind reading in parts it's
an absolute beauty of a story

Another story which I love is Hope's Path by Carrie Carr. Check them out. They are well worth the read.

19 January

XIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner Updates

18 January

The Bard's Corner Updates

To celebrate Argo we announced the Argo Poetry/Story/Artwork contest. The contest closes on 15 February 2000. That means that you still have time to enter. There are prizes for:


Best Argo Poem
Best Argo Short, Short Story (2500 words or less) (Gen)
Best Argo Short, Short Story (2500 words or less) (Alt)
Best Argo Story (Gen)
Best Argo Story (Alt).
Best Tribute to Tobias in Poem or Story


Best Digital Image
Best Non-digital Image (i. e., sketch, painting, etc.)
Best Children's Submission (12 years old and under)
Best Tobias Artwork

For further information and details on the contest visit:


We would like to extend our special thanks to Dixie Harrison, Webmaster: Xena Online Resources, for her generosity and support for the Argo Contest.



Sponsored by:

Hecate and JacQuest, Argo and Friends at the Ultimate Xena Cookbook
MaryD, Australian Xena Information Page
Lynka, Lynka's Xena Page
Felioness, Tales from the Children of Xena and Gabrielle

The XIP News Archive

17 January

new message from Lucy via Sharon Delaney

I sent Lucy and Rob a note on what fans all over the world had been doing in celebration of Julius' birth and she asked me to pass along the message below. Sharon

Time and again you guys have given generously to charities in our names, this time on behalf of Julius. Once again, you find us "gobsmacked" (Kiwi for speechless). I don't know how to thank you. I really don't. I guess I always feel so abundantly blessed in this life that I don't like to receive gifts, particularly as I know that every cent you all spend is money hard earned. The fact that you have stood by us through thick and thin and tuned in every week for 5 years is greater fidelity than many marriages enjoy. I cannot convey to you how deeply touched Rob and I are by your kindness in raising over $20,000 for charities around the world in the name of our son.

Whenever I feel myself on the horns of a moral dilemma, I try to remind myself of a maxim I wish to live by: "spread more Joy." It helps me choose the right direction even if, in the short term, it seems the least profitable option. This is what you have done.

At the risk of seeming repetitious, you inspire me.

God Bless HCNBs,

Yours truly,
Lucy Lawless

The AXIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner

16 January

Xenaverse News

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

The Bard's Corner Updates

I am very pleased to announce the addtion of Kelly Noble to The Bard's Corner

Melissa Good Book Covers

14 January

Lucy News

The Bard's Corner

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

13 January

RipOff Alert
Some fans who have ordered from the Official Xena/Hercules Catalog have been charged $72(US) for merchandise that have not been ordered. The company doing this is called
MWI Essentials. If you have ordered from this company please check your credit card statements. It appears they are charging this amount EVERY month. You can ring them on 1-800-313-3540 if you have been charged this amount.

Creation Entertainment has released a statement about this today:

There have been a number of posts regarding a company charging fees to credit card accounts after orders are placed from a Hercules/Xena catalog. We want everyone to know this is not happening from the Creation Mail Order Catalog. We do not EVER share this private information with ANYONE and NEVER WILL.


Adam Malin/Gary Berman
Creation Entertainment


Lucy Media Alerts

Xenaverse News

The Bard's Corner Updates

12 January

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Cleopatra 2525 and I found this EXCELLENT web site. Check this out! http://redrival.com/cleopatra2525/

Xena News

News for Isreali Xenites (from Mikee PM)

Well there's a rumor going on that YES, the satellite broadcasting company will air Xena's fifth season around June 2000. Yesterday I Spoke with Mr. Rosenthal, Assistant CEO at YES. He said they're neither buying Xena nor negotiating a buy. Advice for Israeli Xenites: if you have friends abroad, ask them to tape Xena eps for you. At this rate we are not getting any Xena anytime soon.

The Bard's Corner Updates

Season 5 Episode Information

Season 5 Rumours Section

11 January

The Bard's Corner Updates

I am very pleased to announce two new additions to The Bard's Corner - Linda Crist and Kerry McCommon.

Linda's first story on TBC is absolute corker! It's also an huge epic of a story that is 803k in length so settle back in a comfy chair with munchies and drinks because I'm sure you will enjoy this story as much as I did.

Kerry's first story is a Uber/SciFi piece which I enjoyed a great deal - I love scifi.

10 January

For all those people waiting to find out who the daddy is in Seeds of Faith...Go here

Screengrabs from Seeds of Faith are now available, along with previews of next weeks Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire(Updated by Carol and Judi)


9 January

Good news for Houston Xenites:
I've just been told that the show will be shown January 15 at 10 pm Saturday instead of January 20 :-) Many thanks to JB for the news

ROC Alerts

Lucy News

The Bard's Corner Updates

Xena Live! Reviews

8 January

Results from the Poll of the Week: Are you enjoying Season 5?

Yes: 711 votes
No: 129 votes

New Poll
Who is the father of Xena's Child? Click Here To Vote!

Xenaverse News Updates

Attention Houston Xenites
Houston Xenites will see Seeds of Faith - January 20, 2000 at 2:00 am. Many thanks to JB for that update.

XIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner Updates

7 January

XIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIPPY Awards will be up later today

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

6 January

Season 5 Episode Information & Rumours

Seeds of Faith is the 100th episode - even though it's the 99th episode airred, it seems TPTB take the 100th episode as the episode that has been filmed. I don't understand this logic but that is what it's about.

Xenaverse News

XIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner Updates

5 January

The XIP News Archive

The lastest issue of the Hollywood Reporter is a special edition celebrating 100 episodes of Xena. There are quite a few articles with pics and adverts from Lucy and Renee and others. If you wish to purchase this magazine you can get the  Hollywood Reporter directly from their web site at http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/info/orderissue.asp or give them a call on  323-525-2150 weekdays between 9:00 and 5:00 pm

The Hollywood Reporter transcripts and scans are now available - click here to go to the special Issue

The Bard's Corner

4 January

XIP Artwork Updates
(Updated by Dee)

The Bard's Corner Updates

3 January

Magazine Alerts:

US - TV Guide - January 8 - 14, 2000 - See Lucy Media Alerts for more details
NZ - North and South Magazine - January 2000 Issue - See Lucy Media Alerts for more details and transcript

The Bard's Corner Updates

2 January

Added editorial for 2nd January 2000

I have archived December's what's new - it's not a Y2K bug (although that theory is very funny)

The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday had an article on strong women and the impact of tv has had on how women are portrayed. It was a thoroughly fascinating article - it had a huge Xena picture but no mention of Xena in the article! What a shame.

UK Xenites: Season 5 starts in the UK in March - Many thanks to Ginj for that news

The Bard's Corner Updates

XIP Artwork Update


1 January 2000

The following report is from Liz:

Lucy was on for about 5 seconds - one of a series of clips by famous NZers describing their dreams for this year/millennium. Her 'dream' was for Daisy to marry Prince William. "Because we're royalty too - in our own funny way." And the smirk she delivered this with can only be described as evil. (She was in full XWP clobber - the OLD outfit is back!!!! Well, the brass swirls looked a little darker, maybe silver? but there were those armband thingies and the sword. And everything.)

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