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30 June

Battlestar Galactica

The following information is from The Official Xena Fan Club Kit List.
Sharon spoke to Lucy about her upcoming episode/s on BSG:

Just talked with her and she says she only did one episode, "Final Cut," which is listed as #8. That's the title on her script. She doesn't know anything about "The Farm" or "Home parts 1 & 2." We'll have to wait and see what the official scifi.com/battlestar site says when they start listing the episodes for next season.

XenaMedia - Xena Music Videos

Many thanks to everyone who emailed their suggestions for the next VidXippy.

I'm very pleased to welcome Chrysm to the Xena Music Video Section.

  • Added "Do What You Have To Do" - Clips from Ides of March and Fallen Angel
    No FIN content. A very moving video about Xena and Gabrielle's relationship.


The Bard's Corner



29 June

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Fanlistings Updates

Thanks to all who've joined to show their support for these projects or characters. Please note that you have not been added if you haven't sent your country or a valid e-mail address alongside your name when you submitted your information.

Added new members to

Official Xena Photo Club Pictures

Xenaverse News

  • Deborah Abbott and Wendy Woody are happy to announce that thanks to your support and orders, $413.73 has been raised for the Starship Foundation through the sale of the DVD of their spoof film, "DeliverX"! They are now taking more orders for the DVD which includes:

    *"DeliverX", the Xena short film that played in January at the 10th Anniversary Creation Xena Convention;
    *"DeliverX" bloopers;
    *Xena TV Themes Video by Wendy Woody;
    *Hella Good Xena Music Video by Deborah Abbott;
    *and Deborah Abbott Acting Reel!

    The Cost is $15 and they accept check, money order or PayPal. If you would like to pay with cash or money order, e-mail Wendy Woody at wwoody@vistatex.com for the address for payment. If using PayPal, send money to wwoody@vistatex.com  also. Proceeds beyond production/shipping costs will be donated again to the Starship Foundation.

Lost Sappho love poem published after 2,600 years

  • LONDON (Reuters) - A love poem written 2,600 years ago by Sappho, the
    greatest female poet of ancient Greece, was published Friday for the first
    time since it was rediscovered last year.

    Sappho's verses expressing love for her female companions on the Greek
    island of Lesbos have either shocked or delighted generations of readers
    ever since they were first composed.
    Many thanks to Caley Woulfe for the news

Official Xena Fan Club Update

Bruce Campbell News

  • Komotv has an interview with Bruce about his new book - Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way - Hear Audio Report
    Many thanks to Barbara for the news

Melinda Clarke News (Velaska)

  • Backstage.com has an article on Monster Mommies and Melinda is featured for her role in the OC
    Trying to break up your daughter's latest relationship is one thing--but what about sleeping with her much-younger ex-boyfriend? That's just one of the indignities The O.C.'s Julie Cooper-Nichol (Melinda Clarke) has inflicted on teenage daughter Marissa (Mischa Barton)...Click here to read more
    Many thanks to Barbara for the news

28 June

Battlestar Galactica

Stadium of Fire Event


XenaMedia - Music Videos

With the advent of Music Videos and the enormously talented artists out there, I've decided to create an award - the VidXippy (Anyone would like to come up with a better name, please submit it to me <g>). I feel there are so many great Xena music videos in the Xenaverse that sometimes they tend to get lost in all the multimedia overload we all suffer from occasionally. So if you would like to submit a video (doesn't have to be on AUSXIP) that you have seen and you think it's deserves a VidXippy please submit it.

The award will be presented each month.

The first VidXippy has to go to one of my favourites - the incredible music video by DJWP called "Redemption."  If you haven't seen this one yet (and I'm going to channel Lunacy on this) it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. An incredible piece of work.

27 June

For those that want their phone to ring with the Xena theme (and specifically if you are an Aussie), Foxtel's TV1 has a Xena ringtone available. $3.25 per minute will get you the theme.

Official Xena Photo Club Pictures

Australian TV Schedule

Flawless Images - Lucy Picture Archive

Misc Lucy Images

Premieres and Other Events

26 June

Battlestar Galactica

Official Xena Photo Club Pictures

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page:

  • The latest items on the Kit 9 web page have just been uploaded. Up and running are four video clips from backstage at the Xena 2005 Convention. Three are of David, Tsianina and Alison talking about working with Lucy and Renee. The fourth is Alexis talking about playing Caligula.
    Subscription required
  • Been having a great time picking the images for the 2006 calendars.
    We're doing our two traditional types -- photo calendar and art montage calendar. We're going to have months based on the India episodes, the China episodes, "Crusader"/"Convert," "Seeds Of Faith," "Amphipolis Under Siege," "Motherhood," "Doctor." And I haven't forgotten the friendship, wet, comedy and outtakes months. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the calendars and when they'll be ready for ordering.

Faith Prince Online

Added the Official Faith Prince Fanlisting



24 June

Poll question: I'm thinking of having two versions of the what's new page.
A quick headlines only version which I'm experimenting with on the main index page which is broken up in three sections: Xena Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. You can pick the headlines you wish to read and it will take you to the main story.


you can read the current what's new page version. So here's the question:

Which version do you prefer? Email me at maryd@ausxip.com

Battlestar Galactica

The Internet Movie Database has released dates for Lucy's upcoming episodes:

12 August 2005 - The Farm
19 August 2005 - Home Part 1
26 August 2005 - Home Part 2

Again the IMDB has something different to what was released through the Official Xena Fan Club which said that Lucy's character was named D'anna and the IMDB has it as Anna. (see below for the complete post)

Gay Pride Festival

Angie Larson has contributed a gorgeous new Lucy wallpaper based on the images from the Gay Pride Festival



23 June

Xena Music Videos

I'm very please to welcome Erica to the AUSXIP Music Video Section. Her video "I Feel LIke a Woman" will make you smile. It's an absolute fun video.

  • Added "I Feel Like a Woman" by Erica from Corico Creations
    No FIN Content and guaranteed to make you feel good and miss our dynamic duo even more.

2005 Official Xena Convention

Warrior Women Videos

Lucy Fanlistings Updates

Thanks to all who've joined to show their support for these projects or characters. Please note that you have not been added if you haven't sent your country or a valid e-mail address alongside your name when you submitted your information.

Added new fanlisting:

Lucy Lawless as Maddy
Locusts: Maddy & Dan Relationship Fanlisting



Added new members to

Renee Fanlistings Updates

Thanks to all who've joined to show their support for these projects or characters. Please note that you have not been added if you haven't sent your country or a valid e-mail address alongside your name when you submitted your information.


22 June

Battlestar Galactica

Attention Canadian fans

  • Canadian fans will have to wait to see Lucy on Battlestar Galactica until the Fall/Winter 2005.  Apparently, Space: The Imagination Station (Canada's sci-fi channel) does not want to break up Season 2 like the Sci-Fi Channel will be doing in the States.  So instead of splitting them up, they will be airing all the episodes at once.  In other words, it means Canadian fans won't see Lucy's episodes until October, November or so.  These two messages were posted on Space's website forum by Mark Askwith who is a producer from Space: The Imagination Station - Click here to read the messages
    Many thanks to MiL for the information

Producer Video Blog

  • There's no Lucy here (just yet) but the BSG video blog site has a video of Executive Producer David Eick as he shows you how episodes of Battlestar Galactica are created, from the concept meetings to the shoot on the soundstage, in this SCIFI.COM-exclusive behind-the-scenes feature. The current video is of Episode 5 - The Farm which Lucy will be appearing in. The video doesn't have any Lucy footage but it's interesting. This would have been MAJORLY cool if Rob and Co had done this for Xena. You can view the video blog at http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/bts/videoblog/

Gay Pride Festival

Ellen took some GORGEOUS STUNNING pictures of Lucy from the Gay Pride Festival.

Click here to view the pictures and how to purchase them


Xena Photo Club Pictures

Contributed by Gerry

The Bard's Corner


Between The Lines Series by Linda Crist

21 June

Xena Music Videos

DJWP has sent in a new STUNNING video. It's focused on Xena and called Redemption. Contains FIN footage and it's absolutely amazing - it's approx 10 minutes.

You will need Quicktime V7 to play it. It will NOT play with any other player.

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Snow and Tell (Complete) by Iseqween
    Early in their relationship, concerned about how life at her side may change Gabrielle, Xena suggests a getaway that isn’t quite as relaxing as she’d hoped.

Xenaverse News

Gabrielle's BGSB Costume for Sale

If you have over $3799 lying around and want to own the BGSB (Renee's second season costume), go over to http://www.screenused.com/
Many thanks to Barbara for the news

It doesn't look good on the dummy as it did Renee...guess the dummy doesn't have the abs for it...



Bruce Campbell News

  • Groovy!' B-movie king Bruce Campbell (star of the Evil Dead films, Bubba Ho-Tep and the Xena TV series) will be coming through Albuquerque next month on his whirlwind American tour. Campbell is supporting his new book Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. Campbell will be signing copies of his fictional novel (in which he happens to star) starting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12, at Page One Books (11018 Montgomery NE). You must pre-purchase a copy of Campbell's book at Page One in order to get something signed. For more information, contact Page One at 294-5623. Click here to read more of the article
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news
  • 'Make Love!* *The Bruce Campbell Way' by Bruce Campbell
    Reviewed by Adam B. Vary
    It's a great, goofy what-if: Suppose stalwart B-movie star Bruce Campbell, of "Evil Dead" fame, found himself cast in a crucial supporting role in a $35 million A-movie rom-com starring Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger and directed by the peerless Mike Nichols.  Click here to read more of the article


19 June

Battlestar Galactica News

Lucy Subsites

XenaMedia - Pictures

18 June

Battlestar Galactica

Okay this is a little bit confusing. Lucy says she's going to be in one episode but the Internet Movie Database is listing her in 3 episodes.

  • Added episode information to the Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide subsite - please DO NOT read if you are trying to remain spoiler free. Information on episodes 5, 6 and 7 of Season 2 does contain MASSIVE spoilers for those who have been watching Season 1. If you haven't...well it won't make a lot of sense <g>


Gay Pride Festival

Nance from The Xena Scrolls sent in this gorgeous wallpaper of Lucy at the Gay Pride Festival.

Added it to the Wallpaper section




I got a very nice note from Ginger Coyote from the White Trash Debutantes band with a photo of Ginger and Lucy together backstage. Ginger and the band performed at the Gay Pride Festival.  Ginger's caption for the picture is "Lucy Lawless  and Ginger Coyote planning a Xena Reunion minus Gabrielle "Xena and Ginger"
Added the picture to the Gay Pride Pics section

Double Dare

Added video clip and screencaptures of Lucy attending the Official Double Dare Premiere




16 June

Video Offer from Anne Pizotes
Click here to view screengrabs from the video

Click to enlarge
Compilation of exclusive footage from many different Lucy & Reneé appearances over the last couple of years.  From 2003 there's a small bit of Reneé at one stop of the burn relay, then from 2004 the press photo-op session from the Double Dare premiere at AFI Fest (Lucy, Reneé, Zoe, Jeannie Epper, Quentin Tarantino
Click to enlargethe gals who made the doc),

Lucy signing for fans at the STAGE L.A. event, Reneé, Katherine Fugate & Barbara Eden at The Prince & Me premiere, Lucy signing and giving an interview at the REAF event in San Francisco.  Finally, from 2005-- Reneé at 2 stops of the burn relay, Lucy & Zoe at the Double Dare screening, and as a special bonus, Lucy wowing us at the recent Gay Pride Festival.  Email pizotes@aol.com  for more info.

The Darkroom Movie

  • The following message is from Lucy (via the Official Xena Fan Club/Sharon Delaney):

    Lucy just finished filming the Mindfire Entertainment/CFQ Films indie
    feature, "The Darkroom," produced by Mark Altman and directed by Mike
    Hurst. Stanley, a teenage boy, is befriended by an escapee from a
    mental institution who sees visions of horrible murders being
    committed. Stanley has his own mystery as he tries to discover where
    his stepfather goes at night. Reed Diamond (Homicide) plays the
    mental patient. Shawn Pyfrom (Desperate Housewives) plays Stanley.
    Greg Grunberg (Alias) plays the stepfather. And Lucy is Stanley's

    "I play the emotionally abused wife who's trying to keep her family
    together. I'm the mother Stanley's trying to protect. Charlize
    Theron would have loved this part. I met the filmmakers and decided
    they were the real deal. Working with Greg was such a pleasure and
    Mike Hurst, Mark and Chuck. It was an honor to work with them. It
    was after meeting them I decided I want to work with these people.

    P.S. Mike Hurst is not the same person who played Iolaus."

    -- Lucy
  • Fangoria Magazine has released information about Lucy's newmovie.

    Busy producer Mark Altman of Mindfire Entertainment/CFQ Films, who has wrapped ALL SOULS DAY, HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 and ROOM 6 all within the last 18 months, has a new film before the cameras in LA: a serial-killer thriller called THE DARKROOM. Written by Mike Hurst and Altman and directed by Hurst (who also helmed by HOD2 and ROOM 6), ...Click here to read more

Xenaverse News

Bruce Campbell News

  • June 15: Bruce Campbell tour begins in NYC this week!
  • Kicking off his cross-country tour promoting his new book MAKE LOVE! THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY and hosting screenings of his feature directorial debut THE MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN, genre Renaissance man Campbell has a number of New York City-area appearances scheduled this week:
    Click here to read more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


15 June

Battlestar Galactica

The following note is from Lucy (from the Official Xena Fan Club Site/Sharon Delaney) about her appearance on Battlestar Galactica

"This was a chance to work with old friend, David Eick, who was mentored by Rob on Hercules. They actually came to me to be on BG in the beginning, but with two tiny kids, I was not interested in the one-hour lifestyle. Looking forward to playing with the wonderful BG cast, though and visiting my old Vancouver haunts from drama school days."

-- Lucy

News about Lucy's role on BSG

  • Lucy has signed to do one episode that could come back. The character she plays is a reporter, D'anna Biers. D'anna threatens to expose the goings-on  on the ship. Her presence ratchets up tensions between the crew members.
    Source: Official Xena Fan Club Site/Sharon Delaney


More Lucy at the Gay Pride Festival.

For those who have subscribed to the Official Xena Fan Club Kit #9 - Sharon will have behind the scenes pics of Lucy in her dressing room at the Gay Pride Festival and a note from Lucy about her upcoming appearance on Battlestar Galactica. Subscription Required.

Pictures / Reports


Wallpapers / Artwork

14 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Wire Image has pictures of Lucy at the Gay Pride Festival and a few with the legendary Deborah Harry.




Lucy Articles

Lucy Fanlistings Update

Thanks to all who've joined to show their support for these projects. Please note that you have not been added if you haven't sent your country or a valid e-mail address alongside your name when you submitted your information.

Added new members to

MaryD's Wallpapers

Added The Darkness and The Light: The Gabrielle and Hope Fanlisting to the site.

  • This is the official TFL approved fanlisting for Gabrielle & Hope, mother & daughter from the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. If you wish to join, please go ahead and do so after reading the rules. Thank you!

Xenaverse News

Martin Csokas (Borias)

  • Martin is being billed as the next Russell Crowe by the New York Daily News. Brief article about Martin and mention of him working on the show.
    Many thanks to Barbara for the link

Bruce Campbell News

  • Bruce Campbell, star of the "Evil Dead" series and "Xena: The Warrior Princess," will appear in person to present his new film "Man With the Screaming Brain," and sign his new book "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way."
    6 p.m. Tuesday, Balboa Theater, 3630 Balboa St., San Francisco Tickets are $10. Call (415) 221-8184 or visit www.Balboamovies.com.
    Many thanks to Barbara for the news

13 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Sam just sent in these AMAZING photos of Lucy - the woman is just gorgeous. Many thanks to Sam for contributing the pics!

The images are 1600 x 1200 in size
Click on the thumbnail for the larger scans


Lucy Lawless at Gay Pride Festival

Teresa Ortega at In Sequence blog has a report of Lucy at the Gay Pride - Lucy with blonde hair and looking FABULOUS!

Added pic and report by Teresa - Contributed by Teresa



12 June

New Lucy Movie - The Darkroom

Just got word from Peg who got a note from Wolf Event Convention organisers (Alias Rendezvous 2 convention). It seems guest Greg Grunberg, couldn't make it and sent in this email:

“Guys, I am so sorry I cannot be there with you. I had planned on being there and hanging with all of you, right up until just a few days ago. But unfortunately I was cast in a new horror film called THE DARKROOM starring opposite Lucy Lawless.

Battlestar Galactica News

  • Updated the spoilers/news section with more detail about Lucy's role. If you wish to remain spoiler free...please don't read.
  • The following is from Creation which indicates only ONE episode and not several as previously indicated in TVGuide.
    Lucy Lawless will be guest starring on an episode of one of
    television's finest genre dramas: BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA for the Sci-Fi
    Channel! Any show that Lucy is on is worth catching, but as Battlestar
    Galactica fans previously we now have another reason to watch! FYI, we
    are licensees of the property already so be on the look-out for more
    information on Lucy's appearance as well as licensed photographs of her
    in character! Go, Lucy!


Double Dare Video Clips
Many thanks to Roger for the clips

  • Added three video clips of Lucy's interview from the DD DVD
  • Added two video clips of Renee's Interview from the DD DVD
  • Added two deleted scenes - Renee fighting while her stunt double watches on and the other of Lucy

Boogeyman Video Clips
Many thanks to Roger for the clips

  • Added two video clips from the Rob Tapert interview on the Boogeyman DVD

The Bard's Corner


Between The Lines Series by Linda Crist

  • Added Looking For Trouble (Sins of the Past) by Linda Crist

    Added Finding Trees (Chariots of War) by Linda Crist
    Xena: Warrior Princess ended its six-season run in June 2001, and has been released on DVD. I am re-watching the entire series, and after each episode, writing a short story, usually told in the first person from the viewpoint of one or more characters. The stories may focus on what happened during the episode, or they may reveal thoughts and events that take place between episodes. 

  • Added Perdicus 2 (Complete) by Caley Woulfe
  • Added Stargazing (Complete) by Caley Woulfe


11 June


  • For those in the LA area, Lucy will be performing at the Gay Pride Festival at 10:10 pm on 11 June 2005. Tickets are available at the door. For more info go to: http://www.lapride.org/pride.html

Xena comes back to Aussie TV

Desperately seeking a Xena/Lucy Lawless for this Sunday - $200

We need an outgoing woman between 25 - 35 that wants to spend an afternoon as Xena Warrior Princess in West Hollywood. You would be passing out flyers for the upcoming collectors DVD, having your photo taken with fans and walking amongst fun creative people at a large event from 11am to 3pm this Sunday June 12th in West Hollywood. Costume will be provided. Someone will accompany you to be sure that your day goes smoothly and that your needs (water, food, etc.) are taken care of. Please provide a picture and physical description when responding.

Specs: Female, 25 - 35, blue eyes, B - C cup, 5'9" - 6'+, good build.
Hair color not as important (wig can be provided) though long dark hair

this is in or around West Hollywood

Compensation: $200  - Click here to apply

Lucy Lawless Updates

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Movie Multimedia

A Bitter Song (1991)

Peach (1995)


Double Dare

  • Zoe made an appearance at the MTV Awards held in the US. The award was for Best Fight Sequence in a movie. Darryl Hannah and Uma Thurman won the award. On accepting the award, Director Quentin Tarantino  brought Zoe and Darryl Hannah's stunt double onstage when the award for Best Fight Sequence was presented to Kill Bill, Vol 2.
    Many thanks to MET for the news


  • IGN Entertainment has a review of the Double Dare DVD with images from the DVD



10 June

Double Dare

DVD Screencaptures

For those that missed Zoe and the screening in Melbourne, you have another chance to see Zoe and also the Doco.

Confessions of a Hollywood Stunt Woman
(Popcorn Taxi - Melbourne)

Join Zoë Bell (Xena Warrior Princess, Kill Bill) for an exclusive fireside chat about life as a Hollywood stuntwoman! For anyone that has ever wondered what goes into your favourite Hollywood thrills and spills, don’t miss this unique oppportunity to see excerpts of Zöe’s work and find answers to burning questions, such as….. ‘What’s it like kicking ass in a medieval mini-skirt?!!” http://www.popcorntaxi.com.au

Sunday June 12, 2005
7.30pm @ ACMI Cinemas,
Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Flinders Street
Bookings / enquiries: PH: (03) 8663 2583 / www.acmi.net.au/tickets
This program is rated: unclassified18+
Many thanks to Lydia for the news

Audio Files

  • As reported on the ausxip mailing list yesterday, Zoe Bell was on Radio National here in Sydney discussing Double Dare. It was a great, fun interview with Zoe revealing she found out when she was doing the stunts on Kill Bill that she had to get out of the Lucy/Xena zone she had been in while working on XWP. She wasn't aware she had a Lucy/Xena zone. She also revealed she would do Lucy noises...she didn't demonstrate what Lucy noises she used to do despite the interviewer asking her <g>
    You can download the mp3 of the interview from Radio National
    Many thanks to Lydia for the link

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Caley Woulfe to The Bard's Corner



Xenaverse News

Bruce Campbell News

  • Added link to article Bruce Campbell Returns - New film, new book, same old Bruce. BC is on the road promoting is a new book and a new film. The former is entitled Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way and marks the versatile actor's second foray into the realm of the literati (he released his first tome, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor, back in 2002). 


8 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Lucy on Battlestar Galactica TV Series next Season?

  • The following is from TV Guide Online - Ask Ausiello Section

    Question: Got any intel on the next season of Battlestar Galactica? — John

    Ausiello: Lucy Lawless is gonna do a few episodes playing a Christiane Amanpour-type character. And I hear Sci Fi censors are freaking out about a really disturbing (yet visually stunning) scene in Episode 5. An upcoming issue of TV Guide magazine will have more on that little controversy.
    Many thanks to Roger for the news



Double Dare

  • Interview with Zoe Bell - You might not recognize Zoë Bell but odds are you've seen her work. Zoë has done stunt doubling for Lucy Lawless in Xena, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and Sharon Stone in Catwoman. Now the documentary Double Dare takes a look at her life and career and the intersection with veteran stunt woman Jeannie Epper. We had the opportunity to talk to Zoë Bell about the Double Dare DVD, her career as a stunt woman and her experience working with Quentin Tarantino on Kill Bill vol 1 and 2. Listen to our interview with Zoë Bell using our Online DVD Talk Radio Player or Download the complete interview (21min 12.8MB).
  • DVDTalk.com has a special giveaway for Double Dare - You can win 1 of 5 Double Dare DVDs in this giveaway contest. Must be over 12 and live in USA or Canada. Deadline 13th June: 
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news



7 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Fanlistings Update

Thanks to all who've joined to show their support for these projects. Please note that you have not been added if you haven't sent your country or a valid e-mail address alongside your name when you submitted your information.

Added new members to

Other Cool Places on the Net

Convention Pics & Reports

Xenaverse News

Michael Hurst gets NZ Order of Merit

  • Michael Hurst has been made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit.
    He has directed about forty plays, and had more than a hundred stage roles
    He achieved international renown for his acting role in the television series Hercules, which he went on to direct, along with Xena Warrior Princess.
    Michael Hurst says he is thrilled to be receiving the award He says it is an honour to be honoured.  Click here to read more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Joel Tobeck (Strife) News

  • Joel Tobeck is working on two movies:
    Ghost Rider that stars Nicholas Cage, Sam Elliot, and Peter Fonda.
    Little Fish with Sam Neill
    Many thanks to MET for the news

Robert Trebor (Salmoneus) News

  • Robert is in a movie that was written and directed by Rob Zombie called The Devil Rejects. The movie also stars Rosario Dawson
    Many thanks to MET for the news

6 June

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of a new bard , Aurelia to The Bard's Corner.

Classic / Alternate Timeline

  • Added Gladiator (Complete) by Aurelia
    This tale is an alternate timeline Xena story that changes from “Destiny”. Caesar has sent Xena to Rome to serve in the Gladiator ring instead of crucifying her. After ten long years of physical and emotional torture, Xena makes a bid for freedom and retribution with a small blonde by her side.

Judi's Wallpapers

Xena Media References

  • It seems the Crocodile Hunter has gone and named one of his crocs, Xena. Jean reported that Steve Irwin captured a very mad croc to take him to another spot.  He officially named it  "Xena, the Warrior Princess" crocodile.   He said it was the perfect name for a fighting crocodile.   Problem Steve. Your croc is male.
    That croc is going to have issues, man. Sort of like the Boy Named Sue but in croc form...imagine his croc buddies teasing him and calling him Xena...tsk <g>

Lucy Lawless Updates

Boogeyman Multimedia


Added screencaptures from the Best Buy Interview and Making of Featurette with Lucy.


Lucy VCR Alert - Canada

Stadium of Fire Event



5 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Added deleted scene video clip from Boogeyman which explains the "drug addled mother" description from Lucy about her character Mary Jensen. This scene was deleted from the screened movie.

Download video clip | Download Screencaptures
Many thanks to Roger for the video and screencaptures


XenaMedia - Screengrabs

XenaMedia - Videos

Videos contributed by Roger

Inside TV Land: Ticked Pink

  • Clip 1 - Liz Friedman and Renee talk about Xena and what the show meant to the lesbian community
  • Clip 2 - Renee has a bit of fun watching and commenting on the lesbian relationship on Buffy.
    Click here to download videos

4 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Boogeyman Movie DVD Video Clips

All video clips contributed by Roger:

Added three video clips from the Boogeyman DVD that was released this week. Lucy's scenes from the movie can be seen in the Best Buy Bonus interview clip

Best Buy Bonus Lucy Interview on the Boogeyman DVD release. Interview with Lucy about her role as Mary Jensen, becoming an old woman and the makeup. Lucy said she enjoyed laying down in a coffin because it was comfortable :) .
Making of Featurette - Part 1: Lucy talks about the movie and why she accepted the role of Mary Jensen

Making of Featurette - Part 2
Lucy talks about working with Barry Watson, Barry talks about Lucy and how she likes to make the set a nice place to be. Behind the scenes footage of Lucy as an old lady in bed.

Click here to download videos

3 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Stadium of Fire Event

  • THE STADIUM OF FIRE NEEDS VOLUNTEERS for various positions such as, Talent Escorts, Production Assistants, Assistant Stage Managers, Show Run Crew, Spot Light Operators, Program Distributors and more. This is a great opportunity to gain professional experience. The show will feature Lonestar, Mandy Moore, Lou Diamond, Phillips, Lucy Lawless, Debbie Reynolds, dancers, children’s choir, a million fireworks and more. If interested, send an email to mindynelson@hotmail.com  or call Mindy Nelson, a senior in theatre education, at 592-5388. Email correspondence is preferred.
    Many thanks to Barbara for the news


  • Okay this is really fun for those who enjoyed Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in Seattle or for those that enjoy the music of Jule Styne and Harold Arlen. REAF is putting on  "Help Is on the Way XI: The Music of Jule Styne and Harold Arlen". To add to the great lineup, they have a very special guest: Jane Russell who starred as the original Dorothy Shaw in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Munroe!

The show is scheduled for 1 August at the Palace of Fine Arts theatre in San Francisco.

 The show is scheduled for Monday, August 1st at the Palace of Fine Arts theatre. Visit REAF's website for more information. To order tickets, 415-273-1620 or order online through the  website.

click here for more information or to order tickets

Xena Episode Guide

Season 1 Reviews

Tickled Pink TV Show

  • Tickled Pink is a documentary show on TVLand about subtext in TV shows from the 60's to the present. Liz Friedman had a running commentary on the various shows, including Xena. Renee also had some comments, and a short interview in the section of the show which described Xena. The clips included the fight at the beginning of A Day In The Life, the night scene from Been There, Done That where Gabrielle snuggles up to Xena after Joxer dies, and the end of the hot tub scene from A Day In The Life. Renee also commented and laughed at a scene from Buffy. She was wearing the same top that she wore at the Con in Seattle, so she probably did the taping while she was in town. or it might just have been a coincidence. It was a great documentary, although Renee did not actually say the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle was Lesbian. She said the usual about how they played up the subtext as a joke but let the audience interpret it whatever way they wanted.
    Many thanks to Caley Woulfe for the mini report

Official Kit #9 Update

The following is from Sharon:

  • The latest Kit 9 piece is now online. Costume drawings from "Who's Gurkhan," including outfits from a deleted scene and a behind-the-scenes story about why the scene never made it to air."
    Subscription needed

Xenaverse News

Bardcon News

  • Orlando Bardcon is now accepting registrations for their 21-23 October 2005 event:

    Orlando BardCon
    is an opportunity for authors, publishers, vendors and fans to come together in a one day event to discuss writing, sell books and other wares, and find out what is happening in the publishing world.

    Click here for more info about registration and joining in the fun

David Franklin News (Brutus)

  • According to the Winston-Salem Journal - 2 June 2005, David Franklin is a guest at ConCarolinas 2005, a science fiction convention that will be held Friday - Sunday at the Marriort Executive Park in Charlotte. David Franklin, who played the Peacekeeper officer Captain Braca on Farscape and that famous Roman traitor Brutus on Xena: Warrior Princess. For a complete list of guests and ticket information, go to www.secfi.org/concarolinas/
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

2 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Lucy and Zoe Bell on Entertainment Tonight

Added video clip from Entertainment Tonight
31 May 2005 about Double Dare
. Interviews with Lucy and Lynda Carter (taken from the DD DVD) and shows Zoe in action on Xena and Jeannie Epper on WW.


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


As many of you know Ellen takes the most amazing pictures of Lucy and Renee. Ellen was in Seatle and once again got some gorgeous pics of the dynamic duo.

Click on the thumbnails for the larger scans - if you wish to purchase any of these images contact Ellen on teddy333@cox.net

Renee - Strong Women of Xena & TV Convention

Lucy - Seattle Space Needle


Reviews / Articles

Message from Sharon:

  • Hi All,
    I've received some photos taken in Seattle of fans with Lucy and Renee at the convention and the Space Needle. I can't name everyone cuz I don't know what you all look like! So if there's anyone who doesn't want their photo up, please contact me by Friday and give me a description of what you look like/were wearing so I can spot if you're in any of my pics. The photos themselves are off to Lucy and Renee as they have to clear them as well.

    Official Xena Fan Club


VCR Alerts for Today - US Only

  • Eurotrip
    Thu Jun 2 06:30P on Cinemax
    A teenager and his friends have misadventures in Europe while trying to meet one's pen pal. 90 minutes- NR, USA, 2004, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult language, adult situations, nudity
  • Inside TV Land: Tickled Pink
    June 1, 2005 11 pm ET/PT
    Inside TV Land: Ticked Pink | This one-hour special, produced for TV Land by Linda Ellerbee’s Lucky Duck Productions, takes an in-depth look at celebrated television personalities and characters that gay viewers have either gravitated towards or closely identified with. Among the characters and performers to be discussed include legendary comic actor Paul Lynde, Bea Arthur’s depiction of the title character of Maude as well as her portrayal of “Dorothy Zbornak” in the hit 1980’s sitcom The Golden Girls to the enormous popularity of Xena: Warrior Princess among gay viewers. Premieres June 1, 2005 at 11pm (ET/PT).  

Double Dare Documentary

  • Bad news for Sydney fans waiting to see Double Dare - Sydney will not be getting a screening of the doco. Melbourne will be the only Australian city where you can go to a screening of the movie with special guest Zoe Bell.
    Many thanks to Amanda Micheli, Double Dare Director, for the news

Xena Artist Contest

Attention Xena Artists
  • June's contest over at THE XENA SCROLLS has been posted and the theme is simple, send in your favorite piece of classic Xena artwork. The name of the contest is Clash of the Titans. So all you Titans get to thinking and send in your best piece.

Go to the link below for further details

Xena Media References


1 June

Lucy Lawless Updates

Zoe Bell in Australia for the screening of Double Dare

Double Dare will be screened in Melbourne at the Australian Centre for the Moving Images, Federation Square - ACMI Cinema 2 Melbourne on 9 June 2005 at 7:30 pm. It is rated R and thus anyone under 18 will not be allowed in.
Zoe is going to be the special guest at the screening

Price is $13 (full) and $10 (concession). Book Online or call (03) 8663 2583

VCR Alerts for Today:

  • US VCR Alert
    Tue May 31 10:00P on PBS
    Independent Lens
    Double Dare; Piki & Poko: Taking the Dare!
    Hollywood stuntwomen for ``Wonder Woman'' and ``Xena: Warrior Princess'' struggle in a male-dominated business. 90 minutes- (CC), N, In Stereo


The Boogeyman DVD is being released today in the US (It's still in cinemas in Australia). Best Buy has a bonus disk with 21 min. of interviews with key cast members (unsure of Lucy is one of those interviewed). There is also a disappointing featurette on this bonus disk, of Behind-the-Scenes footage for Lords of Dogtown and previews for Bewitched, Stealth, and Steamboy and The Cave. The Best Buy edition with the special bonus interview only available in Best Buy stores and not online.
Many thanks to Beth for the news

Lucy Images

Added scan of Lucy from the Mirror 4 March 2005 article Boogey Frights and a tiny pic of Lucy as the unfortunate and very dead Mary Jensen in Boogeyman.


Misc Lucy Images

2005 Spacey Awards

Double Dare Documentary




The Bard's Corner


  • Added Not Yet (Complete) by Iseqween
    Still on their way home from the unscheduled 25th anniversary trip they embarked on in the story "Fifty Winters Ago" and continued in "Two-Thousand Winters Ahead," Xena and Gabrielle get the most out of their maturity when they run into trouble that underestimates "The Grandma Brigade."

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