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Full Circle is the 3rd Novel in the Eva & Zoe series by MaryD
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The XIPPY Awards

Words Heard in Silence (Uber)
by Taylor Rickard & T. Novan

Alias Smith and Jones (Uber)
by Advocate & T. Novan

Subtext Virtual Season 7: Roman Holiday (Classic)
by Melissa Good

Subtext Virtual Season 7: Been A Wonderful Life (Classic)
by T. Novan

Subtext Virtual Season 7: Divided We Fall (Classic)
by Susanne Beck

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31 May

Jay Laga'ia who played Draco on Xena: WP has been imortalised as an action figure for the latest Star Wars movie. The New Idea magazine that features a blurb on Jay's action figure talks about his life in Auckland and being a musician. Jay played Padmé Amidala's head of security and personal bodyguard, Captain Typho. See the action figure.

Links Page

  • Added a link to a new FF archive in Greek. From Suzanne Velcro: This is just to let you know that we started an uber Xena story page in Greek! It will have my stories but also translated stories by well-known writers and Vivian Darkbloom is the first one. I hope to add more soon.

29 May

The Bard's Corner

Artwork Section

  • Added two montages titled "Grr Power" and "Naughty Xena"by Julie.


27 May

The Bard's Corner

News Archive

  • Added transcript and cover of New Zealand Listener article/interview from
    February 9, 2002 about Lucy Lawless.
  • Added link to an older article about Wonder Woman candidates, among them Lucy Lawless.
  • Added a link to a blurb in the Advocate about Lucy.

The Subtext Zone

  • Added a great drawing of Xena and Gabrielle by Lisa.

25 May

News Archive

The Bard's Corner


23 May

The Bard's Corner

  • Added The Brass Ring Part Twenty-Two by Mavis Applewater
  • Added Habáname Chapter 9 - An Original Uber Fiction by Ana Ortiz
  • Added the Conclusion of Our Reunion by Jenah

Artwork Section

Added Link to Nancereno's 'Xena Trilogy: The Xena Scrolls' from her artwork page.

Xenaverse News

Texaspup Wendy Woody a.k.a. PLW appears in the clip alongside Deborah Abbott at http://tvone.nzoom.com/programmes/holmes/story.html?story_2002_archive.inc
Scroll down to Monday May 20: Adrenalin, fantasy and leather. (3.55 mins)


22 May

Mary D will be in Orlando, Florida this weekend for the Orlando Bardcon where she will be on a panel and also talking about her books. Copies of her three novels will be available to purchase.

If you are a bard on The Bard's Corner please submit your work to mesh@ausxip.com. For those wishing to contribute news articles or magazine scans please send them to the above address as well.

Xenaverse News

Actress/artist Deborah Abbott was on NZ TV as Xena... take a look http://tvone.nzoom.com/programmes/holmes/story.html?story_2002_archive.inc
Scroll to Adrenalin, fantasy and leather. (3.55 mins) when you get there.

The Bard's Corner


21 May

The following is from Helen//mmorgaine regarding Renee's performances

It's a request for anyone who's interested in attending one of Renee's performances of Macbeth this summer, and I appreciate your taking the time to read this, and consider what I'm asking.

Apparently, after Creation announced that Renee will be in the Shakespeare by the Sea production this summer, a lot of Renee's fans sent emails to the Shakespeare by the Sea folks requesting info. Lots, I mean LOTS of fans. This is a small theater company, and they're not at all used to getting this kind of response, and they're getting kind of nervous.

So I'm asking that if you're interested in seeing the Shakespeare by the Sea production starring Renee this summer, please, before emailing and asking for information, try looking around their website. Lots of common questions can be answered there without overwhelming the SbtS staff. Also, it's probably a good idea to contact travel websites, or travel agents with travel questions. The SbtS staff aren't set up to help you get to LA, and San Pedro, from thousands of miles away. They're busy enough just making sure they have props and stuff.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you really need to email them, please be as polite and *calm* as possible in your correspondance with them. I don't know what they've found in their inbox, but it has them rather worried. So if we could treat them rather gently, and keep in mind these folks aren't at all familiar with Xena fandom, then it might help to make their week go a little better.


Also, anyone who wants to can join the SoCalPups list, and ask all questions you want ask. Usually someone there answer your questions


20 May

News Archive

A second video game based on the famous Evil Dead movies is going to be released soon for PS2 and XBOX. Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, the team behind the Evil Dead film trilogy, have thrown their weight behind this project with Campbell providing the voice-over for Ash, the chainsaw-armed hero from the movie.

The game is called "Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick" and Bruce Campbell is going to be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles (May 24, 2002 - THQ booth [#4001] from 11:00am -12:30pm) to promote it and meet the fans. There's also an announcement in the official BC site at http://www.bruce-campbell.com. For more info also go to http://www.thq.com/.

Sunday, May 19th New York Times
Crossword Puzzle: 59 Across
Clue: Lawless warrior.
Answer: XENA!

Renée O'Connor news

From Creation Entertainment
Shakespeare by the Sea is free -- you do not need a ticket. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. People begin showing up an hour or so before the show begins to get seats. Beach chairs, blankets and warm, layered clothing are recommended. Point Fermin has bench seating, however many people bring their own chairs -- all tour locations are open grassy areas without seats - so definitely bring your own chairs or be prepared to sit on the ground. Picnics are welcome.

All performances have a pre-show 1/2 hour prior to the performance. Photography/Taping is not permitted during performances -- you may have a chance for photos after the show - but that's not guaranteed.

Renee's dates/times/locations:
6/27 (opening night), 28, 29 -- San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 8 PM
7/5, 12, 18, 20 San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 8 PM
7/26 -- Hermosa Beach, Valley Park -- 7 PM
8/1, 3 -- Wilmington, Banning Park -- 7 PM
8/9 -- Manhattan Beach, Polliwog Park -- 7 PM
8/16 (closing night) -- San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 7 PM

Artwork Section

  • Added art by Katie Wilks: Once Upon a Time (Gabrielle), The Xena Bunch
  • Added art by Andrew T (X*Guy): Arabian Nights (Xena) and Mysterious Ways (Xena)

Subtext Zone

  • Added art by Andrew T (X*Guy): A great set of Heart of Darkness Subtext montages

The Bard's Corner

Links Page

  • Added a link to the Links Page of the Swedish Lucy Lawless club 'Lucy In The Sky'. This Links Page includes all the Swedish Xena sites. Two years ago there were two or three sites running, look at them all now!

19 May

Renee O'Connor News from Creation Entertainment - May 18, 2002

Renee O'Connor doing Shakespeare this summer
Renee will be performing Lady Macbeth in the Shakespeare by the Sea production of Macbeth. It starts June 27 and will run for five weeks in San Pedro, CA. Then it will go on a tour of the beach cities of Southern California until August 24. You will find the schedule, as it becomes available, on their web page at : http://www.shakespearebythesea.org/calendar.html

Xena Actors in Star Wars episode II: Attack of the Clones

Captain Typho - Senator Padme's Bodyguard is played by Jay Laga'aia (Draco)
Typho replaces Captain Panaka as Padme's bodyguard in Episode II. He is in the opening scene and has scenes later into the movie as well.
Click here for a picture http://www.theforce.net/episode2/characters/

Poggle the Lesser - Leader of Geonosis, CGI Character voiced by Marton Csokas (Borias)
Poggle is a Geonosian who heads up business dealings with Count Dooku and Neimodians from the Trade Federation. Official title is "Archduke".

16 May

  • Added link to Subtext Virtual Season 7 --- Not Even Death (Amazon Arc - Part 2)

    Caught between Amazon squabbles and an old promise, Xena and Gabrielle find answers in a surprising discovery inside their own hearts. Written by Melissa Good.


News Archive

GREAT NEWS! Raimi, Tapert Reteam As Producers

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is reteaming with his Evil Dead partner Rob Tapert and Germany's Senator Entertainment to launch a new company that will produce low-budget SF, horror and fantasy movies, Variety reported. Under the three-year deal, Raimi and Tapert will produce a number of titles that will be fully financed by Senator, which will retain worldwide distribution rights to the films, the trade paper reported.

Raimi is not yet expected to direct any of the movies, nor appear in them, Variety reported. No specific projects have been announced. Raimi and Tapert will reportedly be looking for young directors and existing development projects. ---- Source: Sci-Fi Wire


NZ Herald 17.05.2002
NZ to star in film pitting Cruise against Samurai - Xena custom designer mentioned

15 May

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Xena Season 3 DVDs - Region 2 & 4 only (or if you have a multizone DVD player)

The Season 3 DVD Box set 1 & 2 are now available for ordering via Blackstar Videos Box 1 will be released May 20 and you can order at

Box Set 2 can be pre-ordered
Both sets cost approx $79.00 (Australian) $25.79 (US)

Artwork Section


We've been receiving tons of e-mails with viruses attached to them. Please read the following message to learn how to deal with the problem. This is from the Symantec site.

Security Response: W32.Klez.gen@mm

W32.Klez.gen@mm is a mass-mailing worm that will send itself to all email addresses in the Microsoft Outlook Address Book.

The subject and attachment name of incoming emails are randomly chosen. The attachment will have one of the following extensions: .bat, .exe, .pif or .scr.

The worm may include a virus that will destroy all files on the 13th of March and September.

There is a program you can download to find out if you have it and then destroy it.

If you don't have anti-virus software may I suggest you get one asap - there are tons of good ones out there both commercial and shareware.
www.tucows.com or http://www.cnet.com/software/0-8888.html?tag=dir  


The Bard's Corner

Reposted Kodiwolf's fiction with all the chapters linked individually. Please note that the chapters were reorganized. People who have been following Assassin should pick it up at Chapter 26 instead of 17.

  • Added Bloodlines Chapters 21 | 22 by Kodiwolf
  • Added New Gaia Chapter 21 by Kodiwolf
  • Added Lights of Life Chapters 10 | 11 by Kodiwolf


14 May

Artwork Section

The Bard's Corner

News Archive / Lucy News

NZ Herald - 11 May 2002
LUCY DELIVERS: It's been a big week for Lucy Lawless - not only has there been the birth of her third child but her first post-Xena movie has lit up the American box office. Well, kind of ... blink and you'll miss her, but Lawless makes a fleeting appearance as "punk rock girl" in director Sam Raimi's recordbusting Spider-Man. Lawless, in full goth makeup and wig, has just one line, gushing about the webbed one's coolness as he sets about busting New York's crims. Her appearance, we presume, has something to do with the friendship between former college buddies Raimi and Lawless' husband, Rob Tapert. Their first collaboration was on the horror classic The Evil Dead in 1983, and they're both partners in Renaissance Pictures, the parent company of Renaissance Pacific, the makers of Xena and Hercules

NZ Herald - 09 May 2002 6.00 am
Xena star's new baby
Lucy Lawless, former star of television blockbuster Xena: Warrior Princess, has given birth to a boy in Auckland. Judah Miro Tapert was born just before midnight on Tuesday in the home of Lawless, 34, and her producer-husband, Rob Tapert. The baby weighed a healthy 3850gm (8lbs 8oz). Lawless and Tapert, married since 1998, have another son, Julius Robert, 2, and Lawless has a daughter, Daisy Lawless, 13, from a previous marriage. Lawless appeared in the new-season premiere of The X-Files, and the comedy Just Shoot Me and makes a cameo appearance in the new Spider-Man movie.

13 May

Artwork Section

  • Added art by Verrath - Hudson Leick (Callisto)

The Bard's Corner


12 May

Artwork Section

  • Added art by Julie - 6 Xena and Callisto montages
  • New artist Jim Caruso - Gabrielle artwork

The Bard's Corner

The Bards' PDF Library

The new section of The Bard's Corner hosts complete Classic Xena (Gen/Alt), Conqueror and Mel/Janice novels in printable pdf format. These make your life easy if you want to print complete novels or want to download the stories in one single file.

This section currently holds close to 40 titles by some of the best bards in the Xenaverse and will be expanding over the next few weeks. If you find any glitches or have problems downloading drop me a line.

Requests or complete Classic Xena (Gen/Alt), Conqueror and Mel/Janice novels can be sent in doc, html, txt or pdf formats to Mesh. When sending materials, please zip. THX.

Links Page

  • Added link to Amazonia - the group is called Amazonia and it is a international historical reenactment/larp group for all the amazon tribes (and the xena ones as well).

ROC Media Alert

Upcoming ROC television appearances. All times are Eastern, US.

Sun May 12, 4:15am, Encore True Stories, "The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?"
Sat May 18/early Sun May 19, 2:30am, Starz!, "Stone Cold"
Sun May 26, 11pm, Sci-Fi Channel, "Darkman II: The Return of Durant"
Tue May 28/early Wed May 29, 2:15am, Starz!, "Stone Cold"

Please check your local TV Guide for times US Alerts.

The Bard's Corner

If you are a bard on The Bard's Corner you can submit your work to her at mesh@ausxip.com. For those wishing to contribute news articles or magazine scans etc please send them to Mesh at the above address.

Xenaverse News

The following is from Di Bauden from the Xena Live 2 production

ABOUT FACE THEATRE announces the EXTENSION of the smash hit XENA LIVE! Episode 2: Xena Lives! The Musical Featuring ALEXANDRA BILLINGS in the role of ANDROGYNY
GET YOUR TICKETS NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! If you haven't had a chance to see XENA LIVE! EPISODE 2 or if you were looking for the perfect time to see it again, About Face is thrilled to announce the EXTENSION of XENA LIVE! EPISODE 2: XENA LIVES! THE MUSICAL through June 2, 2002. 

Chicago favorite ALEXANDRA BILLINGS will join the cast beginning Saturday, May 18 in the role of ANDROGYNY and ELIZABETH LAIDLAW (Xena) and AMY MATHENY (her trusty sidekick Gabrielle) are back, this time incorporating hilarious musical numbers with skilled swordplay and a host of new characters. Read more...

11 May

Today's update is my last for the month of May <g>  I'm off on my annual holiday so that means a break for me <g> In my absense, Mesh will be updating the site. If you are a bard on The Bard's Corner you can submit your work to her at mesh@ausxip.com. For those wishing to contribute news articles or magazine scans please send them to Mesh at the above address. I'll be in Orlando, Florida for the Orlando Bardcon where I will be on a panel and also yakking about my books. Copies of my three novels will be available to purchase.

Be gentle with Mesh and don't make her run screaming off into the night never to be heard from again. <g>

Battle On!

Graphics Archive

Lucia's Artwork

Episode Guide

  • Redesigned section and added new logo

The Bard's Corner

An exciting new feature will be added to The Bard's Corner in addition to the stories being in html and rb (ebook format). The Bard's PDF Library. The Bard's PDF Library will host complete Classic Xena (Gen/Alt), Conqueror and Mel/Janice novels in printable pdf format. These files will make your life easy if you want to print complete novels or want to download the stories in one single file. With the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software anyone can view and print PDF files across a broad range of hardware and OP systems. Furthur details will be announced over the next few days.

The XIPPY Awards

The Lawless Files

News articles relating to the birth of Judah

  • Added scan from NZ Herald - 9 May 2002
  • The following blurb appeared The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) - 9 May 2002
    Congratulations to Oxford & King Street (gay areas of Sydney) pin-up girl Lucy Lawless, former star of TV cult series Xena: Warrior Princess, and husband Rob Tapert on the birth of second son Judah Miro Tapert. Judah was born at home in Auckland and has a brother Julius, 2, and a half sister Daisy, 13, from a previous marriage.
  • The London Free Press couldn't decide whether Judah was a boy or a girl <g>
    Lucy Lawless gives birth to girl
    Former Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless is a mom again. The 34-year-old actor gave birth to Judah Miro Tapert on Tuesday at her home in New Zealand. The baby was reported in good health and weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces. He's the second child for Lawless and husband Robert G. Tapert, executive producer of Xena, which went off the air last year. They also have a two-year-old son, and Lawless has a 13-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.
    From: London Free Press - 9 May 2002

Xenaverse News

The following is from Di Bauden from the Xena Live 2 production

  • Hello everyone!
    As promised I have some information about the extension for Xena Live!  We ARE extending through June 2.  And taking the place of Scott Duff as Androgeny as of May 18th will be none other than Episode One's Alexandra Billings! Scott's last show is Friday the 17th.  Alex will do the rest of the run thru June 2. There will be no extension past June 2. The About Face Youth program begins right after Xena so this is the definite close date. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!

10 May

Subtext Virtual Season 7

S7E16a.jpg (15928 bytes)Prelude
(Amazon Arc - Part 1)

After returning to the nation, Gabrielle finds herself once again serving as Queen to troubled Amazons.




9 May

Lucy News

  • Added link to ET Online with a quote from Lucy about being 10 months pregnant
    The tough TV starlet admitted that the journey with her new bundle of joy hasn't been completely smooth! After passing the 10-month mark (her original due date was Apr. 29) she experienced a bit of "road rage," yelling out, "Don't mess with me, I'm 10 months pregnant!"

    Read the full transcript at http://www.etonline.com/celebrity/a10392.htm

Fan Events

  • Added information for 8th Gathering of Fans in Sydney

The Bard's Corner

Turn The Page

Buy this book!
High Intensity by Belle Reilly
Mount Everest.  At 29,035 feet, it is the tallest mountain in the world.  Climbing it would be the adventure of a lifetime, the ultimate high, or so thought Allison Peabody, a socialite/stockbroker from New York.  But she hadn't a clue as to the real challenges she would face, the physical toll it would take on her body, and the effect that the life or death decisions that are daily routine on Everest, would have on her.  Mostly, she hadn't anticipated encountering the like of Veronique Bouchard, the taciturn French-Canadian mountaineer hired to guide her commercial expedition to the summit.  Together, Allison and Ricky fight to overcome their differences while pushing themselves to the limit, letting nothing stand in the way of their objective, and their growing feelings for one another.

8 May

With his father's urgings and his mother's anguish  Judah Miro Tapert was born at 11:46 pm local time (NZ) on May 7th. Weight 8 lbs 8 oz.  Everyone is fine.

Sword and Staff will continue to collect donations made payable to STARSHIP FOUNDATION to celebrate the birth of Judah Miro Tapert on May 7. Anyone wishing to make a donation to celebrate Lucy and Rob's new son, can do so by sending the donation to:

Sword and Staff
P.O. Box 224
Floral Park, NY 11002
[click here for more details]

News Archive

  • Added link to E! News Online about the birth of Judah

  • Added AP Report about the birth of Judah
    Lucy Lawless Has Baby Boy
    Tue May 7, 3:37 PM ET

  • LOS ANGELES - Former "Xena: Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless is a mom again. The 34-year-old actress gave birth to Judah Miro Tapert on Tuesday at her home in New Zealand, according to publicist Leah Krantzler. The baby reportedly was in good health and weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces. He's the second child for Lawless and husband Robert G. Tapert, executive producer of the "Xena" television show, which went off the air last year. They also have a 2-year-old son, and Lawless has a 13-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. Lawless appeared for six seasons as the breastplated, sword-wielding warrior, whose adventures featured a mix of sex appeal, ancient mythology, campy humor and fighting action.

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Mavis Applewater to The Bard's Corner

Kevin Smith Memorial Page

The ROC File

ROC News - The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club (Sharon Delaney)

  • Renee will be appearing at our Cherry Hill, New Jersey convention (Aug.9-11) doing Love Letters with Tim Omundson.  She's appearing Saturday night, August 10. The ticket ordering information (and the change of date) hasn't been put on Creation's web page yet.  Please wait until it's there before you try and order tickets.  It should go up in the next day or two.

The Lawless Files

Picture Archive Updates

  • Added cartoon of Lucy as Shannon McMahon from The X-Files
    Added b/w scan of Lucy from Sunday Star Times / Vagina Monologues article

Nearly Lucy related <g>

  • From the NZ Herald - 8 May 2002
    The sister of Xena star Lucy Lawless has been forced to cut a song from her comedy, opening in Wellington today, after being refused performance rights. Josie Ryan's show Sister Wonderwoman was to feature the theme to the 1970s TV series Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter.
    [click here to read more of the article]

6 May

Multimedia Section

Now the following is rather out of the ordinary - Lucy and Renee speaking Spanish. It was advertising FIN on Mexican TV. Many thanks to Karla and Alejo (for the avi files)

MaryD's Artwork

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to annouce the addition of Mezzo & Sage Walker to The Bard's Corner

5 May

Artwork Section

The Bard's eBook Corner

  • Added eBooks by ArdenTly


A Case of Do Or Die
A Destiny Denied
A Good Day
A Journey of Love
After The Bath
Ardent Warrior...Passionate Bard...Jealous Queen
Conversations With My Mother
Fire's Light
Scenes From a Relationship
The Stoic Warrior
Within You and Without You


The Conqueror's Harvest  

Mel & Janice

Passion Tense
The Grecian Affair
Resistance & Resurrection
Reflections In A Golden Eye


  • Added Words Heard In Silence Chapters 32-36 by T Novan and Taylor Rickard - Uber - Complete

The ROC File

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page (Sharon Delaney)

Renee and Miles came for a visit.  They're over their colds and loved playing with the dogs in our office.  At seven months, he's almost half as big as his mom! <G>  We'll have another announcement about Renee's upcoming performances on Monday.

 X Marks The Spot

4 May

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of L.A. Tucker to The Bard's Corner

Aussie Xena News

  • Added schedules for Season 3 (Foxtel) and Season 6 (Channel 10) for Australia only

  • Many thanks to Dave who wrote to Foxtel TV1 about them screening Xena season 5 & 6

    "Unfortunately due to the strict contractual agreements between the studios and the networks, we are unable to obtain the rights of Xena series 5 and 6 until December 2002."

Turn the Page

KatLyn did a nice interview of Lori Lake, and here is the address if you are interested in reading it.  Lori gives some helpful advice on the writing process as well as tells a lot about how she puts together her novels. It’s worth checking out.http://www.katlynfic.com/Authors/LoriLake.htm

cid_image001 (24775 bytes)For those of you who have read Lori L. Lake’s Gun Shy and Under the Gun, you know that Dez and Jaylynn listen to the songs of Hydraulic Woman, especially “Late At Night” and “Dez’s Song” which is the song Dez writes to Jaylynn and about herself in UTG.  Now you can hear clips and get a copy of this on sale at:


I’ve got a copy and the music is a nice variety of gutsy blues, acoustic pop, and light rock.

Check it out!


Fixed the link to Radclyffe's Innocent Hearts

Innocent Hearts by Radclyffe
Buy this book!

In 1860s Montana Territory, Kate Beecher, a young woman from Boston, faces the hardships and hard choices of life on the frontier. Just eighteen years old, and quietly struggling against the social constraints of the era, Kate meets a woman who fires first her imagination, and then her dreams. Jessie Forbes, a fiercely independent rancher, finds in Kate the passion she never knew she had been missing. This is the story of their struggle to love in a land, and a time, as cruel as it was beautiful

3 May

The Bard's Corner

Turn The Page

New arrivals:

Unexpected Sparks by G.L Dartt
Buy this book
from the Open Book

"Unexpected Sparks" opens with a fatal fire for Sam Madison, Truro's local lothario, as his insurance office burns to the ground. This arson and subsequent fires makes falling in love a little more complicated as Kate Shannon, forty years old, elegant and highly respected in the small maritime town, finally surrenders to her growing feelings for twenty-six-year-old Nikki Harris, a country girl who has a habit of poking her nose in where it doesn't belong. Will discovering the unexpected sparks for each other blind these two very different women to the sparks set by an arsonist? Or will the new couple, working together, stop the killer before anything else goes up in flames?



2 May

Artwork Section

  • Added art by AndrewT - A great set of montages from "Ides of March"
  • New artist: Julie - Montages of Alti and Aphrodite
  • Added art by Mesh - Queen Gabrielle x 2 (black ink)
  • New artist: Sara - Drawings of Xena

The Subtext Zone

The Bard's Corner

Indexed the following stories (previously added to the what's new page for March but not indexed)

The Bard's eBook Corner

ROC News

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page (Sharon Delaney)

  • Just talked with Renee.  Those Shakespeare classes are paying off.  She's going to be doing something in Southern California, outdoors, this summer, open to all.  Details to come as we get them.

Xena CD, DVD and Video News

  • The second box set of Season 6 is now available for pre-ordering from Blackstar Videos. It will be released on 2nd June. Price: $76 (Australian) £28.29 (UK) $41.49 (US) Box set 2 will have the remaining 11 episodes

  • The first box set of Season 6 is also available from Blackstar with the episodes
    Coming Home, The Haunting Of Amphipolis, Heart Of Darkness, Who's Gurkhan, Legacy, The Abyss, The Rheingold, The Ring, The Return Of The Valkyrie, Old Ares Had a Farm, Dangerous Prey.


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