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"A new Xena is born tonight with a new purpose in life...death."

Xena to Roman redshirt - "Destiny" - Season 2

31 May

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Runaway (Lost Raising Melosa Scroll - Complete) by T. Novan

ROC News

Reminder for those in Los Angeles  Renee is participating in the Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay on Saturday, May 31, to help raise funds for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.
Click here to read more

TV Media Alerts (for US only)

  • Changes
    A TV correspondent is ill-prepared for domestic life after she marries a heart surgeon. Based on Danielle Steel's novel.
    Sun Jun 22 03:00P LIFE- Lifetime
  • The Rockford Files: A Blessing in Disguise
    Jim's assignment to protect a movie star is complicated by Angel's outside involvement as a successful televangelist.
    Mon Jun 16 01:00A VISN- Hallmark-Odyssey

Lucy News

TV Media Alert for Australia

TV Media Alerts for US

  • Saturday Night Live with Lucy hosting
    60 minutes- (CC), SS, In Stereo / Thu Jun 5 02:00P COME- Comedy Central

Lucy Print Archive

Radio & TV Interview Transcripts



Flawless Graphics


30 May

The Bard's Corner


Wolfdragon is revising the story Northern Peace and Perils and I have removed the old version from the site.

Ausxip Print Archive



  • Added article from Entertainment Weekly - 7 March 1997 - Xenaphilia fans of 'Xena' have fomented a cultlike passion for tv's most ferocious and fetching heroine. But is their devotion enough to cut a swath for future female action stars?
  • Added article from Fortune Magazine 12 May 1997 - First: The universal appeal of schlock great US Exports: the 747, the pc, and ... Xena: warrior princess

29 May

Reminder for Irish Xenites:
The Late Late Show (in Ireland). 
This show is repeated on Thursday 29th May, early morning at 3.45am on RTE 1.

Ausxip Multimedia

Aussie Xena News

For Perth Xenites:

Leena from the Xena Trading Center is organising a Xena Meet Up for Perth Xenites. If you want to join in the fun - you can join by going to and signing up. Leena is looking for more people to join in the fun.

If you are having a Xenite gathering would like to announce it please email me at

Xenaverse News

Book: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Television -
Available at
Available at
by Joe Nazzaro

What’s it like putting words in Buffy’s mouth? How do you go about inventing your own X-File, or coming up with a mission for the crew of the Enterprise? And most importantly, how do you get into the business, so you can leave being a mere fan behind, and actually write for your favourite show? Journalist Joe Nazzaro answers all these questions and more in this must-have collection of exclusive, in-depth interviews with writers and producers from TV’s hottest SF and fantasy shows. Some of the biggest names in the business talk candidly about how they started out, their inspirations and influences, and what it’s really like to create the incredible and impossible on a daily basis. A must for any fan of SF and fantasy TV.

This is a useful book for those wishing to write for this genre.
Tapert clarifies the unexpected and intended developments of sex appeal and SF comedy, in Xena: Warrior Princess and Cleopatra 2525, respectively.

28 May

The Bard's Rocket Ebook section is currently offline and will be back shortly.

Lucy News

- Breast Cancer Research Trust T-shirt Update

  • The following is from the ScoopMedia site about the Breast Cancer Research Trust T-shirts that are available in NZ - including the one that Lucy designed.
    $300,000 Raised For Breast Cancer Research Trust Monday, 26 May 2003, 1:52 pm
    Big Support For Breasts! $300,000 Raised For Breast Cancer Research Trust
    The Glassons Breast Cancer Research Trust t-shirt campaign has now topped the $300,000 mark. Designed by Karen Walker, Otis Frizzell, Pavement Magazine, Lucy Lawless
    and Anika Moa, more than 30,000 t-shirts have been sold. Each t-shirt retails exclusively at Glassons for $29.95, with $10 from each sale going directly to BCRT.
    Click here to read the article on the ScoopMedia site

Xenaverse News

  • IN THE END Music Videos DVD* Sale
    EXTENDED til end of day on June 1st!
    Just mention IN THE END and you'll get 20 music videos AND the new Gabrielle vid IN THE END for only $30 (ship and hand included). You can pay via paypal ( or email me for other options. List of videos are here: *DVD player must play vcds.

Turn The Page

The following is from Cavalier Press:

Cavalier Press is proud to announce the first of what we expect will be many fine works by contemporary GLBT friendly authors.

  • Blayne Cooper (Advocate) has joined us with her excellent work The Last Train Home. It will be available early this fall.
  • T. Novan and Blayne Cooper have also given us First Lady, the sequel to their 13-month best seller, Madam President. It will be available early this fall.
  • T Novan and Taylor Rickard's long awaited Words Heard in Silence will finally make it to press, and will be available early this fall as well.
  • And K.G. MacGregor makes her debut as a published author with a work that takes her well known web-story, Shaken, and will bring a whole new dimension to that well liked story this spring.

Click here for more information about these novels


27 May

Lucy News

Interesting snippets of Lucy's appearance on the Late Late Late Show

Lucy came out wearing a grey pants suit which looked fabulous. She looked tanned and relaxed. A very happy Lucy.

They talked about Xena and recapped what the show was about for those 2 people on the planet that haven't seen the show. They showed a clip from Amphipolis Under Siege where Xena teaches Athena's archers a thing or two and a little about Xena's history. Lucy said she was crucified 5 times and said she would rather go through labour again than get crucified. They then talked about the doco and Grace O'Malley (The Pirate Queen) which was interesting. They also discussed Lucy's Irish roots and she revealed that the Ryans were really the Walshes. She had some family there but wouldn't reveal where (smart Lucy).

The bit that really made me go awwww is Lucy revealing that Rob caught Julius kissing a Xena magnet on the fridge and that Julius really missed her :) That's so sweet and Lucy missing all of them.

She's off to Prague after Ireland to film The Ugly Americans and then back home.

Lucy looked spectacular and was her usual charming self. The Warrior Women documentary will be out in September.

Lucy TV Appearance Screencaptures

  • Added 30 more screencaptures from the interview (you can't have enough Lucy screencaptures <vbg>) - Page 5 & 6

26 May

Lucy TV Appearance Screencaptures

Lucy Print Archive

ROC Articles

Ausxip Print Archive


25 May

Today's update has been more of cleaning house by removing dead links from the Print Archive and fixing broken links. To make it easier to find Lucy articles I've created a Lucy Print Archive on it's own.

What I found over the course of checking the links is that most external links to articles about Lucy/Renee/Xena have disappeared. If you find an article that you liked, SAVE it to your hard drive because it may not be there and it will be lost. Some very interesting articles have disappeared off the net and thus lost to the Xenaverse. The same goes for fanfiction. If you come across a story that you enjoy SAVE it.

I do believe that all the articles from newspapers and magazines from 1996 - 2003 have been checked and the links should be working.

If you find a broken link please let me know at

Lucy Print Archive / Ausxip Print Archive

AUSXIP Print Archive

Fixed links and removed dead links

24 May update

Lucy was a guest on The Late Late show tonight (in Ireland). This show is repeated on Thursday 29th May, early morning at 3.45am on RTE 1.  Lucy is the first guest.
She looked really stunning, as usual.
Many thanks to Anne for the news

Xenaverse News

The following is from Claire's fan club newsletter

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I have been very busy with my new business venture. I started designing and came up with a t shirt line called C&C California. My partner and I were featured on Oprah Winfrey on Wednesday and all hell has broken loose!! I am so grateful and completely fulfilled. Working long hours and loving it. You can see the t shirts at as well as and also check out  store location at my new site (big thanks to sexy Aida for the quick site building). I must admit I have been really missing all of the Xena fans, but am happy (and sad) to say that I will be seeing some of you in August at my very last U.S. con...that's right...I’m gotta hang up the old fish nets and fan fic and say adieu. Tickets sales are low, but I'm still showing up god dammit!! The show and all the conventions were so much fun and I cannot tell you how much joy you have all brought into my life over the last 6 years! This site will be gone, as well as my filthy mouth at cons. But you can always drop me a line at the e mail on and I will stay in touch I promise. Again stay strong ... big chicks rule and I f**#@#g love you all madly. Don't ever forget that.

23 May update

FHM Magazine (Australia) is conducting a poll on the 100 Sexiest Women in the World.
Lucy is in the running. To vote go to

The Bard's Corner



22 May

The Bard's Corner / The Next Chapter

Original Fiction

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Region 1 News

According to the Official Xena & Hercules Online website, the Season 2 DVD (Region 1) has been put back that the Season II DVD (Region 1 US) shipment has been put on back-order for the third time.  They are now stating orders will not be shipped until the end of May.
Many thanks to Alice for the news

Region 4 News

Season 3 doesn't look like materialising soon. No word yet on when S3 will be available. Another 'watch this space' kind of news. update

Lucy Store - Video & DVDs

End of the Golden Weather - 1991

For those looking to buy the movie "End of the Golden Weather" - the movie was made in 1991 and Lucy's role is listed as "Joe's Girl" - you can purchase the movie from Aro Video in NZ for $35NZ - PAL Version or in the US at Marketplace (NTSC)


21 May

ROC News

The following is from Sharon - Official Xena Fan Club

Renee and Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay

Renee is participating in the Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay on Saturday, May 31, to help raise funds for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. She will be riding in a parade of fire engines. They will be making stops at fire stations in Arcadia, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Chevron, Culver City, Downey, El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Monterey Park, Redondo Beach, Torrance, San Pedro, San Gabriel, San Marino, Santa Monica and Santa Fe Springs and will have a gigantic fire hat set up at each for the public to make contributions. For the route and list of times, check the fan club page at  

MaryD's Art update

Lucy News / TV Show Screencaptures

Lucy Print Archive

The Grand Forks Herald has an interesting article on Hockey and the Mighty Ducks (team supported by Lucy and Rob) - the relevant Lucy part...
Mike Downey | No one's laughing at the Ducks now
Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO - I believe the last time I saw a Mighty Ducks of Anaheim playoff game, the national anthem was sung by Lucy Lawless, star of television's "Xena, Warrior Princess."
As fans at the Arrowhead Pond and the Ducks and Detroit Red Wings players stood at attention, Lawless, who was wearing a wildly low-cut dress, not her warrior-princess costume, spread her arms to belt out that big final note. And fell out of her outfit.
"Hockey has never been the same for me since," she said a few years later.
Click here to read the full article

Xenaverse News

XWP Music Videos DVD - the following is from
Hey All, take advantage of this unique deal for getting your hands on
a VHS or DVD* of your fav music videos!

$30 will get you 2 dvds with 20 plus music videos!

In addition to the 2 DVDs, you'll get a copy of the new music video "IN THE END" from Linkin Park about Gabrielle dealing with the deaths of Xena... (featured in April and again in June!) You must mention the IN THE END sale to get the $30 instead of the regular $45 and the IN THE END video. Price includes ship/hand domestically.

*DVD is in VCD format, most DVD's can play them. Check your dvd player before ordering. Otherwise you can order VHS (NTSC) too.

Check out the list here:


and Julie from the Kevin Smith Trust Fund Auction

Hello Everyone,

Just when you thought it was over... I'll be putting up my "absolutely-last-batch-of-auctions-I-really-mean-it" for the Kevin Smith Trust Fund! After which we will be sending out an enormous check to benefit Kev's family. And er, yes, there still will be a "doll auction", which will include Linda's legendary "Deluxe Creations", but there is no set date for that one. Perhaps next month, and there will be an announcement.

But for now, I have sets of Xena and Hercules fan club items, and many, many photos of Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules, Iolaus, Callisto, Aphrodite and other cast members (yes, of course some Ares ones!). Also, lots of stuff that came with the Xena & Herc video sets - keychains, mugs, jewelry (including one limited edition Gabrielle prop necklace), Ares sleep shirts, buttons, mouse pads, screen saver CDs, magnets, more photos - plus many of the calendars. I also have a set of the lovely God Of War cards, an autographed Alti & Xena pic (signed by Claire Stansfield), and two really cool "reflective photos" of Gabrielle and Callisto. These auctions will begin Tuesday night, May 20, at around 7:30-9:00 pm Eastern U.S. time (or thereabouts), and will end the following Sunday. Minimum bids are quite low, so here's a chance to pick up some older items at decent prices - and to contribute to a very worthy

Many thanks to Lori Beth and Bonnie Strunk for the generous donations!

My best wishes,
The Kevin Smith Trust Fund Auction

Current Totals:

19 May update

Lucy Print Archive / Starship Foundation Info Page

I was pleasantly surprised recently to find some wonderful articles on Lucy that I had secreted away and totally forgot. The following article was the first I saw on Lucy in the Australian media and it's quite a cool interview. It's a very candid interview.

Ausxip Print Archive / CD, DVD & Video News

The Bard's Corner



Cast & Crew Interviews

  • Fixed links to Greg Lee, Katherine Fugate & Melissa Good interviews

Turn The Page

A Thousand Shades of Feelings by Carolyn McBride
Now available from Dare2Dream 

Here's a sneak peek at what's between the covers...
Morrigan felt empty and hollow, and very frustrated. She was hungry, her arms cramped and she had to pee. Muerte still was not back. On the one hand, that was a good thing, but on the other hand, it would be good to be able to relieve herself. Morrigan’s wrists were raw and throbbing from the rope sawing at her skin, but just as any POW had a responsibility to attempt escape, so did Morrigan. She crow-hopped the chair next to the window and peered out. There were no neighbors strolling about the neighborhood, and no cars rolling past.

‘Now is as good a chance as I’m ever going to get,’ she thought.
Click here to read more


18 May

Intertwined Souls update:
The site has a new home and no domain name as such. To go to the new home go to

The domain has gone to NetHeaven.

Xenaverse News / Fan Events

The following is about the DCBardFest:

Suzanne Westenhoefer will be our special guest star at DCBardFest!

We are very excited to have this wonderful comedian join us for a Saturday night performance.

Prices for tickets and vendor tables are now available on the web site. Payment may be made by check, money order, or credit card. Credit card processing is being handled via PayPal and there is a small processing fee.

DCBardFest shirts remain discounted and CafePress is offering $5 off an order of $40 or more until the end of May. Enter the coupon code of DADGRADS when you check out.

We have created a new Yahoo Group for DCBardFest attendees. This group will be open for chat so you can find a roommate to share the expenses, ask questions about the convention, etc.

Follow up to previous news about the Bardcon Raffle:

The following items are in the raffle:

2 SBTS cast shirts, signed by Renee O'Connor and
a FIN kiss photo, signed by both LL and ROC

For each $100 worth of tickets purchased (in a block of 50), a bonus ticket will be issued to the buyer. That bonus ticket is for a special mystery box drawing.  One item in that box will be an exclusive, dual signed, shot of LL and ROC, from behind the scenes at the 2003 Pasadena Convention. 

The rest of the special box will remain a mystery. <.eg.>

Ticket prices are:

1 for $5
5 for $20
20 for $50
50 for $100

Tickets will be available for purchase at the pre-reg on Friday night or by proxy
For more info contact:

We have designated StoryPlus Foundation as our charity. This is an non-profit agency that helps our children to become literate, and further encourages them to be readers, writers and thinkers.


There is an auction on Gillian Anderson's site to benefit the disease Neurofibromatosis and Katherine Fugate has donated some goodies: An autographed When Fates Collide script, an autographed 8 x 10 photo of Alex Tydings, an auto of Katherine and an autographed book

What is Neurofibromatoses? From the The National Neurofibromatosis Foundation site:

The neurofibromatoses (NF) are a set of genetic disorders which cause tumors to grow along various types of nerves and, in addition, can affect the development of non-nervous tissues such as bones and skin. NF causes tumors to grow anywhere on or in the body. It also leads to developmental abnormalities.

To bid on the auction go to:

17 May

Lucy Picture Archive / Breast Cancer Research

You know one of the things I love about this fandom is the Xena fan willingness to share. I received a lovely note this morning asking me to share a photo of Lucy that this person bought. They wanted to remain anonymous but I figured it was worth a "good on ya!" shout from me. The photo taken by NZ photographer Monty Adams, at Lucy's home in Auckland, in October 2002.

Lucy Holiday Tour with Dave Dobbyn

Lucy Print Archive

The ROC File

ROC Articles

ROC Graphics

The Bard's Corner


XXE Updates

  • Updated mentions in TV Show with the addition of "Charmed"
  • Updated mentions in Books - with the novel "Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King


16 May

Ausxip / experienced a bit of down time as the servers were physically moved to another location. The Intertwined Souls (Eva&Zoe) site has gone for a holiday (I'm not sure when it will be back but it should be soon at that domain). In the meantime you can find my fiction and Lucia's artwork temporarily at


MaryD update

Lucy Picture Archive

The wonderful people at La Landelle Equestrian Center have contributed bigger versions of the photos of Lucy on the horse for the site. The horse's name is Glycine. Many thanks to Nathalie for the photos.

Lucy News / TV Show Screencaptures updates

The Bard's Corner




Episode Screengrabs

Xenaverse News

US TV Alert: The Sci Fi Channel will be airring the Herc episodes "Armageddon Now, Parts 1 and 2" on June 11 (US only). These are the episodes that started all those Conqueror stories <g> Ioalus goes into another timeline where Xena wasn't redeemed by Hercules. This Xena has become the Conqueror and Destroyer of Nations. Gabrielle does not fare well.
Many thanks to Lynn for the alert

The following is from the Bardcon crew:

We will once again be having a raffle at Orlando BardCon this year. We have designated StoryPlus Foundation as our charity. This is an non-profit agency that helps our children to become literate, and further encourages them to be readers, writers and thinkers.

We have all kinds of goody boxes, but this raffle will be at BardCon only. So if you're not going to be here, but you want to play, you will need to find a proxy.

Looking forward to seeing ya'll in Orlando.

For more info send an email to: :


14 May

UK TV Alert:
Lucy will be appearing on the "V Graham Norton Show" on Channel 4 in the UK at 10 pm on Tuesday 13 May 2003. For more information about the show go to:
update: Lucy is listed as a guest update

Lucy News

Lucy is back in the saddle
Lucy was in France! She was photographed on a gorgeous white horse - and looks absolutely gorgeous. The pictures are on the Centre de Tourisme équestre " La Landelle ... "La Landelle" lies between Baugé and Saumur at the crossroads of the forests of Chandelais and Monnaie.  Here, horse lovers, whether beginners or experienced riders, can go for rides in small groups of up to 6 people, according to level, in complete safety. The Centre also offers lessons for beginners in the school, courses for all levels and can arrange for French Equestrian Federation (FFE) exams to be taken.  There are also one or two-day rides which will allow you to discover the countryside around Baugé and the Loire Valley. (the info is from the English section of the site)

Check out the photos
Many thanks to Fausta for the alert!

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Wire Image has photos from the recent launch of Season 1 on DVD with the $100,000 sword

Just doesn't seem the same....
Check out the rest of the photos at
Wire Image


12 May update

Lucy News

UK TV Alert:


Lucy Print Archive

The Bard's Corner / MaryD's Fiction

Original Fiction

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

  • DVDTalk has a good review of the Season 1 DVD -
    Most people have some kind of guilty pleasure they watch on television. I have several. One of my past guilty pleasures was Xena: Warrior Princess (as well as the show that spawned it-Hercules). Seeing a bunch of attractive gals running around, showing ample amounts of cleavage and leg while they went through their paces seemed like such harmless fun. Now that Xena is being released in season boxed sets, a lot of people will likely buy them...for more go to:


10 May

Happy News: Today is Lucia's birthday! Happy Birthday Lucia - Lucia has created some fantastic artwork in the Eva and Zoe series from the start. She also does magnificent work with the Subtext Virtual Season and of course Little Xena and Gabrielle and a ton of other great work!

Publishing News: There isn't any <g> I have decided not to publish any more stories in the Eva and Zoe series but to post them to my fiction site. I will also be adding the four novels that have been published: In the Blood Of the Greeks, Land Of Milk and Honey, You Must Remember This and Full Circle to the site. These novels will be revised and new material added from the published versions. The subsequent novels: Legacy, Valley of Deep Shadows, A Time of Healing will also be added in addition to the short stories with artwork by Lucia.

Fiction Update

9 May

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Anchor Bay is holding a party for the release of Season 1 DVD for Region 1
The following is from PR-Newswire and for those in LA you just might want to go over and have a look:

Both Xena and Gabrielle, along with their warriors, will hit Hollywood on horseback this Thursday to celebrate the release of Xena: Warrior Princess(TM) Season One on DVD from Davis-Panzer-Anderson Merchandising Corp. and Anchor Bay Entertainment.
WHAT: Stand clear as a battle ensues, replete with real swordplay  and live horses as we shut down Hollywood Boulevard for the arrival of the $100,000 SOLID GOLD XENA WARRIOR SWORD. It is without question the most remarkable and impressive Xena collectible ever created. Meticulously hand-crafted in Spain by Marto, the world's finest master swordsmith, this legendary blade has been forged out of TEN POUNDS of solid gold and has an estimated value of $100,000.
WHEN: Thursday -- May 8, 2003 4:00 PM
WHERE: Hollywood and Highland Complex - front steps 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA

The Bard's Corner

Uber update

Lucy Print Archive

8 May

Interesting TV segment tonight on ET: A lookalike contest and according to ET Online, there is one for Lucy. Please check times in your area. Aussies - ET is shown the same day as it's shown in the US so set the VCR if you want to have a looksee update

Lucy News

NZ Magazine Alert - The following is from Kiwi Attic:

Lucy is in the latest New idea pictured while hosting the NZ Music Tui
Awards. She is looking stunning as per usual! Check out our site at the following link for further details.
Let us know if you would like a copy and I will put one aside for you.
The total cost is US$9.00. This includes US$4.00 shipping.

To order email Crispian at


Lucy Print Archive


6 May update

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Separation (Virtual Season Episode - Complete) by Richard K


Ausxip Print Archive

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

  • For Aussie Xenites - this is a real bargain
    Just thought I better let you know that JB HIFI have a MASSIVE SPECIAL on the Xena DVD season box sets...I just went & bought season one parts one & two & season two parts one & two for $22.99 each.So I spent $91 for all four boxs..... They are usually $56.99 each box so thats A HUGE saving...
    Many thanks to Dave for that alert
  • Added article / scan from Now Magazine - 1 May 2003 - Butch Xena, Lots of Subtext In Season One - review of the Region 1 Season 1 Xena DVD

Xena Merchandise

More on new action figures (is a Homer action figure an oxymoron? <g>) from the Simpsons with Lucy as Xena included:

  • Treehouse of Horrors #4: with Comic Book Guy as the Collector, Bart as Stretch Dude, Lisa as Clobber Girl and Lucy Lawless as Xena. This playset features the scene where the Collector attempted to place Bart and Lisa in lucite. This set will go on sale in August/September 2003.The retail price will be between $35 and $40.00 (US)

XXE Updates

TV show update - the following is from IseQween about the Six Feet Under episode that featured Xena:

I think the episode titles are the names of the deceased featured in the opening. In this case, it's "Melinda Mary Bloch." The XWP bit comes in around 32 minutes into the ep and lasts all of about 9 seconds. It opens with Xena blowing fire at one of the cannibals in "The Abyss." We see him aflame, then another quick look at Xena fighting. The depressed wife is staring at this, while her hubby snores away beside her with his head thrown back. Also, there's a "used with permission" for Xena: Warrior Princess at the end of the credits. If anyone needs further info, they might try the SFU website, which, unfortunately, I didn't see mentioned.


3 May Update


Flawless Image Archive

Lucy Print Archive

Starship Foundation Information Page

  • The following is from the NZ Herald on moving past the name change of the Starship Hospital to what is more important - the kids.
    Even Lucy Lawless, the face of the foundation, had her diplomatic face firmly in place. The fight over whether the Starship is a hospital, department, service or dastardly brandname was on hold. "This occasion is just about making kids better," said the former Warrior Princess. She hoped the kids would be made better not only by the live diagnostic video-conferencing, but also through the system's potential for training and multi-venue, real-time brainstorming. Click here to read entire article


2 May Update

Lucy TV Alert

For Kiwi Xenites: The NZ Music Awards will be shown on TV - TONIGHT (2 May 2003) - please check your tv guide for the time. Lucy is hosting the awards with Oliver Driver. For a preview of the awards, see below at the screengrabs of the TV3 News segment.

Lucy Print Archive

Added transcript and image from Jane Magazine - Lucy attended a screening of the new documentary, Double Dare, about legendary stuntwomen Jeannie Epper (Wonder Woman) and Zoë Bell (Xena and Kill Bill).

Lucy News

TV Interview Captures updates

Xena, Xena, Everywhere


1 May Update

Lucy News

  • The following is from The Western Leader newspaper in NZ:
    'Xena' may battle her way on to walk of fame
    Lucy Lawless, who brought fame to Waitakere City through her exploits as Xena: Warrior Princess, is on the short list for one of the city's highest honours. The actress is one of four famous people short-listed for a spot on Henderson's Walkway of Fame at Catherine Mall...They must have lived, or been born in Waitakere City or contributed significantly to its success.  Ms Lawless is credited with helping put the city on the world stage as the dynamic, no-nonsense star of Xena, which was largely filmed on the city's west coast.
    Click here to read entire article

  • Lucy hosted the 38th New Zealand Music Awards with Oliver Driver in New Zealand. The following is from the NZZoom site:
    Hosted by Lucy Lawless and a manic Oliver Driver, this year's event was a seamless reminder of just why Kiwis everywhere should be proud to support their local music industry, and a firm reflection of the fact that New Zealand music is continuing to grow stronger year by year. Click here to read entire article

Starship Foundation Information Page

More on the public outcry over the name change to Starship Hospital and Lucy's involvement

  • Actor Lucy Lawless, a trustee on the fundraising Starship Foundation , called the change a "nonsense" she hoped could be reversed.
    NZ Herald - 28 April 2003
  • Actor and foundation trustee Lucy Lawless also expressed surprise at hearing of the amended name from the media rather than the board. "I think the public, who feel a great amount of ownership over the hospital, have sent a message loud and clear - 'hands off, leave the name alone'."
    NZ Herald - 29 April 2003
  • Lucy Lawless, a trustee of the fundraising Starship Foundation and the most famous person associated with the hospital, has called the change a nonsense. "The place will always be, in people's hearts, the Starship. Visually, that's what it looks like, so why strip it of official recognition?"  She and other trustees were to discuss the implications at a regular meeting at the hospital today. Ms Lawless believed it would be harder to raise money for something "that sounds like something from the socialist era".
    Manawatu Standard - 28 April 2003

Ausxip News Archive

  • Yiiiii! Yiiiii! Yiiiii!
    The Episodes That Created a Legend, Forays On to DVD From Anchor Bay Entertainment
    Xena battles on in Anchor Bay Entertainment's DVD release of "Xena: Warrior Princess" Season One. From the highly-popular, syndicated television series, the episodes that created a legend are now available in a deluxe collector's edition. With her sword and chakram and quick martial arts techniques, a female hero emerged on television, "Xena: Warrior Princess". Xena (Lucy Lawless), a warrior who embarked on epic adventures, quickly became a favorite among both men and women. Her beauty and sensuality, implacable will and charismatic character continues to entrance audiences worldwide. "Xena: Warrior Princess" Season One will be available on DVD April 29, 2003 for a SRP of $89.98. Click here to read more of the article



Click here to read more April 2003 updates

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