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"I don’t wanna break a nail.

-- Gabrielle"


From the 19th May - a new what's new style was created - to find out more please see - what's new on ausxip to view the new setup. For older updates for Lucy please go to
Lucy Updates and for Renee - ROC Updates

30 May

Xena DVD News - Australia / NZ

Season 4, 5 and 6 are now available to pre-order through DVDOrchard for release 28 July 2004. These DO NOT have the extra
interviews and goodies that the Region 1 DVDs have.  The sets contain only the episodes.

Pre-Order - Season 4 ($82.95 AUD)
Pre-Order - Season 5 ($82.95 AUD)
Pre-Order - Season 6 ($82.95 AUD)

Xena Multimedia - Videos

  • Added clip from Bravo TV show TV Revolution "Body Count" features interviews with both Liz Friedman and Steve Sears, plus Joss
    Whedon on Buffy. Body Count explores the violence that television has brought into America's living rooms since its inception, be it real, fictional or something in-between.

Ausxip Images


29 May

Xena Multimedia - Videos

Three clips are now available for download from the Bravo TV show TV Revolution episodes
"Out of the Closet" and "Maids, Babes & Mothers."
Explores the changing roles available for women on television, from the most common to the breakout parts that have revolutionized the way females are portrayed on the small screen. This episode also delves into what went on behind the scenes, as women were able to infiltrate the ranks of television writers, producers and directors, and finally have a say in the television characters that portrayed them. Xena is featured prominently in this episode with comments by Josh Whedon (Buffy) and Liz Friedman is interviewed. 
Many thanks to Angie for contributing the video clips



28 May 2004

Articles - TV Transcripts

The Bard's Corner


Xenaverse News

Xena German News
It seems no one at Universal knows about a Xena movie (well at least the German side of Universal. For German fans - Season 6 will be getting a new timeslot. There is a danger of it being cancelled and the remainder of Season 6 not being shown due to poor ratings but
that was due to lack of promotion.
Many thanks to Patrick for the news


27 May 2004

The Bard's Corner



Xenaverse News

Creation Entertainment announce a new Cruise With The Stars - May 14-21, 2001 through the glorious Caribbean Islands on the magnificent Holland America ms Zuiderdam.
Click here for full details: http://www.creationent.com/cal/

US TV Alert

Bravo TV - TV Revolution episode "Maids, Babes & Mothers. -
28 May 2004. Please check your local guide for time

Explores the changing roles available for women on television, from the most common to the breakout parts that have revolutionized the way females are portrayed on the small screen. This episode also delves into what went on behind the scenes, as women were able to infiltrate the ranks of television writers, producers and directors, and finally have a say in the television characters that portrayed them. Xena is featured prominently in this episode with comments by Josh Whedon (Buffy) and Liz Friedman is interviewed.  These are not just passing mentions, Xena is used as an example of ground breaking TV.  Josh Whedon even says Xena has never been given the credit is deserves. 

26 May 2004

Now this is funny - (well I got a kick out of it). Gerianne has sent this in and has come up with Xena and Gabrielle visiting the home of the King...not of the ancient gods, warlords, and kings variety but the swivel hips, King of Rock variety...
check it out as Xena and Gabrielle visit Graceland <g>


Xenaverse News

The following is from Cavalier Press

Cavalier Press is pleased and proud to announce that we shall be publishing three books by Nene Adams from her Gaslight series.

The previously unpublished books, Black by Gaslight, The Madonna of the Sorrows, and The Witch's Kiss, all feature the remarkable Lady Evangeline St. Claire and her lover, Rhiannon Moore. Lady Evangeline is a consulting detective, and her adventures in Victorian Britain and Europe involve her in French scandals and Scottish conspiracies, not to mention encounters with Jack the Ripper in fog-bound Whitechapel. Don't miss these exciting books from Cavalier Press, the first of which, Black by Gaslight, will be released in spring 2005.

TV Show Highlights...

From the US - Bravo's show called "TV Revolution" had an episode titled "Out of the Closet" and interviewed Liz Friedman. Included were 4 minutes of clips from Xena. It is also prominently featured in the second episode "Maids, Babes, and Mothers."  It's about the changing roles of women in TV.  In both episodes Liz Friedman is interviewed.  These are not just passing mentions, Xena is used as an example of ground breaking TV in both episodes.  Josh Whedon even says Xena has never been given the credit is deserves.  So far the series has been entertaining and informative.
Many thanks to T. Novan and Cheryl for the news

For Adrienne Fans

From Adriennewilkinson.com:
Looking for an Adrienne fix and you live in or around the LA area? Good news! Adrienne will be appearing in Patrick Marber's play CLOSER, directed by Ken Lerner, at Stages Theater, 1540 N. McCadden Place in Hollywood, on the following dates: June 16th, 22nd, and 30th; July 6th, 14th, and 21st. To reserve your tickets (they're $15 each - industry is free), you can call 888-380-7014.

CLOSER, which centers around the very different yet intertwined lives of four people, exposes the raw emotions associated with love. The play contains very strong language and mature themes, therefore we advise that play-goers be at aged years 18 and over.
Many thanks to Jessica for the news


23 May 2004

Intertwined Souls Update

  • I've redesigned this site and added recent news about signing with Cavalier Press
  • Updated Links to interesting sites related to the novels
  • Added affiliates link to whoever wishes to link to the site and add their own site


There is a brief mention of Xena and Gabrielle as part of an article about "How Gay Characters Have Come of Age"
On a lighter note, images of certain protean gay television icons — Jody Dallas (Billy Crystal) from "Soap," Matt Fielding (Doug Savant) from "Melrose Place," and Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) from "Xena, Warrior Princess" make a pleasant review.
The documentary also nails a small but bright point. It asserts that lesbian romance on television is a function of sweeps week; the networks want to be able to promote kisses between women that can be billed as minor porn and political provocation. Liz Friedman, the most insightful commentator on this program and a television writer, calls these kisses "sweeps lesbianism"; others note that characters who participate generally snap back to heterosexuality when a show's regular season resumes.
[click here to read entire article]

Xenaverse News

Other Cast Member News

21 May 2004


Xena Images

The Bard's Corner



18 May 2004

Xenaverse News

  • Norma went to a Ren Faire as Xena and she has some cool photos to share. Take a look
  • Xena in Eurovision Song Contest...no Lucy didn't appear although she would have won had she done so by the fact that every European Xenite would have voted for her <g> A Ukrainian singer, Rusjana, sang "Diki Tantsi/Wild Dances and the judges made references to Xena. Why? - The fact that she had long dark hair, was dressed in leather and carried a whip helped a lot :)
    Many thanks to Rhea for the news


  • The photo of Rusjana is interesting - doesn't look like Lucy and dresses more like an Amazon or as one of my co-workers said today "she dresses like Gabrielle". The following pic is from The Sydney Morning Herald


15 May 2004

The following is from Creation Entertainment

Note: The DVD does NOT contain Renee's entire performance just the part where Renee is Grandma Gabrielle.

We're very excited to announce today that ordering is now available for a much anticipated DVD: The 2004 Highlights DVD from The Official Xena Convention!

The event was a fabulous weekend: a true celebration of the series and stars! And now, in this amazing 2 1/2 hour DVD, you'll get to enjoy it all over again (or see it for the first time if you weren't there!)

Featuring exclusive appearances by RENEE O'CONNOR and "GREAT GRANDMA RENEE IN HER GABRIELLE OUTFIT!", LUCY LAWLESS (in her super-surprise visit and we show the backstage set-up too!), HUDSON LEICK, DANIELLE CORMACK, VICKY PRATT and so many more of the stars we love!

Reserve your copy today at our Xena Online Shop and thanks for your continued support!


13 May 2004

Xena DVD News

  • Updated Region 1 DVD News with information on the extras that will be available for the upcoming DVDs for Seasons 5 and 6.

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Kim Baldwin to The Bard's Corner


If you are in Minneapolis area and would like to meet a couple of bards - check this out:

You are cordially invited to a reading and signing with authors

Ellen Hart & Lori L. Lake
Wednesday, May 12th, 2004 7:00 p.m.
Query Bookseller
520 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN.  55414

Xenaverse News

The following is from Steve Muir (Renee's hubby) about the Lesbianation article
Contributed by Amy

  • I have had nothing but very positive experiences with Xena fans and I am astounded at how supportive and generous many of them are to the charitable organizations that the stars of the show have become involved with. It's so refreshing to see that side of human nature taking place at the level of community.

    Steve Muir

12 May

Ausxip Updates

  • Added a Guestbook - I had a guestbook many many moons ago and somehow the link disappeared and I got so busy with the site that I never bothered to go and hunt it down. Well I've created a new guestbook and hopefully this won't be going anywhere <g>

ROC Updates

10 May

Lucy Videos / Screengrabs


The Bard's Corner

I just remembered that I forgot to have a FicPick of the Week last week!

FicPick of the Week

I was recently at a Xenafest dinner and the topic of great fantic was discussed. So out of that discussion this week's FicPick of the Week was chosen.

Alias Smith & Jones by Advocate & T. Novan

This is one of the most hysterical stories I have ever read. Delilah Foster & Dixie Wagner follow the great tradition of those tv preachers who swindle money from good Christian people. What they don't bank on is a visit from 'God' and his mama. They are soon turned from their bad ways and want to give away the money but it's not so easy. This is a must read if you want a pick me up and a really feel good story.

Classic / Post FIN Fic

The following story is part Classic - Xena and Gabrielle are immortal and set in the present

  • Added A Day In The Endless Life (Complete) by Xena's Little Bitch
    A post-FIN story set in the present day, explaining (among other things) how Xena didn’t really die in Japan. It’s also what I really think happened.


Xena DVD News

  • The Official Xena and Herc Catalog is reporting that Region 1 Season 5 and 6 DVD will also be out in June in addition to Season 4.

Xenaverse News

  • A followup to the Xena and Herc Wax Museum figures - Norma visited the museum and took a snapshot of Xena and Herc...I still think Xena looks like Hera and not like Lucy...
    Many thanks to Norma for the image
  • For Spanish Fans - Katherine Fugate's movie "The Prince and Me" has been released in Spain. Check your local paper for times.
    Many thanks to Teresa for the news
  • For UK fans - Katherine's movie is being released 16 July 2004. It has been rated as a PG in the UK and runs for 111mins.
    Many thanks to Geoffrey Hill for the news
  • Kevin Smith's last movie is currently showing in the UK
    Warriors of Virtue 2: The Return To Tao (Film)
    Starting: 11:35 on Sunday 9th May. Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
    Showing on Sky Movies 2.
    Starting: 18:15 on Sunday 9th May. Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
    Showing on Sky Movies 2.
    Starting: 11:55 on Friday 14th May. Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
    Showing on Sky Movies 6.
    Starting: 18:50 on Friday 14th May. Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
    Showing on Sky Movies 6.
    Many thanks to Cassie for the news
  • Canadian Fans: Xena no longer on Canada's Space channel.
    Many thanks to Cassie for the news

Lucy Updates



  • Added scan of Lucy with a young patient from NZ Herald - 5 May 2004
    Starship begins campaign for specialised x-ray machine
    Read article  | scan contributed by Lessa

Warrior Women

  • There is a very small mention of Lucy in the LA Times article "Pirate Queen with Irish Luck" - on the life of Grace O'Malley

8 May

Lucy New Zealand TV Alert

Havocs Quality Time 11 May at 9:30 pm

I have fried my mail box and lost all mail between 4th May and 6th May. If you sent any mail - can I please ask you to resend. I'm road testing a new email program...and it fried my inbox.

Now onto some better news - The Next Chapter is up and running again as well as
The Intertwined Souls (Eva and Zoe) site

Some other very cool news is that The ROC File - Renee O'Connor Information Page has been selected as Site of the Day for 7th May by Celebrity Links Site Of The Day

Lucy Updates

New Sections - Site Information Section

Lucy on NZ Idol

For those asking - clip #7 of NZ Idol had to be removed because it was a little skewy. I will be adding it shortly.


7 May

Lucy on NZ Idol


  • There are 10 seperate videos for download - only Lucy bits and not the performances. The first clip is of a short Lucy interview at the start of the show and the rest are Lucy's comments. Looks like Lucy had a great time. All the videos are wmv format  -
    click here for NZ Idol Video Section


Warrior Women in Singapore

Lucy Aussie & Kiwi Warrior Women Update

5. Boudica
History. History labels Boudica as a cruel heroine who stopped at nothing to defend her people and culture. But what, exactly, encouraged such relentless behaviour from a wife and mother? (PG) 7 May 2004 - 9:30 pm (AEST)


08.05.04 - 1.30 am  |  09.05.04 - 8.30 pm  | 10.05.04 - 5.30 am  | 10.05.04 - 1.30 pm
14.05.04 - 6.30 am  | 14.05.04 - 5.30 pm   | 16.05.04 - 7.30 am  | 16.05.04 - 3.30 pm

The Bard's Corner


Xenaverse News

Follow up to yesterday's news about the Xena and Herc wax figures...there's a picture online that shows the wax figures...is it me or does Xena look like Queen Hera? Check it out at

6 May

Lucy Articles

  • Added "Women of Substance" - The Straits Times - 6 May 2004.
    Interview with Lucy about Warrior Women
    She was the female hero in Xena: Warrior Princess, butas TV host in Warrior Women, Lucy Lawless lays down her sword to look at brave women in history
  • Lucy mention from NZ Herald - 5 May 2004
    Starship Foundation trustee and television star Lucy Lawless became the first Mercury Energy customer to sign up to a donation scheme to raise money for a new mobile image intensifier. Under the Mercury scheme, customers can donate $2 or more each month through their power bills. The company yesterday donated $35,000 towards the cost of the new machine.

Lucy Aussie & Kiwi TV Alert

Singapore will is also screening Warrior Women during this week at 10 pm and next episode is Wang Cong'Er

4. Wang Cong'Er
Lifestyle / Doco. The Mulan legend is the story of a young Chinese woman who joined the army in place of her old, ailing father during the Sui dynasty, over a thousand years ago. (PG)
6 May 2004 - 9:30 pm (AEST)

7/5/04 - 1:30 am  |  13/5/04 - 6:30 am  |  13/5/04 - 5:30 pm

Xenaverse News

The following is from Jessica:

I was surfing the Internet today and I came across this. It seems that Xena (spelled zena on the website) and Hercules have their own wax fiqures up:http://www.hollywoodwax.com/

10th Anniversary Xena Con News

The following is from Creation Entertainment

    Thanks to your amazing support GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES for the 10th Anniversary OFFICIAL XENA CONVENTION are now sold out, and today we are announcing two new ticket packages for this eagerly anticipated event coming to Burbank, California January 21-23, 2005.

    PREFERRED WEEKEND PACKAGES are the best option available at this time for those coming all weekend, and GENERAL ADMISSION WEEKEND PACKAGES are the most economical packages available for those coming all weekend.  

    Check out our site and grab your seating and hotel reservations today at: http://www.creationent.com/cal/

5 May

It must be the week for site problems - www.nextchapter.net is down for the moment. That site also has dns problems...this one looks to be a little more complicated so it's going to take a few more days to fix. I really need a krispy kreme.....

Lucy Aussie & Kiwi TV Alert

Tonight's episode is:

3. Lozen: The Apache Warrior
History. Tells the tale of the great Apache seer and warrior woman, Lozen. She is remembered for her acts of bravery and her clairvoyant ability to guide her people away from danger. (PG)
5 May 2004 - 9:30 pm (AEST)


6/5/04 - 1:30 am  |  9/5/04 - 7:30 pm |  10/5/04 - 4:30 am |  10/5/04 - 12:30 pm
12/5/04 - 6:30 am  |  16/5/04 - 5:30 am |  16/5/04 - 2:30 pm

Articles - Magazines

  • Article and Scan from Ultimate DVD Magazine - Issue #53 Spotlight on Hollywood - Interview with Lucy Lawless on the Season Three DVD
  • An update to yesterday's post about the article in Lesbianation - Amy received this note from Gary at Creation (unfortunately it was too late to add to the article so I include here)

    Enjoyed reading the article, it was really well done.  Sorry, though, that they didn't mention Anita Ellis' charity at Hofstra University.  She's worked awfully hard and helped so many students affected by cancer get through college and Xena fans have been the backbone of her support.

    Creation Entertainment

Lucy Images


4 May

The site is up and running again. Thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know you can now see it.


I was recently asked to co-write an article about all the good the fans do in this fandom and I'm pleased to say the article is now up on the Lesbianation web site. It's called "For The Greater Good" and it's about fans with bigs hearts and deep pockets.

Lucy Aussie & Kiwi TV Alert

Tonight's Warrior Women episode - 2. Grace O'Malley: Pirate Queen
History. Nowhere in the annals of seafaring history has a woman succeeded in the art of seamanship like Ireland's Grace O'Malley. (PG)
4 May 2004 - 9:30 pm (AEST)

5/5/04 - 1:30 am  |   11/5/04 - 6:30 am  | 1/5/04 - 5:30 pm

Lucy on NZ Idol

  • Added transcript / commentary with Lucy quotes only for the Lucy - NZ Idol show.
    The commentary is by Idolblog and the Lucy quotes by akl82
    Updated TV Show Transcripts
    Many thanks to akl82 for the information

Ausxip Links

Corxy has done a cool ausxip button for anyone wishes to link back to ausxip


3 May

Lucy on TV - Images

Lucy On NZ Idol! - Click here to view the images

Reminder for Aussies and Kiwis - Warrior Women stars on Discovery all this week at 9:30 pm. Click here for full details - repeat times/dates

1. Joan of Arc
History. The life of Joan of Arc was as dramatic as it was short-lived. At the age of 13 she heard voices and, by the time she was 19, she was burnt at the stake. (PG)
3 May 2004 - 9:30 pm (AEST)


Lucy on NZ Idol News

  • Lucy on NZ Idol as a Guest Judge - 2 May 2004
    The Idol Blog has a commentary on the show and what Lucy was wearing: black jeans and an 80s looking black tshirt with pink flowers on it. She says something about putting a personal spin on the songs.
    Click here to read the Idol Blog and the commentary - 2 May 2005
  • There is also a poll on what viewers thought of Lucy as a guest judge - go to http://www.idolblog.com/more.php?id=2293_0_1_0_M and look on the left hand side for the poll. At the moment it's running 47.3% as 'okay'.
    Many thanks to Ann for the info

REAF Auction

  • I just got word from Julie that the ring that Xena wore in The Ring from Return ot The Valkeries, The Ring and will also be auctioned off together with the costume and the necklace.


Movie - Double Dare Updates

For those in Boston, US, the 2nd Annual Independent Film Festival of Boston is showing the movie Double Dare. DOUBLE DARE explores the lives of Jeannie and Zöe, the stunt doubles for Wonder Woman and Xena:Warrior Princess, as they face the challenges of a dangerous and male-dominated profession. The real women behind these two world-famous icons are at drastically different crossroads in their lives. One, a grandmother, struggles with the aging process and Hollywoodís dearth of older female roles; the other, a young woman, is brash and unaware of the feminist battles that have paved her way in this notoriously macho field. Featuring Lynda Carter, Lucy Lawless, Steven Speilberg, and Quentin Tarantino.
Screening times are:
Screening #1: 4:30pm - Saturday May 1 Brattle
Screening #2: 7:30pm - Sunday May 2 Somerville


1 May

Lucy TV Alert

  • TV alert for Kiwis, NZ Idol, Sunday 2nd May, 7:30pm, TV2
    "This week it's the "Relive the 80s" special with guest judge Lucy Lawless, who, during that era, was a major star of bank ads." -
    Many thanks to Andi for the alert

Lucy News

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If you want just Lucy updates rather than the combined version - you can go to

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and of course if you want the combined version - http://www.ausxip.com/new.php



Click here for more April 2004 updates....




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Warrior Women
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2 August 2004
Help Is On the Way X Benefit Concert Information Section (REAF)
AIDS Benefit
 2 August 2004

Lucy's The Ring Trilogy Xena Costume, ring and necklace on Auction for REAF - Read more

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Lucy in Eurotrip

1 June 2004

Lucy in Eurotrip
1 June 2004

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