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30 November 1997

29 November 1997

After a short break - I'm back. As you will have noticed there has been some changes made. I'm a tweaker so I've tweaked :-)

24 November 1997

23 November 1997

I am very pleased to announce the addition of a new bard to The Bard's Corner! Rebecca Hall has joined the site! Rebecca is one of my favourite bards!

20 November 1997

19 November 1997

I would like to welcome two new bards to The Bard's Corner - Fuchsia and Amy J. Putnam!

18 November 1997

17 November 1997

For those who are suffering since watching The Debt Part 2 Maggie has a story that will lift your spirits!

16 November 1997




Fan Fiction

I am please to announce the addition of two new bards to The Bard's Corner - sHaYcH and JayBird.

Added sHaYcH's stories:

Added JayBird's stories:

14 November 1997


There are some days when being a fanfic reader it just gets TOO good. Below you will find some of the best fan fic on the web. When the show ends (as it must - imagine a 60 year old Xena doing those flips?) I think I'll get my fix of XWP from the talented bards.


Today sees the introduction of a bard that will become a favourite of many fan fic afficianados. The bard's name is Jenbob. If you don't ever read another fan fic story I strongly recommend that you read the following. Jenbob is one of my favourite bards! I am VERY pleased to announce the inclusion of this bard to the site.

I am very pleased to welcome Baermer to The Bard's Corner. I am pleased to host her stories.

Added Baermer's fan fiction work:

13 November 1997


I would like to welcome to new bards to The Bard's Corner - J C Wilder and Scarabae Added


12 November 1997

11 November 1997

9 November 1997

8 November 1997

I would like to announce a new section to the fan fiction pages - The Bard's Scroll a look into the various bards thoughts on the process of writing, their views on the show and what they would like to see!

7 November 1997

I am EXTREMELY pleased to announce the addition of another of my favourite bards. Enginerd has joined The Bard's Corner! Welcome Enginerd!

6 November 1997

5 November 1997

3 November 1997

MaryD's Note: Before you read the following I HIGHLY recommend you take all liquids away from the keyboard. You have been warned :-)

2 November 1997

Transcripts of Articles
Who would have thunk it I would be in the paper...go figure :-) But here is the transcript of the article about Fan Clubs and Fan Sites on the Web!

Fan Fiction Update

Lucy Convention Page

ROC Convention Report


1 November 1997

Fan Fiction Update

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