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Artwork by Lucia Nobrega


30 October

Lucy Picture Archive

Lucy & Renee Photos by Wendy Sparks

The Bard's Corner


  • Added link to Xena MeetUp - It's a site that Xena fans worldwide can organise meetups on the first monday of every month in their respective countries. An excellent resource for Xena fans worldwide.

29 October

MaryD's Art

  • Added new montage for Season 6 episode "The Abyss"


Lucy News / Media Alerts

NZ Media Alert
The current issues of the NZ magazines New Idea and Woman's Day have pics of Lucy & Daisy at the NZ Fashion Show - the following is from Leanne at Kiwi Attic:
NI021102.jpg (27499 bytes)Check out the latest New Idea and Womans Day featuring Lucy Lawless! :-) As you know, It was New Zealand fashion week last week, and as well as the photos which have been seen in the papers of Lucy dressed as a man, these articles have some really nice pictures of her looking very 'chic' in a short, wavy wig. The beginning of the article reads: "Kiwi star Lucy Lawless made a shock appearance at New Zealand Fashion Week - not because she was there - but because she was wearing a wig. The former Xena Warrior Princess was one of the lucky few to get a ticket to the Zambesi fashion show at Auckland's Oriental markets and was seated next to Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins, who was also wearing a wig. Though they had never met before, Lucy andAlannah have become e-mail buddies over their opposition to genetic engineering. They couldn't believe it when they discovered they were both sitting beside each other and both wearing wigs................."
WD041102A.jpg (7799 bytes)The article continues "Lucy, who wore a dark curly-haired wig, may have wanted to remain incognito, but there was no mistaking the beautiful Xena star. She also attended the Kate Sylvester fashion show first and l,ooked like amodel herself. She wore knee-high boots, a sexy mini skirt and a funky jacket. She left her two young sons at home to attend the event with her daughter, Daisy, who is growing into a very beautiful young woman."
There is also word in the article that Lucy is off this week to LA to discuss further career plans for a movie. The Womans Day has a page on the fashion show, with a small picture of Lucy and Daisy in attendance. Details of the cost of these magazines can be found on the pages at the links below. Please note that shipping prices have increased since our last lot of Lucy magazine news.

US Media Updates

Tuesday, Oct 29 10:00 pm. Just Shoot Me: The Auction on UPN
Sat Nov 2 X-Files:Nothing Important Happened Today Part 1 11:00 pm Fox channel
Sat Nov 9 X-Files:Nothing Important Happened Today Part 2 11:00 pm Fox channel

Contributed by: Wfwfwf

The Bard's Corner

The Next Chapter - Original Fiction

  • Added Love and Honor - Parts 1-3 (Alt-Fic / Unfinished) by Radclyffe
    In this third book of the "Honor" series, Blair Powell, the President's daughter, and Cameron Roberts, the commander of her Secret Service detail, return amidst a climate of international turmoil and political unrest. The two women find their love and Cam's career on the line as they become the center of intense media scrutiny and a clandestine plot to destroy the President.

XXE Updates

  • Added Xena mentions TV Shows on the following shows: Clueless, Cosby, Crossing Jordan, The Daily Show, Damon, Dark Angel, Downtown, The Drew Carey Show, Eurovision 2002, The Street, Celebrity Big Brother (Australia), House From Hell (Australia), The Simpsons, Ken Bruce Commercial (Australia), Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Neighbours (Australia), Australian Rules Football game, Everyone Love Raymond, The Oblongs (Cartoon), City Guys, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
  • Added two new Xena mentions in books
  • Added one Xena mention in Songs

28 October

Lucy Picture Archive / Articles

  • Added scans of Lucy from the Sunday Star Times all dressed up as a man as previously mentioned in the NZ Herald but this time a full body shot with a reporter going all giddy when Lucy flirted with her. <g>

27 October

The Bard's Corner

Xena Merchandise

For Aussies: - Ozbooks.com is having a sale <g>

Turn The Page

Echoes From The Mist by Blayne Cooper

Buy this book from The Open Book
In this stand alone sequel to Cobb Island, paranormal researchers Kayla Redding and Olivia Hazelwood begin their professional and personal partnership as they tackle their first case together in the world's most haunted city - Edinburgh, Scotland. While in Edinburgh, the women visit the Cobb family ancestral home. The Cobb family historian takes the women on a journey back through time to 17th Century Colonial Virginia. He weaves the tale of Faylinn Cobb, explaining what happened to her and her family after her sister-in-law, Bridget Redding, was branded a witch.

The following is from Dare 2 Dream


Limitless, Dare 2 Dream Publishing invites you to submit letters, poems, short stories, essays, photographs and artwork depicting things you are thankful for this year. The new magazine, Woman 2 Woman, will soon present its Novemeber/December issue and we would like to focus on the many things we all have to be grateful for this year. We encourage you to be as creative…or as mushy…as you like. Submissions should be made to: LimitlessD2D@aol.com  and put "Thankful" in the subject line, please. The deadline for entries will be November 5, 2002.  Additionally, we would like to remind everyone that we are accepting short stories, poems, essays, photos, artwork and articles of interest to women for the magazine. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from many of you in the near future.

Sam Ruskin and Anne Clarkson
Limitless, Dare 2 Dream Publishing

Woman 2 Woman magazine is a bi-monthly magazine [ISSN 1538-9391] and is available for $25.00 per year at our website. Copies of the premiere issue can be purchased for $5.00 per copy, while supplies last.

Xenaverse News

The following is from Gabriela Alksnis from MeetUP

  • Just wanted to let you know that the next Xena meetup is November 4th @ 7:00PM.(US) 1100+ Xena fans have already signed up in 280+ cities worldwide. Take a look:

    Your fellow Xenites have posted pictures on our site. To see more go to:

Italian Xena News: - Contributed by: the Italian Virtual Season crew

  • We are proud to announce that two weeks ago "XENA: ITALIAN VIRTUAL SEASON" was born. It's the only virtual season in Italy, and it's completely in italian. We'd like to link your site, so, if you want, you can send us your banner. Here there are our buttons and banners. Xena italian virtual season's URL is http://digilander.libero.it/xwpivs 

25 October

Lucy Picture Archive

  • Added advert from "Designer Forum" in Copenhagen, Denmark which features Lucy in the advert.

Ausxip Awards

Ausxip gets an award from The Xena Scrolls - Yeay <g>

AUSXIP.jpg (44843 bytes)

MaryD's Art

Aussie Xena News

  • Last Saturday was the 10th Gathering of Fans in Sydney and it was a resounding success. Even more so by the amount of $1039.00 (AUS) for charity. Congratulations to the organisers, Sue B, Stripe & Feral, Mark A and to all of those who contributed! Well done folks.

Lucy News & Media Alerts

  • US Media Alert
    Lucy's "appearance" in The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror X" will be showed again on Tuesday, 29 October at 6:30 pm on Channel 5 in the NY area.

Xenaverse News

For US Xenites - Oxygen is having a Xena marathon on Sunday - 27 October starting at 11 am EST

  • According to the listings on their website (which was abbreviated), these are the episodes that will be airing. Callisto, The Quest, A Day In The Life, The Ides of March, When Fates Collide
    The TV Guide Online has a different listing for the marathon, these are the epsidoes listed
    Callisto, The Quest, A Day In The Life, The Ides of March, Haunting of Amphipolis, A Friend In Need

    Many thanks to Mary for the information

Xena Merchandise

  • If you don't own the XWP Video collections yet - the Official Xena & Herc merchandise site has a special deal. If you buy two sets (ie Season 1 and Season 2) you will get another set free.

Turn the Page

Strength of the Heart - By Carrie Carr

Buy this book from The Open Book
In this fifth novel of the series, Lex and Amanda are caught up in the planning of their upcoming nuptials while trying to get the ranch house rebuilt. But an arrest, a brushfire, and the death of someone close to her forces Lex to try and work through feelings of guilt and anger. Is Amanda's love strong enough to help her, or will Lex's own personal demons tear them apart? Titles in this series include: "Destiny's Crossing: Destiny's Bridge, and Faith's Crossing; 2nd ed.," "Hope's Path," "Love's Journey," and now "Strength of the Heart."


Desert Hawk - By Archangel

Buy this book from The Open Book
Dylan Hawke is a young military police officer with deadly fighting skills. Nothing could have prepared her for the mission she was about to face. Death is all around her --- will her strength be enough? Lura Grant is a young writer trying to prove herself. Brought up a genteel Southern Belle with a backbone of pure steel, she was out of her element. When these two women meet in the midst of desert turmoil, will they be strong enough to survive? Will the love they discover survive as well?


Love's Melody Lost - 2nd Edition by Radclyffe

Buy this book from The Open Book
Victim of a terrible accident, famed composer and pianist Graham Yardley loses her sight, her heart and her soul. Wealth and fame mean nothing after the devastating loss of her beloved music. Her life is reduced to silence, darkness and bitter regret. In a bleak mansion atop windswept cliffs, the bind woman withdraws from the world, her once consuming passion now a source of anguish and fear. Then Anna, a lost woman seeking a place in the world, comes into her life and awakens feelings she thought dead forever. A fragile melody is played between these damaged souls, a song made sweeter and stronger by the day --- but will their blossoming romance be destroyed by an outsider's greed or will it succumb to the discord of Graham's tormented heart? Can she find happiness with Anna, caught up in the fiery overtures and darkly gothic strains of "Love's Melody Lost?"

Engravings of Wraith - by Kiera Dellacroix

Buy this book from The Open Book
Bailey Cameron is a woman with secrets. The reclusive owner of a successful corporation, she is also hostage to a covert life she neither wanted nor asked for --- one that refuses to become a part of her past. Blackmailed into a return to her deadly role as the Wraith, a frightening entity in the world that lives in the shadows, Bailey decides to break free. She settles in for a brutal game of chess with her former employers, prepared for every eventuality but one --- Piper Tate, her new assistant, who decides that the dark, mysterious Bailey is someone she wants to know better --- a lot better. The stakes continue to rise as Piper discovers in Bailey a gentle, innocent heart --- a heart that beats with the body of a killer who can't be tamed and who is prepared to do whatever it takes to preserve the new world that Piper has introduced her to.

Golden Gate by Erin Jennifer Mar

Buy this book from The Open Book
Two women meet amidst the smoldering cinders of a burning inferno. They are familiar with the heat, they have been burned before --- one by loved ones, the other by lovers. Now they must join forces to defeat a common enemy. The problem is that this enemy has no face. Maggie McKinnon is a struggling young reporter looking for her break in the newspaper world. Julia Passinelli is a well-established investigator. She is looking for her next big case and maybe something else, something that seems always to elude her. Neither woman realizes that someone is looking for them, someone who wants both women dead. Julia and Maggie find one another and a love as golden as the gates of the city by the sea. But will they survive to fulfill their dreams? They must find the answers before time runs out

Storm Surge by Katlyn

Buy this book from The Open Book

In a world where dreams come true, what happens if all you have are nightmares?
Alex thought she had finally found her niche in life but what she found, almost too late, was her worst nightmare. This is a story of life and death, intrigue and honesty. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Two women meet and fall in love amidst a backdrop of organized crime, murder and revenge. Can they overcome their doubts and let love grow or will life’s trials overcome them?



24 October

I've redesigned the main ausxip page ... it's a little different <g> It's best viewed at 800 x 600 screen resolution. Feedback on the new design is most welcome at webmaster@ausxip.com  

The Artwork Page

The Subtext Zone

22 October

To those who emailed me at webmaster@ausxip.com - my apologies for not replying  - I had a bit of a snafu with my emails but I'm now back on track. I will reply to everyone's email as soon as I can.

MaryD's Art

Subtext Virtual Season Title Graphics

  • Added title graphic for Season 8 episode "Virtual Season"

Lucy News

The Bard's Corner


21 October

MaryD's Art

Subtext Virtual Season 8 is soon upon us - here is a sneak preview

s8e01.jpg (37879 bytes)

Subtext Virtual Season 8 - Episode 1 - Virtual Reality

The eighth season of Xena: Warrior Princess opens with Xena and Gabrielle looking for a bath and wind up with a lot more than they bargained for.

Premiere: October 30, 2002


Hourglass - Adventures Through Time

19 October

Fan Events

Reminder: The 10th Gathering of Fans is today. A follow up by Sue the organiser is pretty cool news for Aussie Xenites:

Fantastic news on the Xena charity auction!

Look at what Stripe has just received from Sharon Delaney of Creation Entertainment - just for us!
8" x 10" GENUINE, AUTOGRAPHED photo of Hudson Leick (as Callisto)
but wait… there’s more…
8" x 10" GENUINE, AUTOGRAPHED photo of Renee O’Connor! (as Gabrielle)
but wait… there’s more!
8" x 10" GENUINE, AUTOGRAPHED photo of LUCY LAWLESS! Tadaaaa! Xena herself!

Stripe organised these fantastic items with Sharon personally who contacted Lucy, Renee and Hudson, just for this Gathering! For you!

As well at these, Stripe has just taken delivery of some very rare memorabilia, again just for this gathering!

4 only 12" Andromeda figures – not available in Australia
7 only 8" x 10" photos from Xena: Warrior Princess episodes, A Friend in Need, The Abyss, When Fates Collide, The Return of Valkyrie and The Bitter Suit.
2 only new release Creation Xena T-shirts – "Love is a trick that Nature uses to get us to reproduce" on maroon and Xena finale on brown, plus…
extremely rare Xena magnets. A sheet of 12, never released in Australia and no longer produced – now that’s rare.
As an extra, super bonus, after the Lucky Door prize is drawn, Stripe will hold a second draw, the prize being…

Wait for it…

Joel Tobeck’s newest CD single! (For those of you who, like me, said, "Joel who?" – Strife! He has his own rock band, apparently. Sorry, I’m ignorant.)

Remember that you can bid by phone – e-mail me for details – or you can bid my e-mail – phone me for details (just kidding – but you can bid by phone or e-mail)

And where is all this happening? (Where have you been?)

The 10th Gathering of the Fans of Xena: Warrior Princess

5 pm Saturday 19th October at István’s Café, 298 Bronte Road, Waverley NSW Australia


(except food and drink and you don’t have to buy those but please don’t bring your own)

Best to book your seat: suebon@iprimus.com.au

See you there!

MaryD's Art

DVD Grabs


18 October

greenribbon.jpg (4600 bytes)Australians have been encouraged to observe a minute's silence at noon and wear a piece of wattle on Sunday to commemorate the national day of mourning for the dead and bereaved of the Bali terrorist attack.

Prime Minister John Howard said wearing wattle would be "a simple unifying tribute". He also encouraged the planting of wattle seeds where possible as a quiet personal gesture of remembrance and reflection.

If you can't find the wattle (which is just going out of season) you can wear a green ribbon. Green and gold are Australia's national colours. For those in Sydney, there will be a community tribute at The Domain. Details below http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/10/17/1034561269047.html

If anyone wishes to display the ribbon and the banner - please feel free to take them and display them on your site.

17 October

The Bard's Corner

Xena Merchandise

XE-KIT6_r2_c1.jpg (45217 bytes)
Creation has announced the goodies that will be in the Fan Club kit #6. Click on the thumbnail for the full size pic. To order the fan club kit go to: http://www.creationent.com/xena/


Xenaverse News

15 October

Episode DVD Grabs

Xenaverse News

  • The UFFD is back up and running after a short down time.
  • The following is from Entertainment Weekly about Sam Raimi
    --SAM RAIMI Long renowned as an off-kilter visionary, the genre-blending Ubergeek who gave us the Evil Dead trilogy, A Simple Plan, and Xena: Warrior Princess finally found a mainstream project that agreed with him--and with just about everyone else. Spider-Man grossed $400 million- plus but also earned the ultimate stamp of approval: Comics-loving Pulitzer winner Michael Chabon has agreed to work on the sequel's script.

XXE Updates

  • Updated section for mentions of Xena in TV shows from Roseanne, Silk Stalkings, Sabrinna, The Warrior Witch, Celebrity Death Match, The Chimp Channel
  • Updated section for magazines/newspaper/book

14 October

Today is a very sad day in Australia - October 12 saw a terrorist blast in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. Bali is where a lot of Australians go for their holidays - it's a stone's throw from Australia (3 hours). Two bombs went off and according to reports "110 Australians injured and a further 220 unaccounted for at this stage:. Those who survived suffered horrific burns and other injuries. Many of them were from football clubs who were celebrating their end of season or Aussies on their annual holidays.

Those who survived are being airlifted back home to hospitals that can care for their burns because the hospitals in Bali are overwhelmed.

This was a heinous terrorist act and those that perpertrated it are cowards and lowlifes. As we all learned on September 11, that no one is immune to madmen who wish to spread their hatred. We are witnessing this also in Washington DC where the sniper has already claimed 8 lives and hurt 2.

if you wish to find out more about please go to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper site

Episode DVD Grabs

  • Added dvdgrabs from Season 6/Episode 6 - Legacy

13 October

Episode DVD Grabs

The Bard's Corner

ROC / Shakespeare By The Sea

  • Updated section with two new photos

XXE Updates

Xena Merchandise News

  • Redesigned section

News from Creation Entertainment:

    These two stars really shine in our upcoming video production COFFEE TALK 2, available as part of XENA FAN CLUB KIT #6  -
    And, for the first time, we have candid glossy full color photographs taken during the shoot, for sale!  These have been approved by Lucy and Renee and they look awesome! The photos are by Wendy Sparks from the Video shoot. http://www.creationent.com/xena/
    For years now, we've been hearing from loyal Xena fans that they want the ability to purchase a number of props/costume items that have not been offered previously.
    It is important to us to be able to deliver only items made by the New Zealand propmakers that worked on Xena, so we can insure that they are exactly the same as the ones used in the series.
    [Click here to read more]


10 October

Xenaverse News

  • There are two days left to take advantage of Creation's Official Fan Club bonus gift if you order the Official Fan Club Kit #6. To take a sneak peak at what that bonus gift is - check out http://www.creationent.com/outback/fanclubs/index.html - it's only available if you order the kit before the 10th October (11th October for Aussies and all points south) :)
  • Nann Dunne has just launched a new ezine "Just About Write," which is aimed at informing, encouraging, and showcasing authors, poets, and readers.
    October's issue contains: ˇ Hone Your Writing Craft 1. Take Your Warrior to Lunch
    2. The Three Quickest (and Easiest) Ways to Improve Your Writing ˇ Marketing and Promotion
    Beware of Agent Scams ˇ Author Bio Nann Dunne ˇ Reviews  "The Road to Glory" by Blayne Cooper and T. Novan  ˇ Poetic Measures  Trish Shields   Gloria Johnson-Mansfield
    ˇ Editing Bits and Bites ˇ Reflections Jeanne Foguth ˇ Guidelines for Submissions
    I hope you enjoy this issue and find it helpful. Comments and submissions are welcome!
    It's posted at: http://www.justaboutwrite.com

ROC News / Media Alerts

  • ROC Alert for US Xenites
    On Thursday October 10th at 1:00pm EST TNT (USA) will be showing the NYPD Blue episode "Oscar, Meyer, Wiener" guest starring Renee
    Many thanks to 2Track for the contribution

9 October

News Archive

Episode DVD Grabs

The Bard's Corner

8 October

New Section:
Episode DVD Grabs

Judi Mair has been doing episode grabs for Ausxip since 1998 and with the
release of episodes on DVD Judi has once again captured this wonderful show from the DVDs

MaryD's Art

The ROC File

Artwork Section

XXE Updates

Fan Events

Xena Night at Meow Mix December Event!

The Overlord Julia and her Consort brown bettie are pleased to announce the date for the next Xena Night at Meow Mix in New York City. December 10th, 2002, the traditional second Tuesday of the month, will be our Winter Solstice Festival of Peace. We're planning an exciting evening of videos, live entertainment, free snacks, cheap drinks, and scantily clad women (feel free to come in costume). We only put this event on twice a year now, so you don't want to miss it. Please check out our soon-to-be-updated website for bar info and to get on our mailing list. www.xenanight.com

See you in December and battle on!
The Overlord Julia and her Consort brown bettie

5 October

The Bard's Corner

The Next Chapter

XXE Updates

Xenaverse News

  • For those who are looking for the UFFD and can't access it - the reason is that they are undergoing a domain transfer so it will be back shortly.
  • For those planning a visit to Auckland you may want to stop in and have a look at the Just Plain Interesting shop which sells some Xena memorobilia (including Herc and JOAT) and also shows off some other Xena goodies like skulls, daggers, swords, the statues of frozen people from Paradise Found. http://stuff.co.nz/stuff/sundaystartimes/auckland/0,2106,2063256a6497,00.htm

3 October

The Bard's Corner

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

  • News about the Region 1 Season 1 DVDS - it seems there are some extras on the DVD
    The DVDs now contain: Scripts, Screensaver, Xena Chronicles, Photo Gallery, Poster Gallery
    Many thanks to Jenn from www.xenaweb2k.com for the news

XXE Updates

Lucy News / Media Alerts

  • Lucy's appearance on the X-Files in the episodes "Nothing Important Happened Today 1 + 2" will be aired for the first time on the PRO7 channel in Germany on Oktober 14th and Oktober 21th. The German titles are "Unter Wasser" and "Adam und Eva".

1 October

The Bard's Corner

XXE Updates

  • Updated Xena mention in TV Shows

Xena Merchandise

  • Sharon has announced on the Official Xena Fan Club page
    We've got two new t-shirts in for approval -- one based on "A Day In The Life," the other on "The Xena Scrolls."  Here's a sneak peek of one of them.  I'll put the other one up when I get a copy.
    http://www.creationent.com/outback/fanclubs/index.html (scroll halfway down to view the t-shirt]
  • Updated links to Xena CD, DVD & Videos
  • Updated links to The Official Xena Fan Club kits

Lucy News / Media Alerts

  • Lucy's appearance on the X-Files in the episode "Nothing Important Happened Today" will be replayed on the sci fi channel in the US for those that missed it first time round.
    5 October 2002 - 1:00 am Sci-Fi channel

Interesting videos/dvds

This isn't Xena related but with Lucy recently hosting Gladiatrix it sparked my interest.

Amazons & Gladiators - Released 15 November 2002 (Region 4) - Region 1 has already been released

  • During the Roman Empire, General Crassius ruled a small province with an Iron fist. Serena, a young girl in a village, watches Crassius kill her parents. Crassius and Serena's destiny would lead them to the Gladiator ring; the Amazons Warrior vs the Roman General.
    Aussies can order the DVD from Planet DVD and Amazon.com also have the DVD (Region 1)


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