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Xenite Watch
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What's New on AUSXIP
September 2005

30 September 2005

Update on the Xena Region 4 DVDs that are being re-released. I just got this note from NBC Universal about the DVDs:

  • There will be no bonus features on the re-released Xena discs. We are releasing the same discs as previous (episodes for Seasons 1-6 only) with the differences being that they are re-packaged into slimline amarays with 3 discs in each and re-priced to be better value for consumers.


New Zealand Woman's Weekly Lucy Mention
Lucy Lawless flees hurricane - 31  August 2005

Lucy Lawless, star of the TV programme Xena: Warrior Princess, is still recovering from a nightmare escape from New Orleans to avoid Hurricane Katrina. The New Zealand actress fled the US city with the masses when officials issued a mandatory evacuation alert over the weekend, as the category five storm threatened. She says, "The traffic was going one-mile-per hour sometimes, then it was two-miles-per hour, then five. It took nine hours for what should have taken 50-55 minutes." Lucy was in town shooting a new movie, Vampire Bats.

Hudson Leike to Attend Dutch Fan Con

  • Good news for Dutch and other European fans: Hudson Leick will appear at a Dutch convention, the Dutch Star Con (December 3 and 4).  For more info, see (Dutch language only at the moment).
    Many thanks to Petra for the news.

29 September 2005

Aussie Xenites - Xena DVDS to be Re-Released

It seems the entire series is going to be re-released with new packaging. Not sure if there will be any extras but I am checking on this and will update the site with the news as soon as I get it.

The price has dropped to $29.95 (AUD$) each.

The following sets are for REGION 4 and PAL Editions. To be released 12 October 2005.

Season 1 - box 1 and box 2
Season 2 - Box 1 and box 2
Season 3 - Box 1 and Box 2
Season 4 - Box 1 and Box 2
Season 5 - Box 1 and Box 2
Season 6 - Box 1 and Box 2

New Articles

Older Articles

  • Added scan from Cable Magazine (UK) February 1998 Issue. Xena Power. She's been labelled the world's hardest telly babe, but is Lucy Lawless just as tough in real-life? Here are 10 things you may not know abou tthe princess warrior to help you decide.


Official Renee O'Connor Fan Club

The following is from ROC's official site about the upcoming ROC Fan Club and other sections on the site:

  • Artwork -- There will be artwork and we will be adding links for the interviews to explain what the hell they are about or at least to the best of my knowledge. 
  • Fanclub -- There will be an actual membership you can join later, once I get more organized.  And there will be exclusive sections for members only consisting of, i.e. videos, photos, etc.
  • Scrapbook -- This page is coming up incomplete for every browser.  We're working on fixing the broken links.  We're going to do our best to add one new page every month with candid photos from Xena, Alien Apocalypse and anything else I can find.  Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them and read the captions I wrote.
  • Videos -- There will be clips from projects I worked on in the past and I'm going to use it for trailers for projects in the future.
  • Let's Go Shopping -- This is the place where, in the future, you'll find goodies like signed photos, artwork tiles and prints, etc.  This area will probably be up in about a week or two.
  • Ask Renee -- Ask any question you like.  I may be too shy to answer them all.  Questions and answers will be posted on this page.
  • Reporting Home -- This is where I'll touch base with everyone especially when I'm in some exotic land -- like beautiful downtown Burbank. 

Xenaverse News

Xena Wikipedia - Can You Help?

  • Jenn over at XWP Online sent me this note - hopefully someone who is familiar with the wiki format can lend a hand - Click here to read more



28 September 2005

Official Renee O'Connor Fan ClubRenee has her own site! Yeay!

What a gorgeous site and well done Renee :)
Like any new new site, there are some teething problems but go and have a look - beautiful site.


Katherine Fugate News

Xenaverse News

Spanish Xenites Request to Translate Xena Related Projects
  • It's that time of the year for Xenacentro to try to recruit new members to help us translate Xena related projects to spanish. Last year had a very successful recruitement, but we are always looking for new members.
    Thank you on behalf of myself and Xenacentro.
    Minu  Click Here To

27 September 2005

New Lucy Wallpaper

My friend Judi likes Lucy in blue so this is dedicated to her :)

Added new wallpaper to my Montage Page

Sapphire Lady - inspired by the pictures from the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot.


Congratulations to Zoe Bell for winning the award of Best Fight award for "Kill Bill:Vol. 2" at the 2005 Taurus World Stunt Awards.

For more info on this go to: Stunt Double for Kiwi (
Pictures are up on wireimage

Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


26 September 2005

One Weekend A Month US Screenings

Renee's short film "One Weekend A Month" will be screening at the following locations in the US for those who haven't seen the movie or would like to.
Click here to view dates:

2005: September 2005 | October 2005 | November 2005 \ December 2005 \
2006: January 2006 | February 2006 \ March 2006

Many thanks to Warren Serkin for the news

New Lucy Wallpaper

Lucy Lawless Wallpaper by MaryD

Added new wallpaper to my Montage Page

Lady in Red - inspired by the pictures from the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot.



Lucy Images

Battlestar Galactica Promo Photos

Added high resolution scan 1000 x 1486 in size
Scan contributed by Roger



The Darkroom Movie Update

Mindfire Releases The Darkroom Poster

  • Mindfire Entertainment has released information about The Darkroom including the official poster. Click here to view

25 September 2005

Here's some GORGEOUS Lucy Pictures

There are 5 pictures from the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot in 2003. The original article appeared Entertainment Weekly US Issue #734 - October 24, 2003 - article about Lucy's involvment with the new tv show Tarzan.

Click here to see the large high resoluction scans from the photoshoot - Many thanks to Sanya for the link


Two Lucy photos from meeting fans at LA Airport
Pic #1 and Pic #2

Many thanks to Sanya for the link


Oh my these are so gorgeous. Renee is auctioning off two photos from a photoshoot she did in 1999. Gorgeous pictures. The profits are going towards her independent film which she's trying to finish.

I had this photo shoot taken in Los Angeles, while Xena was still in production. I wanted to play dress up after spending months in rain and mud. The signature will come in either gold or silver, and I signed them at home on my coffee table. I will ship it out once the payment is complete. The profits are going towards my independent film which we are trying to finish. Thanks. Renee
Click here to bid on the auction

I had this photo shoot taken in Los Angeles, while Xena was still in production. I LOVED this top! The signature will come in either gold or silver, and I signed them at home on my coffee table. I will ship it out once the payment is complete. The profits are going towards my independent film which we are trying to finish. Thanks. Renee

Click here to bid on the auction



24 September 2005


Older Articles

24 September 2005

On the eve of Hurricane Rita's unwelcome visit, please spare a thought tonight/today of those who are in the path.

Keep safe everyone!

Xenite Watch - Raising Funds for Hurricane Victims

Renee has two auctions up on Ebay of her own watercolours to raise funds for Hurricane relief. The additional notes are from Renee's ebay descriptions.

Xena Watercolor. I will provide a certificate of authenticity, signed by Renee. Item will be shipped after receipt of payment. All profits for a good cause. The dimensions are about 14.5in X 10in. I hope you like the character for "Love" in the upper right corner....well, I tried!
Opening Bid: $2000


Xena: 'Aphrodite' Watercolor. I will provide a certificate of authenticity, signed by me. Item will be shipped after receipt of payment. The dimensions are about 13in X 10in. They made me take out the charity of choice in case of fraud. No problem. It will go to a good cause. Renee  - Opening bid: $2000



Auction for Hurricane Katrina Victims

The XWPVS in the spirit of The Greater Good, is conducting this auction to assist the victims, both human and animal, of hurricane Katrina that destroyed 90,000 square miles along the Gulf Coast on August 29th, 2005.  The artwork and autographed photos have been donated by our own illustrators and our fans with the hopes of raising funds.

As the bidders, you have the choice of where your money orders will be sent. They are:

The American Red Cross
The American Humane Association Anim

To bid go to:

The following watercolour is to raise funds for Renee's finishing fund for her first feature film

Xena: 'Callisto' Watercolor. I will provide a certificate of authenticity, signed by me. Item will be shipped after receipt of payment. The dimensions are about 14.5in X 10in. This piece will go towards my finishing funds for our first feature film. Thanks! Renee
Opening Bid: $2000


Fandom News

Recieved the following note from Jenn:

  • The XWPONLINE.NET website will be conducting a server move over the weekend and the site will go offline as ISPs pick up the new domain name information. The site should be down for no more than 72 hours. Thanks for your patience.



23 September

Vampire Bats Update

Xenaverse News Update

22 September

Xenite Watch

To those in the path of Rita, please take care, I know that's a silly thing to say since you will take every effort to do so. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Rita has been upgraded to a Category 5 Hurricane. It's due to strike on Saturday (US).

Xenaverse News

Charles Mesure News

  • For Crossing Jordan fans, Charles will be guest starring on the show as Jordan's new love interest. He will be in two episodes (October 16 - Enlightnment) and (23 October - Judgement Day). His role is: J.D. Pollock. -
    Many thanks to Jenn from XWPOnline for the news

21 September

Circle of Passion - An Evening With Lloyd Klein Couture
/ Elevate Hope Foundation Event

  • Lucy will be a "celebrity model" at the Circle of Passion - An Evening With Lloyd Klein Couture. February 25, 2006 Pacific Design Center ASTRA West 8687 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA 90069. Partial proceeds from this event will go to Hurricane Relief Funds - Click here to find out more about this event and the Elevate Hope Foundation which is an organization committed to provide abused and abandoned children exceptional care by promoting a healthy self-awareness through music and the arts.
  • There will be a casting call for runway models on 17 February 2006 between 1-5 pm at the Lloyd Klein Boutique to participate in the event.
    Click here for more information

Battlestar Galactica

More Episodes Featuring D'Anna Biers!

The news is from the Official Lucy Lawless Fan club Page

  • This is absolutely great news - Lucy has confirmed she will be appearing in two more episodes of Battlestar Galactica! YEAY!

    "I'll be filming two more episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Don't know yet when they're going to air. Thought you'd like to be the first to know. -- Lucy"


Vampire Bats

Cast Update

Jerrod and Lucy on Vampire BatsUpdated cast list to include Jerrod "Jrod" Paige to the cast list as "Wayne"

The photo is of Lucy and Jerrod on the set of the movie in Nova Scotia.


Older Articles


  • Added link to interview with Josh Becker on MOVIES ONLINE where he discusses working on Xena and Alien Apocalypse. Also discusses his friendship with Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

New Artwork

20 September

Lucy Radio Interview - Transcript

This was a very raw, honest and quite blunt interview conducted on AM1105 with Harrison on the Edge. Transcribed by me.

Lucy Radio Interview - Harrison on the Edge (Air America Network)

Sharon Delaney reported that Lucy has conducted an interview with Air America. That interview is on Harrison on the Edge Radio Show.

HOUR 3, Segment 1: Xena Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless, going at it against Bush and the Gulf Coast debacle./

Right click to download the file.

Harrison on the Edge - Audio File - wma format - 5 mb
Harrison on the Edge - Audio File - mp3 format - 5 mb

This is quite an interesting interview, very articulate both from Lucy and Harrison, her interviewer. No holds barred, raw and honest. It's a very good interview IMO.

Many thanks to Roger for the clips

19 September

Xenite Watch

Raising Money for Hurricane Victims

The following is from Ellen:

HTF Circular Press Kit - Autographed by Lucy and Renee!

I've listed an extra special item on eBay in which I plan on donating a portion of the proceeds to support the hurricane relief efforts. I mentioned that in the first auction and eBay yanked the auction off of eBay. Apparently now the only way you can mention donating to a charitable cause on eBay is if you use their system where you sign up with some other company they use that manages the process, etc. Way too complicated for me. So anyway, there is no mention of donating anything in this auction listing (how sad is that) but I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this extra special auction to charities supporting the hurricane relief efforts.

Thanks in advance for checking it out. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be out of town from Sun. until Tues. evening.

All the best,

teddy333 on eBay

Lucy's official Site Update

Lucy reports in from Halifax with a couple of pictures
With love from Halifax. The guys with me are Tony Plana of Officer & A Gentleman and Timothy Bottoms. Both superb actors

Check them out on Lawless Ink

Lucy Promo Pics - Boogeyman

Music Videos

Don't Stop Doing It by Myopia
A Xena and Gabrielle centered video. No FIN content
wmv format 22 mb



Onset Images

Older Articles

17 September

Xenite Watch

Raising Money for Hurricane Victims

  • Added news about Lucy's Xena Robe with X on the back on - a portion of the winning bid will be donated to the Red Cross.
  • The XWPVS would like to conduct an auction in order to raise money to help the people and animals. Click here for more information about the auction or email for more details

Vampire Bats

Cast Update

TV Interview Alert

  • Mitch also mentioned he will be on the Craig Ferguson show on October 21. He wasn't sure if Lucy was going to be on there as well.

Articles / Blogs

  • Added a link to the Nova Scotia blog with a Lucy mention and filming of Vampire Bats has ended. - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link.
  • Another brief mention of Lucy and Vampire Bats in the blog A Week in the Life of Paul Fraser III. Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link.

Battlestar Galactica

Ratings for Final Cut from

  • Battlestar Galactica finished out the night with "Final Cut," which earned a 2.0 rating in the 10 p.m. time slot. This is down one-tenth of a point from the previous new episode. 

New Lucy Poll - Battlestar Galactica

  • Space: The Imagination Station (Canada's Sci Fi Channel) is conducting a poll. They will be airing Season of Battlestar Galactica but not until next year (14 January 2006). The poll question is:

Your favourite actor with multiple SPACE show appearances:

Benjamin Browder
James Marsters
Lucy Lawless

To vote go to: - Many thanks to MiL for the news

New Articles

The following is from Mesh

  • The femslash_fanart community would like to invite all to come and visit their corner on LiveJournal. People can share and admire f/f fan art of all fandoms. There are lots of fanart communities out there, but hardly any dedicated solely to femslash. All femslash fanart is welcome here: original works done by hand, collages, digital works, icons, wallpapers, etc. You don't have to be an artist to join - just make sure you read the guidelines before posting.


16 September

I've been getting some blank emails of late. Folks I haven't acquired the skill of reading minds just yet so could you help me out and tell me? :) Ta muchly.

AUSXIP Auctions


I've been getting heaps of mail asking me if Lawless Ink - the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club site is the real deal. The answer is yes it's the real deal. How do we know it's the real deal?

1. Sharon has linked to it from the Official Xena Fan Club Page and she wouldn't if it wasn't.
2. It's registered to Sharon Delaney

3. Sharon has probably been trying to figure out how long it takes for news to travel in the Xenaverse if she doesn't announce it. <g>

AUSXIP Auctions

Latest Auctions Now Online

If you would like to participate (either by adding to the auction or bidding on them - please register)

Xena Articles

15 September

Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club

Yeay! Lucy has her own official page. At the moment it's going through it's construction phase but I reckon we will get some pretty amazing stuff from it. I hope she has a lot of bandwidth to play with <g>

Check out the page at

And the first news item from the Official Lucy site is:

  • Lucy did a phone interview with Entertainment Tonight about her journey out of New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina hit. She talked with them the day she arrived in Baton Rouge. Although part of the conversation didn't make the piece that aired on the show, ET was kind enough to give us a copy so the fans could hear Lucy talk about the Xena fans who chartered a private plane and pilot to fly her and some of the Vampire Bats movie crew to Texas. Click here to listen to her conversation with Mark Steines.

Vampire Bats Update

News from The Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club Page:

  • The movie production moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The producers of Bats were finishing up filming another movie there and that crew will become the Bats production team in a couple days. It's a challenge because the new crew will have no idea what went on before. They also need to reproduce sets, costumes, etc. Lucy said Brett Butler worked for one week in New Orleans and her work was finished. However, Timothy Bottoms is there along with Dylan Neal and many of the rest of the cast.

Official Xena Convention Update

News from Creation:

  • HUDSON LEICK TO APPEAR AT OFFICIAL XENA CONVENTION 2006! It just would not be the same without an annual visit with the one and only HUDSON LEICK, Callisto in person! Hudson joins the fun at The Official XENA CONVENTION 2006 in Burbank California!

Xenaverse News


I'm very pleased to announce that AUSXIP Auctions is now live. What is AUSXIP Auctions? Well it's a place for fans to donate their memorabilia for the greater good. AUSXIP Auctions is fee free for all sellers and buyers. All auction money raised will be donated to help with the relief work and a listing of charities is on the Auction page. Shipping and Handling fees unless otherwise noted will be paid by the buyer.

The Good News: If you would like to donate any Artwork, Autographed Items, Books,
Cards, Hercules Related Items, Lucy Items, Magazines, Misc Items, Other Cast Memorabilia, Videos & DVDs, Renee Items, Pictures, or anything else not in this lineup (let me know and I'll add the category) and would like to help in raising money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, you can now do so on AUSXIP Auctions.

To sell you need to register and post your item. To bid, you register and do your thing.

The Bad News
: There isn't any <g> Well the annoying banner that is on the auction page will disappear in a day or so.

You can now bid on the Lucy Lawless Created Artwork



14 September

Many thanks to those that wrote to me after yesterday's announcement. I appreciate the support for AUSXIP. An update on the site that was stealing from other sites - I have spoken to the webmaster (my little note had some effect) and she is apologetic. She has removed her site to redesign it.

On a personal note: My first book In the Blood of the Greeks can now be ordered from So if you haven't bought it yet (it really is a great read <g>) Check it out here.

Lucy Starship Artwork for Hurricane Katrina Victims

I seem to have hit a snag with Ebay about putting the artwork up for sale. It seems they don't like it and I had to have permission from the charity the money is going to (I wasn't aware of this so my apologies to all those who bid on this). Would the last bidder (bid $510 US) please contact me.

If the highest bidder doesn't come forward then I will auction this off here on AUSXIP instead of Ebay.

Lucy Articles

Vampire Bats

Battlestar Galactica

BSG Podcasts - Lucy Mentions

  • The unoffical BSG podcast at the Combat Information Center also mentions Lucy. He just keeps referring to Lucy's character as 'Xena'. 'Xena then talks to Colonel Tigh', 'And Xena walks in'... This podcast can be found at (podcast episode 208).
    Many thanks to Petra for the news

I received a note from Bradley from Bradley's Aussie Xena site which isn't great news for Aussie Lucy/BSG Fans. Thanks Bradley.


Lucy VCR Reminder for Italian Fans - Locusts will be shown on canale 5 (an Italian channel) 13 september 2005 at 9.00 p.m

New Articles (Italian Magazines) - Contributed by Darkamy from

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Something New, Something Old (Complete) by Iseqween
    Shortly after events in the story "Not Yet," Gabrielle questions Xena’s perturbing response to perceptions the legendary duo are too dead or too old to aid a village in distress.

Xena Movie News

Write to Universal for a Xena Movie Update

  • The following is from bookdaft:
    I am posting an update on the Xena comic/trading card game offer.  I will begin this week sending out the items requested from those whom I have received the necessary information. I am still accepting requests for comics.  Over the last few weeks, a pattern has emerged in a few of the requests that is causing me some grief.  I am, therefore, amending my initial directions in the following manner: - Click here to read more

13 September

Announcement - Please Read:

Folks, for a long time I've tried not to address this issue with anger or frustration but it's got to the point where something has to be done. It's about THEFT.

Xena/Lucy/Renee webmasters work bloody hard to bring various news and multimedia to the fandom. It takes a great deal of effort, money and time. The contributors to this site and all the other sites spend a great deal of money/time/effort as well. For FREE. We do it because we love Xena, Lucy and Renee, this fandom and we like to share.

The problem is that people want to STEAL. Directly rip off images, videos, scans, artwork, fanfic etc. It's not only issue of credit but the issue of theft. The Xenaverse webmasters are a close group and we do collaborate (you may think we don't but we have our own little network). We know the work of other webmasters. We do alert each other. We work together. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can steal off AUSXIP or XWPOnline, Calli's Creations, ROCNet, The Xena Scrolls,  XenaRulz, Michelle's Xena Library and many many more and no one will notice.

Click here to read the rest of the announcement


11 September

Lest we Forget September 11, 2001.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS.
- Mahatma Gandhi


Xenite Watch

The following is a statement by Terrina and Linda who have lost everything after Katrina. I met these two absolutely wonderful ladies in Seattle and in true southern hospitality invited me to New Orleans. I wanted to share this note with you all:

We were devastated by Katrina and now it looks like our home will be claimed as a total loss. We are trying to get some stuff from upstairs out but the roof has compromised the ceilings. So many here are hungry, lonely, tired, drained, dirty, distraught, angry, sad, the losses monetary and personal as too great to list. We have our Hep A and Tetanus shots so at least we do not have that worry. Temp housing is non existant and those with jobs (like myself) will certainly lose them or at the least go on leave without pay. But that does not stop the mortgage companies, lol. Linda is a rock and my cat is mad because there is no water to lick from the sink. I could not express the utter sense of dispair that I see the faces of all I pass. The sense that normal will never be theirs again. We are deciding today what to do with our lives. A statement I had only hoped to make at my retirement. We will keep you posted and I thank especially:


For their most sincere offer to come down taking time out of thier lives to help us recover. I am blessed to be a part of a community that is so caring and loving. So from here all there is left to say is:

"Battle On"
Terrina and Linda

Battlestar Galactica

Added 11 video clips (in wmv format) to the Lucy BSG section.
Added 565 screencaptures from the episode

The clips/screencaptures were created by Roger for AUSXIP.

Lucy Articles

Xenite Watch

Updated Xenite Safe List

I received the following note yesterday that I thought I would pass on. It's from Allison Miller

  • I was the stand in medic on  Vampire Bats in New Orleans.  They called me "Southern Belle" due  to my Mississippi accent.  I am fine and well in Mississippi.  My  husband, a physician, was at Ochsner Clinic during Katrina and days  afterwards.  He is now with me in Mississippi and our home suffered  no damage at all. We are very blessed and my prayers are with  everyone who is suffering during this troubling time.

Official Xena Convention Update

  • Creation has announced the lineup for the 2006 Xena Convention in Burbank.
    RENEE O'CONNOR Gabrielle
    MICHAEL HURST Iolaus and director of episodes
    VICTORIA PRATT Xena: Warrior Princess playing Cyane, Mutant X - Shalimar Fox and Cleopatra 2525-Rose "Sarge"
    Alexis was a sensation last year hosting our cabaret show, so we've decided to do a repeat! We can't wait to see what will happen!
    T.J. SCOTT Director episodes "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts", "Callisto", "Is There a Doctor in the House?", "Return of Callisto", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "Adventures in the Sin Trade", "Adventures in the Sin Trade II", Creative Consultant.

10 September

Battlestar Galactica




How To Help

Fund Raising


9 September

Updated Xena TV schedules for September

Lucy VCR Alert

  • Updated Lucy's TV Alerts with news about the documentary Heartbeat To Heartbeat showing on South Bend-Mishawaka-Elkhart Channel 34 (WNIT)
    Many thanks to Jenn from XWPONline for the news

  • Lucy's episode on Two and A Half Men will be shown Mon Sep 12 09:30P on CBS Network (USA)

  • The movie Eurotrip is currently being shown on HBO - Click here for dates/times

Battlestar Galactica


  • Added article from TV Guide Online 8 September Lucy Lawless Raids the Galactica. Xena is back, and she's taking names. Well, OK, not exactly. Lucy Lawless is back in the fantasy/sci-fi fold, playing D'Anna Friel, a pesky investigative journalist on Friday night's episode of Battlestar Galactica (airing at 10 pm/ET on Sci Fi Channel).

Premieres and Events

8 September

Update to the Xenite Safe List

Name: Roo - Safe in Gulfport, MS
I received the following message from Roo - please know that I am alive and well, hot and hungry, thirsty and filthy, and happy and safe after the most harrowing 14 hours of my life.

Ways to Help

The pictures of Lucy in Seattle that was linked to yesterday...are gone from the yahoo site. I think we may have broken it....

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy VCR Alert

Heartbeat 2 Hearbeat

This documentary about women and heart disease will be repeated on KQED HD Wed, Sep 7, 2005 -- 11:30. Lucy was interviewed for the doco.
For those not in that area, I have the video and screencaptures from an earlier screening
many thanks to Barbara for the news


Mariel Hemingway, the first lesbian action hero? I think not...

  • The Here! The gay cable television network is planning to roll out something they're claiming as the first lesbian action hero. Daily Variety reports In Her Line of Fire will begin shooting in New Zealand next week. How soon they forget...very old news...New Zealand...Xena and Gabrielle...ring any bells?
    Check out the article on - Many thanks to Barbara for the news


7 September


This piece of artwork was originally auctioned by the Starship Foundation on the 25 July 2005. It was won by drummerliz and she wants to donate it to raise money for hurricane relief. 100% of the money will be donated to for this effort.

This artwork was created by Lucy Lawless, star of Xena. Lucy was in New Orleans shooting Vampire Bats and had to rush out of the city to escape Hurricane Katrina.

I reside in Australia but the item is in San Francisco CA. and can be shipped worldwide. It is in a frame that will be included. The dimensions of the drawing are approximately 4x6".

Thank you for bidding.


The following is from Sandy Verner from Atlanta Georgia

In a community that has given me so much over the years I am offering my services to anyone who will eventually need them. I have owned and operated a Disaster Restoration company for the past 18 yeras. We restore contents and structures after fires,floods,tornados,hurricanes, etc. I realize many have lost everything, but on the off
chance they have not I will be more than glad and willing to help in any capacity I can. If it's advice or hands on work I will be available to those who want it. I know many do not have access to internet use and and may not for some time. I will leave my cell phone # to any one who wants it through MaryD.

Lucy described her time on Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to Crave Online "I have got to tell you, that was the most fun I’ve had in 20 years at work. I actually felt like, oh boy I forgot this was my dream. Before I got off in to television and film, this was my dream. I would love to get back on stage, it would just have to be the right project."

She looked like she was having fun. Norma has found some great pics of Lucy partying after the show and it sure looks like she was having a major fun after the show as well. Go Lucy! Many thanks to Norma for the link

Click here to view the pictures

Battlestar Galactica

Locusts Update

VCR Alert for Italian Fans

  • Locusts will be shown on Tuesday 13 September at 9 pm, "Canale 5".
    Many thanks to Mount Albert for the news

Magazine Update


6 September

The VidXippy for August is going to be delayed a few days.


Xenites Safe Update

  • Belle Star is safe (in Mississippi)! She and her immediate family survived (though not without terror, loss and tremendous fatigue). Please pray for and *help* all Katrina survivors.

Battlestar Galactica

Renee To Attend Bardcon in October

OK Folks... now here's the announcement we're excited to make - something that was only just verified earlier this evening. Barring any unforeseen scheduling conflicts -

RENEE O'CONNOR will be joining us for our final Orlando BardCon.

Yes, barring any unforeseen scheduling issues, Renee has agreed to come and participate at BardCon 2005. She will have some of her paintings and prints for sale and she will also be up on stage for a bit. She has even agreed to MC the talent show! :-)

So if you were looking for one more GREAT reason to be here before, now you've got it!


Orlando BardCon – October 21-23,2005 

VCR Alert

  • Melinda Clarke will be on Ellen on Sept 8 with the rest of "THE O.C." cast.
    Please check your tv guide for the time in your area.
    Many thanks to LB for the news

5 September


Xenite Safe Update

  • Minerva has called in and is currently in Tennessee.

  • Charlene Gutierrez
    Safe. She has returned to St. Charles Parrish. She is living with her family.

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4 September


Xenites Safe

  • Carol and Mickie have been found safe

  • Dawn Gerrett - Safe with family in New Iberia, LA

Xenites Still Missing/No Contact

If anyone has any news of the following please contact us

  • "belle star" is from Mississippi, and I believe she was in Mississippi at the time Katrina hit (she has not responded to the Tavern Wall, emails, and is not on the RedCross "found" persons list). If "Mississippi belle" reads this, please CHECK IN!!! (either to me, or to the T Wall)

  • Charlene Gutierrez - Has not been heard from

  • Chris Toups - No contact

  • Minerva (Kim) - No contact

  • Joanne - Blonde woman who was at GCLS Con in NO last June. (Terrina and Linda are looking for her.)

How To Help

Auction of Autographed Artwork

The following is from CindyT:

My friend and a wonderfully talented writer, Robin Alexander (author of “Gloria’s Inn” and “Murky Waters”), has been trying to help those in need in her area of Baton Rouge. I am helping her out and I hope you will too. She has provided a partial list of things that are needed:

* All baby items: food, clothing, and bottles
* Any old summer clothes that you have laying around that you would like to get rid of
* Shoes
* Personal Hygiene items: deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, tissue, toilet paper, first aid supplies, etc.
* Non-perishable foods: Canned Tuna, soups, etc.
* Bottled Water
* Bedding Supplies
* Toys for the kids

Most of the people who left the areas hit just took a few belongings. They probably weren’t prepared to 'camp out' for a few months.

For more info and to get the address for sending your donation, please contact Robin directly at


Auction for Hurricane Victims - Message from Annie:

On Yahoo! Auctions, I'm selling some of my original artwork.  I intend giving 100% of the donations to the American Red Cross for the Katrina relief effort

Here are the links:

Added public service announcement campaign in support of the American Red Cross's efforts to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.
wmv format - 1.4 mb



Screencaptures from E! News 2 September 2005




Battlestar Galactica

3 September


  • MTV 2 September 2005 - Hurricane Shuts Down Movie Productions In Once-Busy Louisiana. Interview with Lucy ... Ask her the basic plot of the film, and she can barely work up enough enthusiasm to mumble, "It's a Halloween, teen flick, really." Begrudgingly, she added that "for all intents and purposes, it is lost. We are going to shoot next week [with new sets and costumes] in Nova Scotia."
    "It's tough," she continued. "But who gives a sh-- if it's tough for us? It does not even compare to the difficulties facing those people there."

Lucy was interviewed On E! News about escaping Hurricane Katrina.

Added E! News Interview with Lucy - wmv format 1.8 mb

Added screencaptures from E! News




Keeping Track of a Our Xena Family after Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina has blazed a trail of devastation throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Across the Gulf Coast, Katrina engulfed thousands of homes and decimated the landscape in what could become the most destructive storm in U.S. history.

Many of our friends have been affected. This section of AUSXIP is to keep track of those friends, to alert others of ways that we can help and to do our little bit for The Greater Good.

There is a Xenite Safe List for those that have checked in with friends that they are okay

There is a Xenite Waiting Info - we haven't heard from these people so far

If you know of anyone still missing or if friends have contacted you please let us know.

There is also an announcement list where you can subscribe to at yahoogroups

This is only for announcements not chat.

E! Building Hurricane Relief PSA Campaign

  • E! Networks is creating a public service announcement campaign in support of the American Red Cross's efforts to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.
    The spots are set to begin airing Saturday; featured celebrities and performers include Eva Longoria, Pamela Anderson, Destiny's Child, Steve Carell, Nicole Richie, John Larroquette, Julie Andrews, Brooke Burns, George Lopez, Lucy Lawless, Mariah Carey, Carlos Santana and Paula Abdul. The PSAs also will be seen on Style Network in the U.S., in more than 75 countries on the E! International Network, and online. E! will air a one-hour edition of "E! News" on Sept. 9 leading up to the multinetwork telethon to raise money for hurricane relief. Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

  • For Aussies E! is broadcast on the Foxtel Cable Service and accessed through channel 22 for those on Foxtel DIGITAL

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page:

  • Lucy Video Interview: The following video was previously available to Fan Club Kit #9 members only. It was a small snippet of an interview Lucy did for Kit #10. You can now view it on Sharon's main Fan Club Page

Battlestar Galactica Publicity

The following is from The Official Xena Fan Club page: Battlestar Galactica PR in print -- no TV interviews planned at this time Here's a list of things to look out for.
They will run much closer to, probably ON, the air date of the episode, Sept. 9.

  • San Antonio Express News (syndicated thru Hearst)
  • SFX Magazine
  • Soap Opera Weekly
  • Star Magazine
  • Starlog Magazine
  • Tribune Media Services (syndicate)
  • TV Guide
  • TV Zone
  • Starburst
  • Maxim Online
  • NY Daily News
  • Knoxville News-Sentinel (TN) - syndicated thru Scripps Howard
  • Battlestar Galactica official Mag, vol. 2 (out in October)
Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina this Friday from 5am until 3pm!

(Los Angeles, CA) -On Friday, September 2, 2005, 100.3 THE BEAT will encourage listeners to stop by any Southern California Krispy Kreme Doughnuts location between 5am and 3pm to make a donation to the American Red Cross to support disaster assistance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  When listeners make a minimum $10 donation to the American Red Cross, they will receive a dozen original glazed donuts as a way of saying “thank you” from Krispy Kreme and 100.3 THE BEAT


Lucy Screencaptures

Lucy Lawless, clearly moved by the events of Hurricane Katrina

Added screencaptures from Entertainment Tonight 31 August 2005 interview with Lucy. The screengrab on the left captured Lucy's mood and the mood of the whole country and the world at the events unfolding after Hurricane Katrina. 


AUSPIX.NET group of sites.

  • Added the official TPFL approved Dana Ivey fanlisting to the site coillective. Ms Ivey's distinguished career spans 30 years, and her credits include stage performances on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in Canada, and in England. Her credits include memorable performances on such shows as "Monk", "Oz," "Homicide: Life in the Streets," "Frasier" and "Easy Street"; and appearances in such films as "The Color Purple," "The Addams Family," and "Sleepless in Seattle."

2 September

Battlestar Galactica

Renee Helps out at the Red Cross

Renee was interviewed on Los Angeles NBC Channel 4 at Red Cross donation area. She said that she was from Texas and has gone through hurricanes and how awful they are. She hasn't been through one as large as Katrina.

Download the video from the Official Xena Fan Club Page



GCLS Relief Fund


Lesbian Fiction Community Bands Together Under GCLS Banner to Help Its Own

In light of the truly devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, the board of the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) has established a special GCLS Relief Fund (  ). This fund, to be administered by the GCLS Advisory Board, will take donations from the public on behalf of all those authors, publishers, and
supporters in our community who have been affected by the storm.

Here is your opportunity to help people you know and love in recovering from this disaster. Some women have lost possessions, others are now homeless; all of these folks need our assistance and generosity.

Funds will be disbursed based on applications filed with the GCLS. The amounts disbursed will be dependent on donations received and the extent of the need.

Please, give what you can. In addition, a percentage of the profits from purchases made at StarCrossed Productions ( during the month of September will be channeled into this fund, so you may also wish to contribute in that way as well. We hope many of you will join us in this effort.

The GCLS Advisory Board

To donate, just go to  and click on the disaster relief fund banner.

Lucy Update

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page:

  • I spoke to Lucy again this afternoon. She's back home, safe but sleepy,
    and her thoughts are for the people still in harm's way. They will
    finish filming the movie in another city. Sharon Delaney.


Battlestar Galactica


1 September

Lucy Videos

Entertainment Tonight 31 August 2005
Lucy Lawless talks to ET at the Houston Airport on her way home.
320 x 240 -   4.4 mb wmv format
640 x 480 - 14.6 mb wmv format


»Reminder - Lucy TV Alerts

  • Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight - 31 August 2005
    Lawless tells ET she and the crew thought about sticking it out. "We
    thought we were just going to tough this one out and stay in the hotel
    with the locals," she says. "We're so glad we got out -- we're so
    grateful that the news service made us ... we had a car and we managed
    to get gas before it all ran out."

  • Update: Lucy will NOT be interviewed on Larry King Live on CNN
    Aussies - this is shown on Foxtel at 6 pm on CNN
    The following information is from Josh Becker's site
    I just spoke with Rob's office, as well as their nanny, and Lucy got back to L.A. last night and she's fine. I just spoke with Rob and he says that Lucy will be on Larry King's show tonight discussing the hurricane in New Orleans.
    **UPDATE -- Rob just emailed and said that Lucy was cancelled on Larry King.**
    Many thanks to Doug for the updated news

Help people and the animals affected by this hurricane by making a donation today.

Hurricane Katrina has blazed a trail of devastation throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Across the Gulf Coast, Katrina engulfed thousands of homes and decimated the landscape in what could become the most destructive storm in U.S. history. Victims are stranded and in need of immediate medical care, food and water, and tens of thousands of people will need temporary housing for months.
go to Network for Good
(there are many charities you can choose from)

Xena/Lucy Fans Reach Out

I want to thank the fans who organised the charter plane and pilot to take Lucy out of New Orleans. Now that is what I called the Xenaverse in action. Good on ya guys whoever you are. Unfortunately Lucy's couldn't make the connection but the effort fans put into trying to get her out is what counts. Makes me proud to be part of this fandom.

The National Ledger reports: The former "Xena: Warrior Princess" star actually had several offers for private homes in which to stay, some set up by a network of loyal "Xena" fans. In fact, some of the fans had managed to charter a plane and pilot for Lucy to leave the area, "but we couldn't make it out to where the plane was," she says, clearly moved by the efforts. She's grateful, also, that husband Robert Tapert and their two young sons, who had been staying at the house, happened to have left New Orleans a week ago. Click here to read the full article


The following videos were contributed by Jenn from XWPOnline

Lucy told Showbiz Tonight: There was children on the side of the road...that was terrible...and the strain on the policemen's faces because you knew they were staying out a sense of duty, to us...and people yelling at them. [Lucy is clearly moved] because we are all so self interested in getting out of the disaster and we forget about those people that have to stay out of a sense of duty.

They are great heroes.

We want the people of New Orleans to know that we will be back. We want to help grow the industry. We love being there and we love them. They have been so kind to us and we will be back.



Update from CBS On Vampire Bats Filming

I followed up the note from the CBS Media Relations to ask if the movie would be pushed back due to Hurricane Katrina. Jennifer Gunderson, from CBS Media Relations sent me the following message:

  • The airdate of "Vampire Bats," nothing has changed - it will still be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, Oct. 30. As for completion of the movie, production will not be going back to New Orleans to finish filming, however they are currently working out their plans to finish the movie and should have that worked out shortly.

Lucy on CNN Showbiz Tonight and Entertainment Tonight

  • Cheryl sent me the following news:
    Saw a short interview with Lucy on Showbiz Tonight on CNN Headline News. Looks like they caught her at the airport. She looked fine if a bit frazzled and surprisingly she was alone just draging her poor lone little suitcase behind her. Can't remember everything she said but she promised to come back to New Orleans. I guess the plan was to return when it seemed that the city was safe but now that the levees have been breached that isn't possible and on Entertainment Tonight there was a report that the producers are looking for a new location for the film.

Click here for August 2005 Xena Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Updates

Click here to tell Universal we want a Xena Movie



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