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Welcome to The Eternity Series.

After many, many years of doing their own thing, Xena and Gabrielle have decided to once more whisper in my ear and these are our humble offerings.

We do hope you enjoy these new tales.

Xena has spent twenty years awaiting Gabrielle's arrival in the Underworld. As far as Xena knows, only she and Hades are privy to the agreement that will determine the eternal futures of the her and the Bard. Once the Bard arrives, the final destiny for her and her Warrior are determined by three simple words...

"I chose Xena."

TN Note: From this point forward, we do not guarantee chronological continuity. They're going to tell me the stories and I'm going to write them down. We may bounce back and forth historically, but hey, if Rob can do it, so can we.


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