Eulogy For Kevin Smith by Lucy Lawless 18 February 2002

Eulogy For Kevin Smith by Lucy Lawless 18 February 2002

Posted by MaryD On: February 12, 2012
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Kevin Smith (Ares) passed away on 15 February 2002 and his good friend and costar on Xena, Lucy Lawless paid tribute to her friend on The Holmes Show in New Zealand on 18 February 2002.

The following is a transcript of what Lucy read out.

These are a few words that I put together with some others of Kevin’s Friends. It’s very hard to sum a man like him up. But anyway…

A staggering intellect…
A rapier wit…
A complete absence of malice.
Could get mad, but incapable of meanness.
Could never say no to a request.
Loved a party and was not afraid of a hangover.


[cut to bed room scene OAHAF]

Could talk to anyone: man, woman, child, black and white, US President or filmset extra.

You were his equal.

Unless ofcourse you were Sean Fitzpatsick, in which case he would faint the second you extended your hand.

[cut to beginning of OAHAF]

Yes, Kevin was passionate about sport, in particular the Canterbury Crusaders.

Big games down to the Shakespeare’s and the Cock&Bull Tavern.

Coffees on a Saturday morning with the guys after gym.

Kevin’s circle of friends extended well beyond the circle of Acting Community where he bested us all with god given talent and attitude… and boy, could he sing.

[cut to singing scene]

Kevin leaves behind not just us, his loving friends and fans, but Sue, his wife, the rock on which he build his career, and his partner of some twenty years and three loving little boys for whom Dad was truly a hero.

[cut to scene from a movie with Danielle Cormack]

We are going to do our darndest to make sure Kevin’s family feel the love and esteem we hold him in.

Kevin gave so full of himself personally and professionally… and I believe that all that great karma will be coming back their way.

Those little boys will know that where ever he is their Dad is still taking care of them still.

God Speed Kevin.

Party on.

We love you.