Lucy Lawless And Her Lovely Assistant Renee in the Kitchen – Raw Food Part 1

Lucy Lawless And Her Lovely Assistant Renee in the Kitchen – Raw Food Part 1

Posted by MaryD On: March 10, 2011
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Lucy Lawless and her lovely assistant Renee O’Connor in the kitchen of her home. Renee makes a very special appearance in Lucy’s kitchen to help her prepare some yummy food!

Special appearances by the Tapert clan at the end!

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“Gourmet raw cuisine”–if that sounds like an oxymoron, you’ll be amazed by the creativity of the recipes in this book. Every food is “live” (uncooked) in these vegetarian recipes from Juliano, the raw-food guru of Los Angeles. Juliano believes that fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, beans, and seeds in their rawest and purest form are the most nourishing foods. If your imagination stops at alfalfa sprouts and grated carrots, hold onto your cutting board. Juliano’s recipes include Butternut Squash Soup, New Moon Fruit Stew, Thai Green Papaya Salad, Living Buckwheat Pizza Crust, Mango Essene Bread, Mock Salmon Sushi, Raw Spring Rolls, seven varieties of burritos, nine varieties of pizza, and nine unusual smoothies. Desserts? Try EZ Pudding (made with maple syrup, avocados, and carob powder) or Cashew Gelato (cashew butter, maple syrup, and almonds, served frozen). There are also condiments, dressings, and sauces, and plenty of information about preparing raw foods, including how to soak and sprout beans, grains, seeds, and nuts.

It may seem like cheating, but a food dehydrator is permitted to “bake” pizza, cookies, and breads. It blows hot air, but never heats foods hotter than 120°F, which, claims Juliano, “allows all the delicate nutrients that are usually burned out of cooked foods to remain intact.” Raw is filled with gorgeous color photos of the foods in all their vibrant colors and a number of photos of the vibrant Juliano (not in the raw). “Before you know it,” says Juliano, “you’ll be Raw and loving it.” –Joan Price