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Through Rain, Hail and Shine…

Xena March in Support of WGA Strikers

Before I left for Burbank to join the Xena March, Steven Sears sent me an email about the latest update about the march to alert everyone on the weather conditions. I remember writing back to him saying… “through rain, hail or shine, we will be there” – I didn’t think it would literally come true that all three would come true!

What an amazing day – over 200 Xenites walked up and down the footpath outside NBC studios. To see all those fans support the writers – WOW! I had marched with Katherine Fugate and the other writers (including a lot from Army Wives) before the Xena march a few weeks before for a couple of hours – it’s hard work and very tiring. I did it only for a few hours and when I was there it was sunny and nice but they writers do it in the rain and the cold. We got a taste of how hard it was during the Xena March.

I hope our show of solidarity buoyed the striking writers – I know how much it meant to Steven, Katherine and the rest of the Xena writers and Rob Tapert (look for a message from Rob to the fans to be posted shortly)

For those who couldn’t make the march, you were there with us in spirit.

I had such a great time and that day created some very special memories: 

  • Meeting up with my friends – that is one of the best things ever!
  • Rob in his outfit of bright blue coat, hat and boots…. Only thing missing was his fishing gear! He is such a generous and thoughtful man - Thanks Rob!
  • Steven with camera clicking away and beaming from ear to ear at the turnout – this was Steven’s baby.
  • Renee attempting to take a photo of me while I was taking a photo of her – had to stop so she could take a photo… it was one of those moments that was just priceless – . She walked that line for a couple of hours through the rain, sun and cold. You are simply amazing Renee. She is a class act.
  • Meeting Liz and RJ, Chris, Vicki and TJ - putting faces to names I've known for 11
  • Rob giving me grief over my dognapping escapade....
  • Adrienne and her wonder dog Taz…another class act who stayed for two hours marching along.  I was tempted to dog nap but since I’ve been outted as a dog napper, my cover was blown. Taz was safe.
  • Katherine beaming at the turn out and feeling very proud of the Xenites (watch for her thoughts about the march and the fan turnout in the upcoming AUSXIP video interview)
  • My “peeps”…there are some very interesting photos that will never see the light of day…EVER. It was going to be the template for the rest of the con weekend. More about that in my con report…<g>
  • Hail Hail Hail…it came down and it was bloody cold. Who knew LA could get so cold…I thought it never rained in Southern California…LIES!
  • Myself, Lida, KT(J) and Cindy huddling under my Washington state souvenir umbrella protecting our cameras….who cares if we got wet…those cameras were safe! LOL! We are such geeks.
  • Have I mentioned how cold it was? The rain pelted down, it would stop for a bit then the sun would briefly making an appearance to lull us into a false sense of security then it would rain. The hail followed…have I mentioned the cold? <g>

It was a superb two hours and I've never been happier to stand in the rain - this was fandom support at it's best.

The writers (of all shows who are at the Disney gate) wanted me to tell you all how much they appreciated the goodies that the Xena fans have provided. They couldn’t stress enough how much it meant to them. Having 200+ Xenites marching with them gave them an even bigger appreciation of this fandom.

I was so proud to be a part of this fandom. Thanks guys!