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Artwork by Lucia Nobrega especially created for the 10th Annivesary!

Messages from AUSXIP Visitors about the 10th Anniverary of the Site

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Congratulations on 10 years.  I found your site about eight years ago and I've always found it one of the most complete and well maintained sites in the Xenaverse.  It's hard to believe how much more sophisticated the site is now, compared to eight years ago.  Again, Congratulations on one of the best sites in the Xenaverse!


I wish you a happy 10th Anniversary. I’m really a newbie here, I found this site a few weeks before Celebrity Duets has started and since then I visit AUSXIP daily. Thank you MaryD and your helpers for giving Xena-, Lucy- and Renée-Fans so much fun. It’s a great work what you and your friends did for the last 10 years and please hold on for next 10 years (and longer).


Mirjam (KitKat6578)



Happy 10th!

I first discovered your site via Tom's Xenafan site, sadly deceased since the 5th season. Until that point I checked both your sites for the latest news, pics, interviews, etc, but when he lost interest in the series, I switched from his site to yours. Ausxip is the best and most comprehensive Xena/Lucy/Renee site on the world



From Lynne

I started watching XWP in the middle of the 2nd season. AUSXIP was the place for me to connect and learn about this fabulous show and its creative talent. More important it became a launching pad for the Xenaverse's creative talents. The Bards Corner was my introduction to fan fiction and on Mary D's urging I read my first Uber story.
I knew if I couldn't be at an event , CON or missed a TV, film or radio appearance I could share in the experience by just visiting the site. As technology changed so did AUSXIP. Everyday I would marvel at Mary D's unerring drive to keep AUSXIP updated minute to minute. Her artwork and montages were inspiring like everything she does. Happy Anniversary 10th AUSXIP. For a decade now AUSXIP has been Ground Xero for the Xenaverse and without Mary D and the people who help and support  AUSXIP I'm  not sure we would be still be here 12 years after a small show impacted us in big way. AUSXIP has truly helped create a better world and given us opportunities to do things for the greater good as a community.  AUSXIP is integral in shaping that community we call the Xenaverse and I for one am glad to be a part of it. Thanks again Mary D-Happy Anniversary.

From Katie

I discovered Ausxip a few years ago. I really liked the website. Thank you MaryD for all of your hard work that goes to updating the website. Happy 10th birthday. I've been an Xena fan for 8 years and I really do like Lucy and Renee they are great together.

Having only recently re-discovered my love for such a fantastic series, I just want to thank you for your dedication in keeping the memories of Xena and Gabs alive.  I never tire of visiting your site, and look forward to the next ten years (and hopefully more!)
Happy anniversary!
Mel (United Kingdom)


I just wanted to say how much i enjoy your site. I've been back and to to the site for around the last five years and it's just wonderful. I've enjoyed every single aspect of it from the news to the fiction to the videos, so i just wanted to thank you for maintaining such a wonderful site, and i look forward to visiting it for another 10 years. 


From: Julie

I'm 19 years old and found my love of Xena all over again.  I used to watch the television show when it was on, but every since it ended I could not watch it anymore (plus I don't have cable either).  I am so glad that I found my favorite show.  Everyday I think about Xena/Gabrielle and Lucy/Renee.  I am so happy I stumbled on Xena on youtube.  Happy Birthday! 
Love, Julie


Mary it has been a pleasure knowing you.  Your contribution to Xena Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor news and multimedia is so huge and we look forward to the next ten years!!

Thank you for your support with Xena Prop House and I will forever be grateful to you on so many levels.  Bravo!

Barbie Arms

Dear Mary,

I have been a faithful fan of the site since I discovered it six years ago. Your site is wonderfully informative, provides hours of enjoyable reading & viewing pictures from the best television show ever. Thank you for your dedication and time.

Merry Christmas & A Happy & Prosperous New Year!



Yours was the first site I found eight years ago and still is my favorite Xena site of all time. Congrats on 10 years MaryD!
Linda USA


Hey MaryD !! Your site & all involved make my day everyday. It's the 1st site I check everyday & all through the day. I really enjoy everything about it. Here's to another 10 !!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

From: Leanne

Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary,

with so much effort and enthusiasm for me for an experience these have become this web site for many years every time many thanks Mary D. an all ones involved read. One must for real Xena Fans. Many thanks! Xena, the Warrior Princess lives  forever!!!!
Cordially yours
until the next ten years

Dear Mary and Crew,

Simply the best. Congratulations on 10 years of success. Thank you for all your hard work.


Mary D where would we be without you and your trusty co-horts? In the 10 years you've had AUSXIP available I've lost count on the amount of times I've logged on to see what's the latest with Lucy, Renee & in the years the show was on to see those screengrabs. The stories, the videos, the artwork all kept & keep us coming back for more. AUSXIP is the first site I log onto every day. I know that if I miss a Lucy or Renee interview in a magazine or TV show that you'll have it online within a few days. It's been a wonderful ride for 10 years & I'll be along for the next ten. Thanks for the past memories & the future ones. Vicki

Only found you and the whole Xenaverse phenomenon a couple of months ago..Love everything about it..especially your site..I visit daily and am in awe of the work you do.  We all appreciate it...so keep going, Mary!!!. Heres to the next 10 years!!  Love to you. Mel R

Happy Birthday Ausxip!
I would like to thank you all because through your site many many Xena fans from all over the world can be a part of a huge family. Thanks for your effort and congratulations to MaryD and her staff for your wonderful job.

Francesca Ceccarelli from Italy

From: Georgie

Happy Birthday to the best site on the net! Ausxip rocks! Battle on...Georgie

From: Kristina

Well, I only discovered Ausxip a few months ago, but ever since then I've visited the site every day; and grateful everytime I do! Wishing a very sincere happy birthday, and a big thankyou for keeping fans around the globe up to date with the goings-on of the wonderful Lucy and Renee.

With much love,

Canberra, Australia

From Xena Pup

Wow 10 years!! what an amazing feat.  I have been visiting your site since the very beginning and it has never left my bookmarks.  It will always remain one of the best Xena sites on the net, thanks to your dedication and work.  Congrats Mary and everyone else involved with ausxip.

Cheers to another 10!!

From Tanya G

Mary D and her trusty troopers. You have serviced this fan community with dedication rarely seen. May my appreciation join the thanks from other Lucy, Renee and XWP fans and I send you best wishes for the fabulous years to come.

Tanya G

From Deb

Big Congrats to you MaryD and thanks for your faithfulness. We'd be lost and adrift without you!!
deb USA

From: Carla

Happy 10th anniversary and I hope to be reading about X & G, Lucy and Renee for another 10.  If it weren't for you and all those who submit to your site We (those unbardly gifted and info seekers) would has no one to turn to and no place to go. Battle On!!!!!

From: Catarina

Mary, you Rock! Thank you so much talented one for sharing all your talents on keeping us all in touch with Xena and her journeys here in life. Battle On all Xenite's.....
Catarina (Texas)

From Mandy

Congrats on 10 years. There are lots of fans here in Nebraska, and this site makes it easy to acess information. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated!           Mandy

From: Violetta

Happy 10th Anniversary, Mary D!! Thank you, your collaborators and the Bards for a wonderful site. Looking forward to the next 10.

From: Pat

Congratulations Mary on Ausxip's 10th Anniversary!
Your site is always the first I visit when I switch on my laptop and has been for the last 8 years! (I got into Xena a little later than most (lol)!
Keep up the great work

From 3 Ashley (aka VariaXWP

Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Thanks to you and all your helpers for such a great website!! Keep up the Awesome work!!


From Beboman

Congrats, Congrats on your 10th anniversary.  Thank you so much for everything you do, we really appreciate it.


From Emma

We all appreciated what a terrific show Xena is and was, but Mary D took the extra step and brought Xena to a level where everyone could feel a part of it. Congrats Mary D and keep up the fantastic work.

From Cheri:

Happy Anniversary to MaryD and AUSXIP. You  have  been invaluable in keeping all of us Xenites informed, enriched, and entertained. May you be around for many, many more years.

Thank you and Best Wishes.


From Storm

Happy 10th anniversary, and thanks for all the work you and your collaborators put in the site for our pleasure!


From: Barbara Bruno:

Congratulations MaryD!!
And many thanks to you and every one who worked with you in your site for all this 10 years!!!
Being an italian fan, if it wasn't for your site I was not going to have all the beautiful news of Xena, Lucy and Renee, so Thanks for being here, and many, many many of this years for your website!!!

From: Caroline

Happy 10th anniversary and many thanks for keeping the site going and helping to keep the Xena magic alive. I'm awe inspired by the amount of  work and time it must take to maintain AUSXIP, and by the quality of the site.
Battle on, Caroline

From: Marlene

Thank you for supporting our xenite country. I love Xena and Lucy.

From: Mary (MET)

Congratulations on 10 years of AusXip.

I haven't even done anything with my own website in years, so I know it's not always easy to keep a site going.


From Noa

I still remember how after every single episode we would log on to your web site to read all about it and get the screengrabs. We would hang on to every shred of info or rumor you posted about show (or LL & ROC) and read all the latest FanFic. Your web site was a wonderful labour of love back then, and it is still today.

Here's to the next ten years!

From: Pyra

Happy Anniversary, AUSXIP, and congrats, Mary-D!
Battle on!

Pyra, from the Tavern Wall


Congratulation to all AUSXIP Team and friends, specially MaryD. Spanish people are visiting the site every day too. Thanks a lot for the big work!

Best wishes

From Michelle and Bonni

10 years already?  I feel so old.  Bonni and I wish you a Happy Anniversary!  Hoping the next 10 years will be as fun as the last 10 years.  Battle on!!!

From Leila and the Canberra Xena Gang and friends around the World


AUSXIP Birthday greetings from all the Canberra Xena Gang (and friends around the World)



From Julie R

Happy 10th!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!! Thanks for all the information and hope to see this web site for another 10 more!!!!

Julie R


From Mika

Congratulations on 10 years of the best site in the Xenaverse!!!

From Angela

Congratulations on your 10 years of dedication to all of our obsession! :-) It truly is amazing... and the Xenaverse wouldn't be the same without you and the Australian Xena Information Page! Congrats, MaryD and all the loyal AUSXIP Pixies who helped to make the site work for so long.

From Sue

Congratulations on reaching your tenth year producing your site. Even being a newby (only finding your site 3 years ago) I can see the dedication you put into it. Roll on the next 10 years.

From Norma

Happy Anniversary!  Congratulations for an awesome 10 years. It's been a lot of fun visiting your site daily and I plan to keep visiting it for many more years. Thanks to your announcements and updates, I was able to meet Lucy in person at the Pride Run and got lots of pictures with her, ala la la la!!! Thanks for all your hard work.
I attached an Ausxip birthday card.
Battle on,

From the Talking Xena Message Board...

Many many thanks - read their comments

From Penny Tocher

Congratulations Mary on a fantastic 10 years. Cannot tell you the great good fun this site has brought to my life. Yours was the very first site I visited when I got the Xena bug. The rest is history. It was fun meeting you in Sidney so many years ago now, and wish you good health and happiness. Your work is greatly appreciated as well as all those who contribute to make it all go smoothly. Happy Anniversary!

From: Smsolo (Susan)

Congrats on 10 years of great work!  You've brought me a lot of joy over the years. 
Susan  (smsolo at the Tavern Wall where we're singing your praises)

From Xandrella:

Best wishes for your wonderful site!! Thanks for your ten years of work.

From Iseqween

CONGRATULATIONS!  The Xenaverse would not be the same without Ausxip.  Bards and fanfic readers wouldn't have a huge but warm home for their addiction.  Lucy and Renee would not receive the same level of on-going enthusiasm without your making it so easy for us to keep up with and support them to our heart's content.You have made and become an integral part of a fabulous history, immortalizing a lot of us along  with you.  Thank you for a decade of love, tireless work and a vision as large as the marvelous talents that inspired all this.  May you have the energy to continue for another 10 years.  (I'd ask for longer, but that might seem a bit greedy.)   -- IseQween

From Lucia Nobrega


Lucia created this gorgeous art piece from one of my favourite scenes which is so joyous that I smile even when I think about it.





Nance from The Xena Scrolls

I received a very nice AUSXIP birthday card today from Nance at the Xena Scrolls!

Click on the image for the larger size!


Birthday Wishes from everyone at the Talking Xena Message Board!

Many many thanks to EZ and Tobias (Tobias created the card) for their birthday wishes!

Cool montage :)