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28 April 2007
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30 April 2007

Renee Interview Update

It seems some people are having problems downloading the large files so I've created smaller rm files which you can stream to your computer for those with slower connections. Click here to view the interview


This is an unusual request...does anyone recognise these names: chaines1952 or kandimaker462 - if you do, can you please contact me at

More Renee Burn Relay Pictures!

UK Lucy VCR Alerts
Many thanks to Jan for the following:

  • Small LL alert for the UK - LL's Bernie Mac episode is due to be shown at 03.55 in the morning on Channel Four on Thursday next - May 3rd.
  • The UK Sci-Fi channel has The Darkroom listed as being shown on 23rd May at 22.00 - Jan isn't sure if that's Lucy's Darkroom or another movie.

29 April 2007

More Renee Burn Relay Pictures!

Exclusive Renee O'Connor Interview 28 April 2007

Renee was gracious enough to give AUSXIP reporter Christa and her sidekick Ruth a video interview for the site. It's a wide ranging interview covering a great many topics including working on Boogeyman, Ghost Town, her thoughts on her co-workers over the years in various movies and some stories. Her thoughts about living in New Zealand, what Xena taught her and other topics.

The interview is 15 minutes in length and it's Renee at her most candid. You can now download two video clips.

Christa and Ruth are sleep deprived in getting this video interview to me (we finished at 3 am LA time) so I hope you all enjoy this interview. It's a real keeper in my opinion! It's also my favourite Renee interview!

Many thanks to Renee for taking the time for this interview and for being so candid. Renee was also given the money from the mini auction which raised $710 and she presented the checks to the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation!

I hope you all enjoy this interview.

Click here to download the video clips

28 April 2007

Burn Relay Update

Marilyn Edwards sent me some pics of Renee from the Burn Relay

You can see them here

You can also see more of Marilyn's pics on her own site


Celebrate Renee Day - 28 April 2007

The following is from Renee's Official List:

We have designated 28th April 2007 as Renee Day, to coincide with her appearnce at the Burn Rally which she supports each year. We are donating in Renee's name to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation to show our support and appreciation of Our Lady ROC *S*

You can make your contribution on line...go to:-

I know not everyone will be able to donate even though they would like to, so why not send a short message of support to:

who has agreed to keep a tally of contributions and send details to Renee after the event. (She'll also update the group here on Yahoo)

Please, show your support for this wonderful woman in any way you can, and let's make this the best event EVER.

Lots of love,

27 April 2007

New Renee Message

Renee Upcoming Event:

Boogeyman 2 Movie Update

Behind the Scenes Video Clip

  • The Ghost House Pictures site has been updated with a new video clip from the set of Boogeyman 2. No Renee footage that I can see. KILLS CUT: The Boogey 2 cast and crew can take a deep breath and wipe the blood off their faces now that Boogeyman 2 has officially wrapped principal photography. Click here to view the clip

Ghost Town Movie Update

Smoky Mountain Magazine - Spring 2007 Issue

You can now order online the Smoky Mountain magazine that features an article about the movie. Not sure if it has any references to Renee in the movie.

Click here to order (the current issue is at the bottom of the page)



26 April 2007

Lucy Articles

  • Added scan from OnFilm Magazine March 2007 which has a tribute to Kevin Smith. The tributes are from Lucy, Michael Hurst, Joel Tobeck, Kevin Sorbo, Oliver Driver, Zoe Bell.

Lucy Images / Roxy Concert

Photo Links

Rob Tapert Online


Zoe Bell News

If you are in Australia, you will have to wait to view the movie Grindhouse. It seems the movie hasn't done all that great in the US. The following appeared on the site regarding the release of the movie in Australia:

The heavily anticipated "Grindhouse" has been pulled from its May release slot in Australia and postponed till later in the year - at which time it will be split into two separate movies. Roadshow Film Distributors confirmed this today, in the following email :
In keeping with the theatrical release plans for all territories outside of the US, GRINDHOUSE will now be released as two separate theatrical features:  DEATH PROOF directed by Quentin Tarantino and PLANET TERROR directed by Robert Rodriguez.
Quentin Tarantino’s DEATH PROOF is premiering in the Cannes Film Festival in May. The Australian release of DEATH PROOF will be later in the year and will be followed by the release of PLANET TERROR.
Click here for more info


25 April 2007

This is majorly cool and I want to pass it along. As we know breast cancer is such a scourge and we need a cure so breast cancer research needs all the funds it can get. If you can help, that will be less money that they won't have to raise to find a cure for this disease.

1 in 11 Women are diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.

The following is from XenaCast Blog site.

My buddy Candideyes is walking 60 miles to raise money for breast cancer research. If you can donate a $1 or $1000, please go to her donation page and help her reach her goal.

Candid is also offering her professional quality photos that she's taken over the years at Xena events. There are lots of photos of Lucy during her concert at the Roxy last January. They are available for a $20 donation plus S&H. Visit the thread she started at the Xena Online Community board for photo info.

Xena Episode Podcasts and Fanfic Podcasts

Some time ago Joanna Sandsmark did audio versions of Missy Good's fiction and some other authors which I have enjoyed a great deal. You can still get those on Carol's site (Xena Multimedia) as mp3.

The XenaCast site takes that concept one step further and creates Xena/Lucy/Renee News & Episode Podcasts which are quite interesting. Amy does a really good job with these, she's got a very pleasant voice to listen to and I thoroughly enjoyed the couple of podcasts I've had the chance to listen to. Amy also does fanfic podcasts. So if you're into podcasts, hop on over to the XenaCast site and enjoy!

Lucy At The Roxy DVD Review by MaryD

As many of you know, I live in Oz and normally mail to Oz takes forever (especially if a certain customs guy wants to see the videos and the DVDs before I do...which happens would think I was bringing in naughty videos but that's another story for another time).

I received my DVD today which was a surprise at how quick it swam over. I was very eager to see this since I'm still giving my boss grief over not giving me the time off (he's a friend so I can give him a dose of the guilts).

My first impression was that Lucy's voice is stronger and richer since Duets. She was VERY relaxed. She couldn't lose here - she was in friend territory. There was absolutely no way she was going to disapoint anyone that night or not give her all. This was Lucy reaching out to her fans the only way Lucy knows how. Lucy owned that stage.

The last time I saw Lucy perform live was in Seattle in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (I won't gush about that now - go read the report Cindy and I wrote) and I felt Lucy was a tad nervous starter with her first song in the first show. I didn't see any of that nervousness from the start of the concert. It was gone. Again it could be because she was performing in front of her fans but Lucy the performer has matured.

That was simply amazing. Lucy's voice is so much stronger and powerful that in Duets. She was electrifying. Lucy owned that stage. I contrasted her performance singing Maxine with Dave Dobbyn in New Zealand (saw it on tape) and singing Maxine at the NZ Pre oscar bash (again on tape). Her voice was richer in singing this classic song; she owned the song rather than letting the music dictate (if that makes any sense but that's the impression I got). I loved all the songs and the banter in between.

I compared Tell Mama with her Duets performance and again it was richer, stronger, more vibrant.

Sharlotte Gibson has a phenomenal voice. Need to check out if her CD is available to buy.

If you haven't bought this DVD, I highly recommend it. Creation has outdone themselves with the quality of this DVD - mind you they really had something special to work with but the sound is great, the editing is superb, the camera work is wonderful. This is a real keeper. Well done Creation.

This is a must have for any Lucy fan and if you're a Renee fan (I get a double treat) you will LOOOOOVVVEEEE Renee's cameo. That woman can move! Go Ren!

Lucy rocked the Roxy and it was superb!

Go buy the DVD at



24 April 2007

Football Wives Update

Brian White (Kyle Jameson on FW) has posted news about Football Wives on his MySpace Blog on the 9th March (it reads in part):

As you know, TV pilots are never a sure bet to go to series -- meaning that you may never get to see the pilot episode or the show at all. So, if you want to see this show on television this fall, then let ABC know about your desire to see this show "make it" to "series" by writing letters to the execs at ABC and tell them so: Read more on Brian's MySpace Blog - Many thanks to Candace for the news

New Lucy Photos

  • Sharon has posted some backstage pics from Celebrity Duets of Lucy with various people. The pics are at the bottom of the page. Check them out here

Ghost Town Movie Update

Steven Sears Online

Xenaverse Artwork

Added a new artist to the gallery - Nikki Ford.

21 April 2007

Football Wives

I'm not quite sure by this article if this means they have picked up Football Wives as a series but that's how it reads to me (and with the recent new pic of Lucy on the set of Football Wives being an indication since they finished filming the pilot around 29 March)

Lucy Music Site Update

2006 Burbank Convention

Renee Images - Promotional Images


20 April 2007

Renee Interview in was at the Dinah Shore Event with Renee and she was interviewed. You can now view the video clip. Renee will be dancing again at Lucy's concerts in NY.

Check it out here - it's towards the end of the page
Many thanks to MET for the news

Lucy Pic update

Lucy's site has been updated with a new pic from the set of Football Wives. There is also an update about the Roxy DVD with some additional news of the extras on the DVD.

Click here for more info


2007 Xena NY Convention

The following has been released by Creation Entertainment


We're happy to welcome one of our favorite guests, STEVEN L. SEARS, to the fun of the upcoming Official XENA Convention set for June 1-3, 2007 at The Crowne Plaza Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey (minutes from Manhattan). Steve served as Co-Executive Producer for the series. We love having him speak at our conventions because he gives audiences a rare peek behind the scenes of the television business.

Steve joins our already announced guests: LUCY LAWLESS, RENEE O'CONNOR, BRITTNEY POWELL and CHARLES KEATING, with more to be announced soon!



19 April 2007

Celebrate Renee Day

The following is from Renee's Official List:

We have designated 28th April 2007 as Renee Day, to coincide with her appearnce at the Burn Rally which she supports each year. We are donating in Renee's name to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation to show our support and appreciation of Our Lady ROC *S*

You can make your contribution on line...go to:-

I know not everyone will be able to donate even though they would like to, so why not send a short message of support to:

who has agreed to keep a tally of contributions and send details to Renee after the event. (She'll also update the group here on Yahoo)

Please, show your support for this wonderful woman in any way you can, and let's make this the best event EVER.

Lots of love,

Lucy NY Concert Update

The following is from Creation:

  • LUCY LAWLESS in CONCERT in NEW YORK "Come to Mama" Tour: the sensational superstar we love brings her music to The Big Apple for the very first time and we just can't wait. Today we are announcing the sell-out of ALL PREMIERE SEATING for ALL THREE NIGHTS of the concert! Thanks to all of Lucy's wonderful fans for supporting the concert tour. STANDING ROOM is still available for the three shows: May 31, June 1 and June 2 (8pm). These concerts are sure to thrill!

2007 NY Xena Convention Update from Creation

  • The Official XENA CONVENTION "The East Coast Visit of Lucy, Renee and Friends": Check out the convention image which we love as this will be on the official shirt offered at the convention. GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES (the top of the line way to attend the event) are virtually SOLD OUT and will be removed from sale at the close of business Pacific Time MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2007. The Gold Packages offer the only way to attend the Friday Cocktail Reception and the Sunday Breakfast. Coming soon: MORE guests and info on the buses from the hotel to Lucy's concerts.

DVD News from Creation

  • Our two newest DVDs are IN THE MAIL and they came out great! LUCY blew the roof off the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood when she debuted her musical concert to sold out crowds. Here's the LUCY LAWLESS IN CONCERT "Come to Mama" DVD which also includes lots of great extra added footage. You gotta love this film.
  • And, we're also shipping "TWO FOR THE ROAD" which is the 2007 Burbank Convention appearances of LUCY and RENEE. Both our favorites are looking good and their chemistry is wonderfully entertaining as always. We think the format of both stars appearing solo and then together worked great and here's your chance to share an afternoon with L & R.

Xena Prop House


18 April 2007

Renee / Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Auction

Ghost Town VIP Ticket for the premiere of Ghost Town The Movie - there are two tickets on the auction so here's your chance to attend this event!

Generously donated by Dean Teaster to raise money for The Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. These tickets have not gone on sale to the public yet (24 April 2007).

The ticket includes the World Premiere AND the After Glow Party afterwards.

See Renee's new movie, attend the VIP party AND support The Alissa Ann Run Burn Foundation.

"The World Premiere"
will be followed by an elegant "After Glow Celebration." This red carpet affair is an event you won't want to miss. Mingle with the celebrities and other distinguished guests under the stars as you enjoy hors devours and other refreshments.

Auction #1  |  Auction #2


Xena Scans

Season 1

Season 5

Renee News - Burn Relay

Burn Relay Press Release and Ticket Information

Ticket information:

People can call to buy raffle tickets to support the Relay. The tickets are a dollar each and they have some pretty nice prizes Universal Hollywood, Jay Leno Taping, Lego Land and more….


You can purchase "Opportunity Tickets" and if they win and live out of state, yes, the folks who send things out will send their presents to them.



Support Your Local Firefighters

Firefighters and Local Fire Agencies Host 16th Annual Burn Relay to Benefit Burn Survivors

(Los Angeles, CA)…Los Angeles City and County Fire Departments and members of fire associations throughout Southern California will gather at the Santa Monica Air Center (3021 Airport Ave.) at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday April 28, 2007 to kick off the 16th Annual Burn Relay to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (AARBF).

Click here to read more

Magazine Alert - Smoky Mountain Magazine

The latest issue of Smoky Mountain Magazine features an article about
the Ghost Town Movie movie! You can order a copy from

Many thanks to Dean for the news


16 April 2007

Congratulations are in order for Deborah Abbott and hubby on the arrival of baby Dakota! Welcome to the Xenaverse, Dakota. Deb had an emergency C-section at 9:19am 15 April 2007. Dakota came into this world weighing in at a healthy 7lbs. 8oz. and Mum and bub are all doing just fine. Many thanks to Wendy  for the news!

Congratulations also go to the Xenaversity of Minnesota Gang on their 9th Anniversary!  Good on ya to Jamester and everyone at the Xenaversity for the great job they have done over the years including raising money for charity and the endless hours of enjoyment with the videos and other goodies!

AUSXIP Charity Auctions Update

Thanks to everyone who participated in this mini auction to raise money for the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation in time for the Burn Relay on the 28th April.  It looks like there was a total of $310 raised.

4 All Of Us OMC with Lucy Lawless

You can now buy the single 4 All Of Us as mp3 with Lucy and OMC's Pauly Fuemana for $1.99 NZD. If you wish to pay by credit card, you need to spend $5 on purchases.

Click here to buy and download the single


Lucy Movies: Justice League


RELEASE DATE: Late 2007 from Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Home Video. BEHIND THE SCENES: Written and produced by Darwyn Cooke and Stan Berkowitz; produced by Bruce Timm; executive produced by Sander Schwartz and Gregory Noveck.
THE SCOOP: One of the most critically acclaimed comic series of the past decade is making its way to DVD players later this year. Click here to read more - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Renee Subsites: FBI Untold Stories

The FBI: Untold Stories - Blue Fiber Video and Screencaptures

This is the second episode Renee filmed for the FBI Untold Stories in 1992. Renee is Officer Renee Lanot who is a young rookie cop brought in to help catch a killer who kidnaps and kills prostitutes in his van with blue carpeting (blue fibers) Trivia: Renee is wearing brown contact lenses in this episode.

14 April 2007

Renee Multimedia: TV Shows: The Price is Right

The Price is Right (1991) - Video clips and screencaptures

Renee appeared on this game show in 1991 . Contestants place one bid on an offered prize; the player who bid closest (but not over) then gets to play one of several mini-games for an additional prize. One contestant, through various elimination formats, could find themselves winning a large showcase of prizes at the show's conclusion. There is a large wheel with various amounts up to one dollar, which contestants were asked to spin (Renee wins 35c) The contestant who came closet to one dollar in either one or two spins, without going over, was brought back to compete in the Showcase at the end of the show (Renee is one of the two contestants).

Hercules Trading Cards / Lucy Cards

Added the following scans from the Hercules Series 1 and 2 Trading Cards


13 April 2007

Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Auction

Renee Autographed 2005 Car Wash Flyer + Renee at the Car Wash DVD

This flyer was to advertise Renee's participation in the 2005 Southern California Firefighters Car Wash to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

This auction is for the autographed flyer and a DVD of Renee at this event. Donated by Anne Pizotes for the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation - 

Xena DVD Commentary Screencaptures

Added DVD screencaptures from the Return of Callisto commentary by Lucy and Renee

Click here to view captures


Renee Trading Card Scans

Added scan of Hercules Legendary Journeys Trading Card for the episode "For Those Of You Just Joining Us" - Renee as that ever perky and slightly nutty Camp Wannachuck coordinator. The episode is just hilarious and made even more so with Renee as Sunny Day.

Click here to view


Marissa Jaret Winokur News

Marissa was interviewed on EXTRA where she revealed that seven years ago she had cervical and uterine cancer caused by the HPV virus (Human papillomavirus) and is now part of a campaign to encourage women to get tested for the HPV virus.

You can download the video clip of Marissa on EXTRA -
many thanks to Angela for the video clip.

12 April 2007

AUSXIP Charity Auction Update

Added new auction item for the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

Photograph of Renee O'Connor on the set of Ghost Town
(copyright on the sample photo will not be on the printed copy)

Donated by Dean Teaser |

Size: 19x13 with the border, the picture itself is 16 1/4 x 11
(Previously listed as 8 x 10 which is incorrect)

If you were bidding on this photo, my apologies, I accidently deleted it and had to resubmit. Click here to bid on this item

Upcoming Renee TV Movie

Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) will be airing The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?' (1993) this Friday, April 13, at 8:00 a.m., Easter Standard Time (USA). (Please check your tv guide in your area for different times)  In addition to a really cute, young Renee, it will also features David Franklin, who played Brutus on Xena!  - Many thanks to Caley for the news


New Jersey/New York Fan / Con News

Received the following note from EZ Ryder from the Talking Xena Message Board:

The Official TX Meet Up at the NJ Con Hotel
  • This is the 4th annual TX meet up, and Im really looking forward to it! The meetup will be in the hotel lobby. The hotel being the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel. Meetup time is 10 to 11am. Day is Friday, June 1st.  We have a decent size group going so far, so all you lurkers out there who are going to the con and reading this, we'd love to meet you! We are a friendly bunch, so feel free to post here and introduce yourself, or just come on down to the meet up. You'll be glad you did. Read more here

Zoe Bell Multimedia

9 April 2007
Zoe on Conan O'Brien Show talking about Xena, Double Dare and her new movie Grindhouse -- Clip created by Roger

Click here to download video clip


11 April 2007

The server is back up :) It took longer than I thought it would.

Kevin Smith Tribute T-shirt

There is a  t-shirt memorial project that has been created to benefit Kevin's family. It's backed by a number of big names in the film industry, including Hercules star Kevin Sorbo and Xena actor Lucy Lawless. The shirts include the words "Old Lion Safari Park film training camp - 1963-Kevin Smith-2002. Now two former acting colleagues are paying tribute to their old mate and raising money for the family he left behind. Stuntmen Craig Dunn and Shaughan Campbell have fond memories of their work on set with Kevin. Much of it took place at the site of a former lion safari park on Redhills Rd in Massey where numerous scenes from Xena and Hercules were shot. Proceeds will go into a special trust for Kevin's wife Sue and their three sons Oscar, Tyrone and Willard.

Click here to read an article about the tshirts

Click here to order the t-shrits

Kevin Smith Tribute OnFilm Magazine

New Xena Scans

Lucy Scans

Renee Site Update

New Subsite


9 April 2007

Official Renee Pictures from White Diamond Party

Kat Fitzgerald, the official photographer for the Club Skirts / PlanetOut Dinah Shore Event, contacted me with the following link to her site Mystic Images Photography with photos from the event. There are quite a few of them (2000 in all) and more than quite a few of Renee.

You can order them from the site

4 x 6 - $1.29 
8 x 10 - $4.99
5 x 7 - $2.29     
11 x 14 - $10.99

All orders will have added a $4.95 shipping/handling fee automatically when you check out.

New Renee Message

Renee has posted a new message on her site - check it out here

Renee to Attend 2007 Burn Relay

The other big news is that Renee will be attending this year's Burn Relay to raise money for the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Renee confirmed the news on her site. The money raised this month from the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Charity Auction will be donated on the day of the Burn Relay. The relay is scheduled for the 28th April LA County Fire Station 118, 17056 E Gale Ave, City of Industry 91745 (information is from the the Foundation calendar of events)

Ghost Town Movie News

Received the following note about the premiere of the movie from Dean Teaster:

The word of the premiere is spreading quickly and people are already buying up the VIP tickets. I wanted to explain the chain of events so everyone understands our step by step process. first, the premiere at Eagle Nest was limited to weekend availability and had to be done in conjuction with the Ghost Town in the Sky theme park opening around May 25th. Yes, it did bump into the Xena convention, but this will not hurt the film or the convention in any way. It is more exposure for Renee anyway you look at it. Read more

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Update

  • I was inspired by Steven's Lucy pics from the Roxy and decided to create a new banner for the site. Check it out here - Many thanks to Steven for the use of his pictures.

Lucy at Pure White Party


Added three b/w photos of Lucy on stage at the Pure White Party
Photos are by Amber


Xenaverse News

Received the following note from Xandrella about a new music video contest


8 April 2007

I hope everyone has had a safe holiday period..

The brand new AUSXIP Charity Auctions site is up and running! AUSXIP Charity Auctions was born out of a desire to be able to auction off items for the Starship Children's Hospital and The Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation charities without paying fees to online auction sites.

100% of the money raised on this site goes directly to the nominated charity. In it's short life we have raised thousands of dollars and hopefully in the years to come, raise a bit more money for these worthy charities.

AUSXIP generates no fees and is completely free to register, to bid and to donate.

The new address is:

You will need to register (the old auction site will no longer be used and if you registered there, you will need to re-register)

Renee O'Connor Diamonds and Guns Auction for the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

The following Diamonds and Guns poster was autographed by Renee for AUSXIP.

Size: 10 x 15 inches

Diamonds and Guns is a movie which Renee O'Connor is one the leads, she is also producing and directing this movie. For more information see the Diamonds and Guns Movie News & Multimedia Fan Site

All the money raised will benefit the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

Here is a photo (it's too big to scan) of the poster and the autograph.

The poster will be shipped from the US to: Worldwide

Shipping costs have been donated by a generous fan who wishes to remind anonymous


6 April 2007

Renee Pics on AfterEllen

There are two pictures of Renee from the Dinah Shore Event on the site. Check them out here

"Look for a video interview with Renee and a few other guests at the party on the site next week."

New Xenaverse Art

Lucy Screencaptures

Behind The Scenes Captures

Zoe Bell News

  • There's a feature on the women of grindhouse in the may 2007 issue..and a video of the shoot is on the vanity fair site
  • Coming Soon has an interview with Zoe:
    New Zealand stunt gal Zoe Bell made her mark in the Tarantino universe in both volumes of "Kill Bill" playing Uma Thurman's double. So enamored by his experience with Bell, Tarantino wrote her into "Death Proof"…as herself. In the film, Bell plays, er, Zoe Bell, a Kiwi stunt woman in America jonesin' to get her ass behind the wheel of a fine American muscle car...Read more
    Many thanks to LB for the links
  • There's a great review of Grindhouse and in particular Zoe on the site
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

2007 NY Convention News

The following is from Creation's email list:

  • All of us at Creation Entertainment are happy to be returning to The East Coast with The Official XENA Convention, coming to Secaucus, New Jersey on June 1-3, 2007. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor are headlining the convention, appearing separately and together on Saturday. Renee will also be doing her famous photo ops on Saturday morning. Today we've put all the various admission tickets on sale, including the most economical way to see a single day or two: general admission. Look for announcements about additional guests in the days to come but we're starting with BRITTNEY POWELL (Brunnhilda) who was a smash hit at Burbank so we had to invite her to the East Coast! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE EAST COAST XENA CONVENTION SITE

2008 Burbank Convention News

  • Brittney is also the FIRST guest booked for the 2008 Burbank Official XENA CONVENTION, scheduled for January 25-27, 2008 at the Airport Marriott in Burbank. We've put GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES on sale for this particular convention and they are about 3/4 sold out based on the great support received by folks who signed up at the 2007 event. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE 2008 XENA BURBANK CONVENTION SITE.


5 April 2007

Lucy to sing with Band From TV

  • The latest issue of the TV Guide (9 April 2007) has an article on the celebrity band  Band From TV which has as it's member Greg Grunberg, Huge Laurie, James Denton and others. It's main objective is to raise money for charity. The article says that Lucy will be singing with the band. Doesn't say the date or the venue.
    Click here to see the scans

WIN Lucy Concert Tickets

The following is from Jamester at the Xenaversity

Enter a DRAWING for FREE LUCY LAWLESS Concert Tickets!

A very generous Xena fan, who'd like to remain anonymous, would like to DONATE two PREMIERE tickets she bought for the Lucy Lawless Concert in New York to a couple of deserving Xena fans. The "Come To Mama" tickets are for May 31st, 2007, a Thursday. What makes these tickets even more appealing is that they are PREMIERE SEATING, which offers a chair or booth seating instead of standing room only.

Click here to read more


Dinah Shore DVD Update

The offer for the Dinah Shore Weekend DVD with Lucy's performances at the Pure White Party has been removed. Anne doesn't have the proper authority/permission to sell Lucy's performances. In respect to Lucy's wishes, I have removed the offer from the site.

Anne will be returning any monies received and won't make the DVD available. Click here to read Anne's message.


Lucy at the Girlbars Pure White Party


Anne Pizotes has taken an excellent video of all of Lucy's three songs - she sent some amazing screencaptures.



My new Lucy Artwork

Well I was inspired with all the Lucy photos and screencaptures from Lucy's peformances at the Dinah Shore event and I've created a new montage! Check it out here



Lucy Mention

The following article appeared The Times News site - 5 April 2007. Lucy performed Jump Into My Fire at the Roxy so it may be for the DVD release:

  • TheTimesNews - 5 April 2007: Johnny Cobb got an interesting call the other day. It was from a lady who represents TV and movie actress Lucy Lawless. Lawless, who appeared on the “Celebrity Duets” show last fall, was interested in performing the Etta James song “Jump Into My Fire” on her first CD. Cobb wrote the song. “She’s already shot the video and just wanted to know if she could have permission to use the song on the CD. I was like, ‘sure, go ahead,’ ” Cobb said in a phone interview from Nashville, Tenn., where he now lives. Click here to read the full article

Xena DVD News - Australia

Finally coming to Australia is the 10th Anniversary Xena DVD set! You can now preorder a copy - it includes some of the commentaries that were on the Region 1 DVD sets and not on the Region 4 version. If you pre-order you get a Xena Sword Letter Opener! Check it out here

For Aussie Herc fans you can now purchase the complete season set as well. Check it out here - many thanks to Bradley for the news!

Xenaverse News

Zoe Bell news

  • reports that Dimension Films will sneak Grindhouse into U.S. theaters a day early, debuting it in 13 cities on April 5, the studio announced. That puts the faux double feature of exploitation movies head-to-head against Warner Brothers' The Reaping, which also bows on that Thursday. Click here to read more

Rob Tapert News

  • Ghost House Launches New Indie Film Shorts
    The official website for Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert's horror production company Ghost House Pictures has been updated with four original short films. The films include "Caller Unknown," "Night Waking," "Mouse Trap" and "Saving Face."
    You can watch the videos here!

4 April 2007

Lucy and Renee mention on Lesbianation

This year, Girlbar's team pulled in big guns Lucy Lawless, Ce Ce Penniston and Carmen Electra, while Club Skirts served up parties peppered with The L Word's Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig, Jackie Warner, Alex Hedison and Crystal Waters. Too bad the celebs didn't literally tug o war. Imagine Joan Jett's purported piece of tail Carmen Electra going toe to toe with Jackie Warner… It'd be ass against abs. Or Lawless kicking ass on the opposite side of the rope from her former Xena sidekick Renee O'Connor—who turned up at Club Skirts' White Diamonds party to make the ladies swoon.. Click here to read more

3 April 2007

Lucy at Dinah Shore Event - Video Clips

Kris and I had a bit of a broadband problem and we couldn't get the video clips to one another but that has been resolved and the two remaining video clips. Black Velvet and I'm The Only One by Lucy are now available. Kris was right at the stage.

Click here download all three video clips

Renee Pics

Added two Renee official pics to the Dinah Shore Event Gallery
Many thanks to Melissa for the images

Lucy at the Roxy

  • Steven Sears has created a Lucy animated gif that is rather..interesting :) Steven created it using his photos of Lucy...go check it out here - Thanks Steven!

Ghost Town Movie Update

  • Updated the site with news from Dean Teaster about the premiere of the movie and a possible premiere in LA

Women We Love Poll Update

  • Lucy has replaced Renee in the #1 spot, Renee is #2  and Kathryn Morris has disappeared from the list. Click here for more info
    many thanks to MET for the news


2 April 2007

Coming Up:

Renee O'Connor Diamonds and Guns Auction for the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. IN the next few days I'll be posting an auction for a Renee original...Renee autographed the large size Diamonds and Guns poster at the Dinah Shore Weekend for AUSXIP (Thank you Renee!)

All the money raised will benefit the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

Here is a photo (it's too big to scan) of the poster and the autograph.

Renee Site Updates

New Additions to the site


The Interviews subsites main page is still under contruction but I'm slowly adding to it.

Added screencaptures and video clip from the
KTLA Morning Show - 31 March 1998 interview


Lucy at Dinah Shore Weekend

  • You can now download the video clips of "I'm The Only One" and "Black Velvet" from Lucy's site

Lucy Articles

The Bard's Corner


  • Added The Heart of the Matter - Part 2 (Unfinished) by Caina Fuller
    Augustus Caesar has retaken power in Rome, and he wants Eve to return, either as his wife, or as his warrior. To make sure she will give in to his demands, he orders Ledricles, a promising warrior who wants everything Eve walked away from in Rome (especially Caesar), to kidnap Virgil. Now Eve must return to fight in the Arena, or agree to be Augustus’s wife. If she does not choose, Virgil will pay the price with with his life, and so will every Elijan in the known world.

Battlestar Galactica

  • The Long Road Home by Joseph Connell
    What if the Thirteenth Colony was real?  What would they look like?  And what would they make of their cousins from the stars?

Xenaverse News

Jennifer Ward-Lealand

  • Trace and Erin went to see Jennifer in her Australian cabaret show "Falling In Love Again" which is a Marlena Deitrich cabaret show. Click here to read their review
  • You can purchase a recording of her touring cabaret show Jennifer Ward-Lealand Falling in Love Again from her site. Click here for more info

Jay Laga'aia

  • The Canberra Times 29 March 2007 had an article on Australia's national TV broadcaster, the ABC celebrating 75 years and there was a pic of Jay Laga'aia with a birthday cake.

1 April 2007

Report from the DSW

Lucy at Dinah Shore Weekend

Just uploaded some more Lucy pics, including one from the VIP Party afterwards and screencaptures from the video clip
Added video clip of her song Rag Doll.  Black Velvet and Only one will be up shortly. Many thanks to Kris for the clips!

Click here to view

Over on Lucy's site, Sharon has posted a clip of Lucy singing Black Velvet - SIZZLE CITY! Click here to download clips


I posted this to the ausxip update mailing list and forgot to update the site with it...some days are better than others <vbg>

Sigourney Weaver & Lucy Lawless?


Click here for March 2007 Xena Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Updates

Click here for more Archived News