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1 - 7 December 1996

SUMMER TV - All the New Shows: What Scores, What Bores

"Ripsnoter: Lucy Lawless, the fomidable Xena"

Xena: Warrior Princess
Premieres: 7:30 pm, Channel 10


Concept: Spin-off series from Hercules in which Xena, warrior
Princess, kitted out in breastplate and thigh boots, uses her
formidable martial arts skills to fight the forces of evil.

Verdict: Rollicking good fun as Xena, like Hercules, encounters
all manner of monsters and bad guys in the lush forests of a
mythical never-never land. The lavist sets and costumes make it
easy to get swept into this fantasy world no matter how old
you are. Ripsnorting adventure TV

**** (Four stars)

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