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16-22 June 1997

screenings and screamings

by Joal Ryan

Xena warrrior princess From A to Z

She's big, she's bad, she's buff and she's got an awesome battle cry. Here's the scoop on TV's hottest heroine.
Ever since Xena: Warrior Princess debuted in the fall of 1995, people just can't get enough of this iron maiden. Whether you've seen all 40-plus episodes or haven't seen any, we're here to help you brush up on your Xena glossary with a handy-dandy A to Z guide. After all, a good warrior princess—or prince, for that matter—is always prepared.

Auckland, New Zealand. The land next to the Land Down Under (that's Australia) where Xena is filmed. Auckland is also the home of the series' star, Lucy Lawless.

Bride with White Hair, The. The Hong Kong action movie that inspired the makers of Hercules to invent a warrior princess character of their own.

Chakram. The razor-sharp ring that Xena throws at people—people she's really mad at. Ouch.

Daisy. The name of single-mom Lucy Lawless' 9-year-old daughter.

Enemy, The name is Callisto (Hudson Leick). Sort of like a really mean version of Jenny McCarthy. 

Five-foot-11. The actual height of 29-year-old Lawless, minus her boots.

Gabrielle. Xena's spunky, sunny sidekick. Played by Texas native Renee O'Connor.

Hercules. Mythical Greek strongman. When Xena and Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) first met, it was murder. Literally. Xena wanted to kill the guy—she was a little, well, misguided in those days. Soon Xena buried the hatchet with Here and vowed to give up a life of random pillaging. She was rewarded with a TV series of her own.

Internet. Xena's domain extends into cyberspace. There are hundreds of Xena sites, including the all-Spanish site Xena: La Princesa Guerrera. Check out many Xena links through virtually react:

Joxer (Ted Raimi). A frequent guest warrior—and comic foil for our deadly serious Xena. Also the brother of Sam Raimi, executive producer of Xena and the maker of bizarre (yet hip) movies like Evil Dead and The Quick and the Dead.

Kismet Also known as destiny. Lawless landed her leather crusader role when the actress originally slated to play Xena on three episodes of Hercules got sick. Faster than you can say, "Yi, yi, yi, yi," Lawless got the gig.

Love. Yes, Xena does sometimes find herself in the arena of love. Some of her more prominent suitors include Marcus, a man from the past who popped back into Xena's life during the first season, and Ulysses, cute King of Ithaca, from last season.

Musical. Xena goes from Greece to Grease! From Sept. 2 to Oct. 19, Lawless will take on the role of the gum-smacking Rizzo in the Broadway musical. (What? You were expecting her to play sweet Sandy?)

National anthem. In case you missed the hype, Lawless belted out the national anthem for a hockey game several weeks back. Unfortunately, just as she hit a high note, her strapless costume didn't exactly rise to the occasion. Oops.

Opera. Lawless' voice training at Auckland University almost led to a career warbling Madam Butterfly instead of battling barbaric enemies. Guess that's where she got the ear-shattering war cry, huh?

Pelvis. Bone that Lawless fractured last October while filming a skit for The Tonight Show.

Quirky. The best way to describe the: lime zone in the show. Usually it's set in The age of "ancient gods, warlords, and kings." to the Xenaverse. however, our heroine can sometimes pop up in weird places like Macedonia, circa 1940. Alrighty then.

Renewed. That's right, the syndicated show was. picked up for another two Seasons. Check your local TV listings If things keep going, the way ihey are, we could be watching Xena into the 21 Century.
Sound track. The Xena CD features music from series by composer Joseph LoDuca. Ms Lawless herself one number called "Burial,"

Toys. You know you've made it big when they make an action figure of your likeness. Check out the 5- and 10-inch Xenas. now collectors' items. Sword, chakram. bow and arrow included, of course,

U and 1 million other fans watch Xena some mythical rear end every {Yeah, yeah, so we're fudging
a bit on the one. U try coming up with something for "U.")

Video. Hercules & Xena: The Animated Movie is coming to video stores this fall Yep, your favorite leather-clad heroes in cartoon form.

Wizards of the Screen. A new live-action Hercules and Xena show debuting this summer at Universal Studios in Florida. Xena touch.' A variation on die old Mr. Spock "death grip" from Star Trek. An effective two-fingered pressure-point technique that Xena uses to zap foes silly.

Yoga. Lawless' workout routine. To make her battle scenes more realistic, she also has studied basic kung fu moves and sword-fighting techniques.

Zena. Greek name, meaning "guest" or "stranger." Also spelled (you guessed it "xcna." An apt moniker for our wandering heroine.

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