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'Lesbian' Xena enrages Hindus

'The Dominion'
(New Zealand)

25 February 1999

Hindu groups are outraged at an episode of Xena, Warrior Princess, starring Kiwi Lucy Lawless, which they say demeans their god Krishna by showing him endorsing Xena's "perverted" lesbian relationship. The episode, due to screen in the United States this week, has enraged Hindus who say the plot shows the revered god "engaging in fictitious activities helping Xena save her lesbian lover". A spokesman for the American-based World Vaishnava Association, Tusta Krishnadas, said the episode demeaned Lord Krishna by depicting him as a fictional character and suggesting that the god and the Vedic religion approved of homosexual relationships.

"This is an absolute outrage since Vedic scriptures, the scripture of yoga, reject homosexuality as a perversion. It is a slap in the face of all Hindus and an obvious attempt to misrepresent and undermine Vedic religion, " he said.

Wellington Indian Association president Sharda Patel said last night she agreed with the stance, as any programme making fun of Krishna "would offend and hurt any Indian person". She did not watch the programme, but would take action to stop the episode screening in New Zealand. A spokeswoman for Auckland-based Pacific Renaissance Pictures, which makes the show, was reluctant to comment last night, stressing that the protesters had not seen the episode.


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