The Washington Post

3 April 2004


Byline: Joseph Szadkowski

Superhero and cartoon characters have become integral parts of the electronic entertainment industry. Around the world, youngsters and guys who can't get dates spend countless hours in front of their computers and video-game systems.

With this in mind, I salute the melding of pop-culture characters and Silicon Valley with a look at some ...


* Xena, the Warrior Princess: Season Three, by Anchor Bay Entertainment (for DVD-enabled computers and home entertainment centers, $69.99). After viewers saturate themselves with eight digital video discs filled with 22 episodes, commentaries and bloopers highlighting the exploits of the toughest female ever to challenge the ancient gods via a television series, a dandy bonus disc awaits to make the entertaining set even better.

Die-hard fans need only place Disc 9 into the Mac (10.12 or higher) or PC (Windows 98 or higher) CD-ROM drive to appreciate such goodies as a Xena encyclopedia (featuring her foes and friends, along with videos of each); printable production designs and sketches from each episode; a text-based history behind the characters of the show; and a daunting, multiple-choice trivia challenge.

Read all about it: Dark Horse Comics created a 14-issue series about Xena during the final two years of the show. Fans can grab three paperbacks ("The Warrior Way of Death," $9.95; "Blood and Shadows," $11.95; and "Slave," $9.95) to enjoy her sequential-art exploits.

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