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Falling In Love Again
Jennifer Ward-Lealand

Marlene Dietrich Cabaret Show

Review by Trace and Erin

Not really knowing what to expect from "Falling in love again" a cabaret act based on the performances of Marlene Dietrich, we were genuinely surprised at the polished performance given by Jennifer Ward-Lealand and the excellent support she received from Grant Winterburn and Aaron Coddel on Piano and Base.

Jennifer performed twenty three wonderful songs, authentically presented and evoking in the audience a sense of nostalgia for smoke filled dining rooms with exquisitely clad patrons.

We kept wanting to sip on a martini and toe tap but the Street theatre seats prohibited our natural inclinations. We would love to see this performed in a cabaret setting though this is contrary to the actual later Dietich performances which were in theatres.

True to Dietrichís performances from the 1950's onwards Jennifer has retained the simple elegant dress and minimal movements of the great diva while communicating passion, humour and wit through occasional asides and explanations between songs.

Her mezzo soprano range did not simply mimic Dietrich rather Jennifer brought light and shade to her performance which, in our opinion gave great depth to her renditions of these classic songs. "White Grass" had Trace in tears, tis particular song was never recorded by Dietrich, though performed by her. If you want a copy of this great song make sure you purchase the CD at the performances or from Jennifer's website.

Jennifer was extremely gracious with her attention and time after the show, gladly signing CDís, mixed paraphernalia and sitting and chatting to the enamoured Xena fans. What an extremely talented lady. We truly hope she graces Australia with her presence again.

We would happily recommend seeing "falling in love again" to all Dietrich fans and Jennifer fans, It was a moving, funny and flawless performance.




Jennifer is thrilled to announce her CD, Falling in Love Again, a recording of her touring cabaret show Jennifer Ward-Lealand Falling in Love Again Click here for more about the CD including a complete song list and instructions on how to order.