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Hudson Leick
February 19, 1998

PEOPLE Online: Hi everyone! I'm Marianne Goldstein, the editor of PEOPLE
Online and tonight here on Yahoo!, our guest is...ta-dah! Hudson Leick! She's
better known as Callisto on Xena: Warrior Princess. Hudson has spawned such
intense devotion on the web that there are over 36 sites and a usenet group devoted to her. 

Welcome Hudson! Thanks very much for being here I have to ask -- are you on
the Internet? Do you keep track of all of your fan sites?

Hudson Leick: No. 

Ares_the_God_of_War_ asks: How much input do you have on your character?

Hudson Leick: Hmm. When we get together and have a read-through, I can detail
some of things I say. If they have my character say something I don't think
she would say, I can come up with something else. 

Lawrence1980 asks: What is Callisto the goddess of, if she is a goddess?

Hudson Leick: In reality, she's not a goddess. But in the show she's a
goddess, perhaps of scorn. I don't know...locked into her own non-forgiveness.
It's so weird to do this chat thing, no inflection, no tone. I feel I have to
be perfect, but don't expect it. 

Nordic_chic asks: Hudson, it seemed that Callisto suddenly has become Xena's
moral conscience lately. What will happen once Cal gets out of that cave?

Hudson Leick: I have absolutely no idea what they're planning on doing with
me. It's up to the writers. Oh, wait.... I'm with Hercules now, causing chaos
with him and Aries. 

Aurora1698 asks: Are you anything like Callisto?

Hudson Leick: Absolutely. 

Aftershock_oasis asks: Why were you on Touched By An Angel only a few times?

Hudson Leick: I don't know. 

Brendan_14 asks: Who is you favorite female character on the show, besides

Hudson Leick: There're not a lot of choices. I'd have to say Xena. 

_MAC_ asks: Did you have to train in martial arts to play Callisto?

Hudson Leick: I did for 3 days when I first got the job, for 1 hour each day.
Going back to that last question, I like the character that played Xena's
mentor, that Asian woman, she was a brilliant actress.

Alabash_ asks: We think you RoCk. Loud cheers when you come on screen. Can ya
give us any insight as to what the big deal was with the kiss you gave Xena in
"Bitter Suite"? There were rumors flying around that it was too steamy.

Hudson Leick: She needed a good smooch to wake her up! It was just a peck. I
did enjoy it and I did kiss her seven times. I even threatened to put my
tongue in her mouth. 

Middie84 asks: With "Xena," "Touched By An Angel" and "Seventh Heaven" aren't
you afraid of being typecast as a TV actress only?

Hudson Leick: Who cares! 

Kimguest_64b97174 asks: Will Callisto ever turn good?

Hudson Leick: I don't know. Hmmmmmmm?! 

Dralafee asks: Do u like playing such an evil role? Is it fun to do things on
"Xena" u couldn't do in real life?

Hudson Leick: Who says I can't do these things in real life? Just kidding.
It's beautiful to play Callisto! I love it. 

Bantha_2000 asks: Do you like Lucy Lawless?

Hudson Leick: Yes I do. I have a lot of respect for her. 

Ares_the_God_of_War_ asks: I recently read that you will be leaving
"Xena:Warrior Princess" after this season is over. Is this true, and if so,

Hudson Leick: Possibility. Not much more to do with the character without
ruining her. 

Xavr1 asks: What is your favorite Xena/Hercules episode you have done?

Hudson Leick: When I turned into a goddess. And I also liked the musical. I
thought that was really bold and brave.

Bishop147 asks: How many of your own stunts do you do?

Hudson Leick: I do most of my own fighting. And if you look closely, recently,
especially in "Armageddon," one of the stunt women is six months pregnant and
playing me. 

RichieNoHo asks: What would be your dream role as an actress?

Hudson Leick: A nice drug addict. Heroin. ;-) 

MbluesInLA asks: I loved the job you did singing on the "Xena" musical
episode. Can we expect any more singing from you on or off the screen?

Hudson Leick: Hell no! 

ScoatGumby asks: Hi Hudson, what's it like working with Kevin Smith?

Hudson Leick: Ummmm. He's a gorgeous man, very friendly, very open with
everyone, really guileless. 

Pocket_change_97 asks: Hudson, you are the greatest. Are there any new
projects you are working on currently?

Hudson Leick: I don't know yet for sure. Maybe. 

JDguest_7b97397 asks: Would you like to do theater work in the future?

Hudson Leick: Yes. 

Pocket_change_97 asks: Hudson, are you a big fan of science fiction?

Hudson Leick: No. But my sister is a rabid fan of SciFi of all kinds. She
loves all the StarTreks. I really don't watch much TV, and as for SciFi books,
I read Piers Anthony.

Glassian asks: How hard was it to get the part of Callisto?

Hudson Leick: I had to sleep with everyone. {laughs} 

JIMMY__NOLAN asks: Out of all the roles you have played which one did you like

Hudson Leick: I liked the "Hijacked" role, and of course Callisto. 

Zzzaney_1 asks: If you could pick one direction for your character to go, what
would it be?

Hudson Leick: East. 

1snowflake_16 asks: Will she ever fall in love?

Hudson Leick: She is in love. 

Cityvixen asks: If you could live your life over, what would you do

Hudson Leick: Do you mean me, Hudson? If you mean me, Hudson, then I would try
to open up more and be less afraid. 

Dyonises asks: What is your idea of the perfect man?

Hudson Leick: Definitely a man that works with his hands. Must be really
funny. Very intelligent. Absolutely adore me. 

Colinguest_648d6865 asks: When and where did you start your modeling career?

Hudson Leick: God! Rochester, NY, when I was 15. I used to do Sibley's, and I
did their full-page underwear spread. My dad was a CEO and his employees would
put the paper with the ad under the door in his office. It was wonderful. 

Zucchini77 asks: How do you stay in such great shape?

Hudson Leick: A lot of puking. {laughs}. I do pilates, yoga and work out with
a trainer. And I'm mostly a vegetarian.

KALLISTO11 asks: How do you like filming in New Zealand?

Hudson Leick: It's beautiful, but it gets lonely. And the culture difference
seems greater every time I go. The men .... 

Moonstar38 asks: When you got the role of Callisto were you a bit intimidated
by the size and character of Xena?

Hudson Leick: I thought I would be before I met her. But when I saw her, she's
much more delicate than she appears on screen. I didn't get intimidated at
all. I feel that my fierceness matches hers. 

Jason2828 asks: Hudson Leick is a fairly unusual name, what kind of name is
that? I'm guessing it's Dutch.

Hudson Leick: Very very good! Hudson is my grandmother's maiden name on my
father's side, and it is Dutch. Leick (pronounced "like") is German. 

Davemonty asks: How do you feel about being immortalized in plastic as an
action figure?

Hudson Leick: It hasn't sunken in yet. If I don't see it, it doesn't exist. 

Bishop147 asks: What's your favorite movie?

Hudson Leick: I can't name my favorite--I like tons of movies. Usually very
off-center ones. I loved Branagh's "Henry V." 

Mikalus asks: What's it like being famous?

Hudson Leick: I don't consider myself famous. In LA, where I live, nobody
comes up and bothers me. I get asked for my autograph more and more, though.
It's flattering but it makes me feel like I've got food on my chin. 

Gwen-renee-stefa asks: How do you feel that millions of girls look up to you,
especially me?

Hudson Leick: Why, my dear sweet one, would you look up to a villain?? 

XENABABE_98 asks: Would you ever like to direct an episode of Xena, just as
Michael Hurst did?

Hudson Leick: God no! 

Darth_Skeye asks: Is "Denial" coming out in the US?

Hudson Leick: Yes. 

Ministry5 asks: What kinda music are you into?

Hudson Leick: Oh God! All kinds, I'm eclectic. Things that move me. Lately
I've been listening to rap and classical. I love Sinead O'Connor and Sweet
Honey and the Rock. Sweet Honey and the Rock are great. I suggest everyone
listen to them. 

Origami_Slayer asks: Given X:WP's tendency to 'recycle' actors, would you
return as another character?

Hudson Leick: Sure, why not! 

Skw223 asks: Do you think there will ever be a Xena movie, like Star Trek and
the upcoming X-Files?

Hudson Leick: I hope so. 

Moonstar38 asks: Does the intensity of the fans scare you at all? You have
quite a following of which I am one, although I've never had the pleasure to
meet you in person. Ever going to come to Vermont?

Hudson Leick: At the last convention, yes, it was overwhelming. They're really
demanding. After five hours of it, of being looked at as more than human, it's
hard to take. 

Juliebug77 asks: Do you and Lucy Lawless intentionally try to make it seem as
if Xena and Callisto are "flirting"?

Hudson Leick: We are aware of our sensuous energies. 

guest_55a06499 asks: Do you like your character? Or would you rather have been
a good guy?

Hudson Leick: I think I wish I could have been a real goody two shoes. That
would have made me very happy in life. Come to think of it, I already played
that in the "Angel" show. 

Ringannouncer asks: I think that your performance in "Armageddon Now, Part
Two" was great. I think that you showed a different side to Callisto when you
went back in time. Your thoughts?

Hudson Leick: I thought it was delicious that they gave me someone else to

CallistoFannn asks: How long does it normally take to wrap an episode?

Hudson Leick: About a week and a half. 

NOTORIOUS_J_O_E asks: I am a drama major--any tips for me?

Hudson Leick: If you have the desire to do this, you should move to NY or LA,
continue to take classes or go to theater school and work as soon as possible.
If you have the desire to do, keep doing it even if it's just community

AsterTW asks: How do you unwind out of your role and relax into your normal

Hudson Leick: I don't have a normal life style, first of all. Yoga and
mediation help. A lot of laughing helps. 

Gwen-renee-stefa asks: If Callisto were to be stranded on an island by
herself, what 3 things do you think she would take with her?

Hudson Leick: A clever question. Whipped cream, a book, and my chihuahua. 

Heathlaw asks: Do you do anything special to get ready to play a particularly
angry scene?

Hudson Leick: Anger comes very quickly for me. 

Jason2828 asks: Are you having fun answering these questions and have any
questions surprised you?

Hudson Leick: It would be more fun if I could talk to people directly. 

Lawrence1980 asks: How many times have you been injured on the set from doing
your own fighting?

Hudson Leick: Only once did Lucy's sword nick me. But Ted Ramie, on the other
hand, ask him that question.

Gabby_Tea asks: If you couldn't be an there anything else you would
consider doing?

Hudson Leick: I would probably be a social service worker. Move to India and
serve in Calcutta in Mother Teresa's hospices. 

Mosleyan asks: Are there any more episodes of Seventh Heaven in Hudson's

Hudson Leick: Hudson doesn't know.

Binite001 asks: Do you have a charity that you're fond of?

Hudson Leick: Not at this moment. 

Donb_jr asks: Your outfit looks like it kind of hurts. Does it somewhat?

Hudson Leick: Yeah, I like it that way. 

HotMomma5150 asks: How many more episodes will you be in this year?

Hudson Leick: Two that I know of. 

Hhlcallistorules asks: What's the difference between working on the Xena set
and Hercules set?

Hudson Leick: Hercules' testosterone. 

A_Luv_Jonz asks: Do you think you will ever get your own series, like Xena did
when she first appeared on Hercules?

Hudson Leick: There's always hope. 

Jillyguest_5a08404 asks: What do you think Callisto would be doing if Xena
hadn't screwed up her childhood?

Hudson Leick: Probably would have been married with 8 brats, milking cows
early in the morning, cursing the gods for her fate. 

neen guest_5e8d9139 asks: How has the role of Callisto opened up doors for you
in your acting career

Hudson Leick: I'm not sure it has yet, really. I think it's just the beginning
of opening doors. 

Eron98 asks: Do you like to read books?

Hudson Leick: Yes. When I find the time, I love books. 

Mousike asks: What do your parents think of your career?

Hudson Leick: What's it to you? 

XenerG asks: Hudson, you are a very wonderful actress and, trust me, a lot of
feminist look up to ya. Do ya like yer role as a powerful female?

Hudson Leick: Absolutely. It's good to express yourself and not have to be
pretty. Though they do squeeze me into a little outfit, which I actually
enjoy. To not have to act as the ideal pretty woman is so freeing. 

Aurora1698 asks: How did you get started in acting?

Hudson Leick: Went to college, auditioned for a play and got the role of Emily
in "Our Town." I did a lot of community theater, moved to NY and studied at
the Neighborhood Playhouse, got an agent and started auditioning. Hence, here
I am!

I_am_hercules asks: How many times/week and hours/day do you work out?

Hudson Leick: Three times a week for an hour. 

slentzguest_278d7645 asks: Did you have a favorite actor or actress growing up
that drew you to the profession?

Hudson Leick: Cher. I loved Cher. I still love Cher. 

Tankueray asks: How do you feel about Web sites dedicated to you and the show?

Hudson Leick: Secretly, I think it's pretty exciting....but don't tell

PEOPLE Online: Hudson, thank you soooo much for joining us. It's been a real
thrill for all of us Xena fans, and we wish you continued good luck and
success in your career. Thanks to all the fans who turned out tonight -- you
guys are amazing!

Hudson Leick: Thank you very much for having me and for asking great
questions, and for all the attention. Bye.

PEOPLE Online: Bye, Hudson! And good night all!

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