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November 1 - 7, 2003

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Xena and Herc's Final Conflict

Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo join forces in a Universal lawsuit

Xena and Hercules are drawing swords on a new foe: Universal Studios. Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo are suing the company behind Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys for breach of contract, claiming they've been denied their fair share of the two action series' profits. Sorbo's lawsuit says he's owed 8 percent of his show's profit participation; Lawless' says she's owed 5 percent of hers.

"They haven't paid us anything. They say both shows lost tens of millions of dollars," Sorbo says. "C'mon, they were making money. Xena went six seasons, Hercules [five]. So they kept us employed out of the goodness of their heart? [It's] show buisness, not show charity." (A Universal spokesman refused to comment on pending litigation.) Adds Lawless, "We're just having a proper look at the books." -Daniel R, Coleridge




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