Televizier TV Guide
#37, 11 - 17 September 1999

Many thanks to Petra and also for the translation

TV Tips Tuesday September 14:

(translated from Dutch)

The influence of Xena on the life of Lucy Lawless

We can safely say that Lucy Lawless IS the warrior princess Xena. Before Lucy got her own show she guest starred in the popular tv series 'Hercules', which also takes place in Ancient Greece. A couple of episodes later she returned in three Hercules episodes as the tough, leather-clad Xena.

The audience loved her and soon after the producers of Hercules decided to give her her own show. Even though Lucy didn't have any experience when it came to martial arts, sword play and stunt work, it became apparent that she did have talent for it.

With the help of kung fu master Douglas Wong (the man behind the movie 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story') she quickly mastered the basic techniques. That the show has a lot of influence on Lucy's life also becomes evident in the fact the actress has married the producer of Hercules and Xena.