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Denver Rocky Mountain News
Friday, October 22, 1999

by Marilyn Beck

Sorbo's Guest Spot on 'Xena' Still Up In Air

Plans for Kevin Sorbo to guest in the special Xena episode in which the warrior princess gives birth next year are still up in the air. "That may happen, and it may not happen," says Sorbo. "They haven't sent me a script, and I haven't signed a contract. If it doesn't happen, fine.

If it doesn't, fine. After six years of wearing those leather pants, I'm not in a eal big hurry to put them back on." Sorbo reportedly opted not to resign for a seventh season of Hercules when he couldn't get the pay raise he would liked, but blames Universal for the show's demise. "It's still a mystery to me why Universal pulled the plug. I know it's a huge cash cow for the studio--in 115 countries, for crying out loud, but Universal just figured they got 122 hours of Hercules the show, they can run it in syndication forever."

He also blames Universal for the fact that he only did seven of eight episodes he was contracted to do this season. "I would have finished the season at least, but they asked me to take a pay cut for the eighth. When they said, 'Will you take less money?' I said, 'Will you?'" He adds that when the show wrapped, all he got was "a letter from the company saying 'Thank You.' My agent said that letter should have been attached to a Porsche." Be that as it may, Sorbo says, "I'm very thankful for the series, and thankful for the people I got to work with." The final episode of Hercules titled Full Circle, airs the week of Nov. 22.

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