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Hollywood Reporter

19 November 1999

Page 51


“Our special issue commemorates the 100th episode of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess,’ starring the multi-talented superhero, Lucy Lawless.

“Entering its 5th year, the series has become a legend in the world of syndicated television as the highest rated original drama. ‘Xena’ has grown from a cult hit into an international pop culture phenomenon spawning a massive merchandising bonanza, numerous fan clubs and conventions as well as an elaborate Hercules and Xena attraction at Universal Studios Florida. The show also has a huge internet presence with over 100 websites dedicated to Lucy Lawless and the show.

“The show’s ingenious blend of reality and fantasy combines drama and comedy. It continues to break new ground with its original story lines, spectacular special effects and crafts all enhanced by over the top action, exotic sets, original music and the lush scenery of New Zealand.

“Produced by Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi’s Renaissance Pictures, in association with Studios USA, the show currently airs on over 200 stations in the U.S. and is seen in more than 115 countries.

“Advertise in this special issue to congratulate the producers, cast and crew of ‘Xena’ and reach our 140,000-plus readers worldwide.”

Contact: LA- Dawn Allen, Talent Advertising Manager
(323) 525-2001

ASIA/PACIFIC – Lisa Young, Sales & Marketing Manager
(612) 9283-7883

NY- Millie Chiavellie, Eastern Sales Manager
(212) 536-5308

UK-Paul Johnson, European Sales Director
(44-171) 882-8327

Space Deadline: December 17
Materials Deadline: December 21


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