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KIJK Magazine

In de 'KIJK' (popular scientific magazine, also on the web of November.

(translated from Dutch)

Xena on cover (small pic) with caption: 'From Amazon to Xena, dangerous

In the index:

Dangerous Women: It is often said that if women were ruling the planet
there wouldn't be any wars. Even though women loved to fight in the days
past. Xena resumes the thread.

The article (only the Xena parts):

Title: 'Who just said bitch?'

The stereotype lets us believe that it's the men that have caused and
fought all the wars in history. Facts state otherwise: there have been
lots of women that also loved to fight. Xena resumes the thread.

She has magical powers, a dry sense of humor and lots of daring. She
enters danger with both eyes open. Often to save her naieve, and also
blond, sidekick Gabrielle, but also to fight evil, in the form of the
wargod Ares. Xena Warrior Princess can be seen weekly on Dutch television.
She is not only brave but also sexy. She wears a suit that would give her
easy access to SM clubs. Her frisbee-boomerang easily splits steel and she
easily jumps hundreds of feet. Now that's girl power.

Xena is a direct clone from the Amazons of antiquity.


Penthesiliea or the warrior princess Xena, the Amazon is powerful, deadly,
she has glamour and she is free.


In our time a warrior princess is someone who fights for the greater good.
She knows how to wage war and how to fight but she also has feelings and
is compassionate. She is someone you have to take serious. For men a
warrior princess (beautiful woman in a horny suit who draws a sword when
you say something wrong) with a life filled with power, passion and danger
is at the least exiting. For women such a role model is different from,
let's say, Cinderella whose life is run by her stepmother. Warrior
princess Xena would never end up in such a situation. She would kill the
stepmother in just one scene, save the prince from a hostile army and
would, when the prince is slobbering at her feet, say "Was nice meeting
you but I have to go on, have to fight Caesar. Goodbye."

Caption in the article: "I see her as a rolemodel" - Madeleine Albright,
US Secretary of State on Xena

Includes page filling pic of Xena and Gabrielle (third season promo shot I
believe). Caption: Warrior Princess Xena (played by Lucy Lawless, former
Miss New Zealand) with Gabrielle, safe at her side.

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