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National Enquirer

9 November 1999


Nationa Enquirer (US tabloid) - 11/9/99:



Lucy Lawless really made a big splash when her baby was born -- she gave birth in a pool of water.

The exotic "Xena" star delivered her 8-pound, 13-ounce boy in a "birthing pool", designed to make childbirth easier on both mother and child.

"I wanted to have my baby as naturally as possible", Lucy said. "Nothing is more natural than having him in water".

Little Julius debuted on October 16 at Lucy's home near Auckland, New Zealand -- and a midwife assisted.

"The water temperature in the birthing pool is similar to a mother's body temperature", continued Lucy. "As a result, there is no major shock for the baby."

"The baby is essentially floating in water for nine months to begin with, so it's a smoother transition when he's born."

The star and her hubby Rob Tapert -- the show's executive producer -- chose not to learn the baby's sex ahead of time and were elated when a strapping son arrived.

Lucy -- who also has an 11-year-old daughter by a previous marriage -- disclosed: "I was totally relaxed and had a minimum of pain. When the midwife placed Julius on my chest, both my husband Rob and I cried tears of joy".

The Enquirer learned that the pregnancy went so well that Lucy will return to work in just a couple of weeks.

Lucy's pregnancy was written into the show -- and the father of Xena's child will be revealed in January. ~~~~~~

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