Many thanks to Dwight H Morrison for the transcript


# 5 - NOVEMBER 1999

"Fantasy first lady What if Bond Where a Babe...

This November 19, Hollywood will trot out 007 for the 19th time in The World is not Enough. But if the producers truly want to bring back the sex, danger and unpredictability of the Connery years, they should promote a Bond girl to... Bond. In an age of such hell-raisin' heroines as Buffy and Xena, Stuff thinks it's high time to let a lady take a crack at SPECTRE. The name's Bond - Jane Bond.

She could be the free world's only hope to save the creaky, doddering spy series. The problem is, villains might surrender to Jane's curves all too easily, changing Dr. No to Dr. Oh Yeah. Still, why not give M something to really be shocked about when he inevitably interrupts Jane Bond in the act - with her nubile accomplice, Quinby Delicious. Pussy Galore indeed."

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