The Official Xena Magazine
Issue #2, December 1999

She's Just a Devil Woman With Evil on Her Mind

LUCY LAWLESS gets her claws out as Xena takes a big fall from grace...

xenamag-lucy1.jpg (11499 bytes)It's a slightly unnerving experience interviewing Lucy Lawless during this particular scene of Fallen Angel. She is decked out in full body paint and horns, evil-looking con- tact lenses, fingernails that could rival a chakram for sharpness, and a slightly hellish version of that familiar leather armour. Lawless isn't wearing her wings as we talk, but the effect is still striking. She makes a very effective Demon-Xena.

XENA MAGAZINE: That outfit's quite impressive.

LUCY LAWLESS: It's very impressive.

Can you actually pick things up with those nails?

I wouldn't like to have them permanently, but they're pretty functional.

When you sit around in that kind of outfit, does it get uncomfortable or do you get used to it?

I've had so many more uncomfortable things than this -- this is easy!

Is it hard moving in those wings?

Yeah, they're a iittle tricky. They're the most difficult thing for me, but for those poor people [stunt and body doubles] ... they have to do a lot of the harness work, which can mean getting on wires and flying, and that's extremely painful -- it's really excruciating. I'm really happy to be out of that.

Otherwise, you're having fun with this episode?

I'm loving it -- it's great fun! My demon is somebody you hate to love. You almost can't help liking them, they're so... funny and psycho. You don't want them to win, hut you're sure that it's a good fight and you really love it. We try to infuse a bit of humour into it, otherwise it would he too heavy

How does the season feel like it's going to go for you?

Things change so much that I've learned not to anticipate. I know in really broad strokes but things can evolve over the course of the series with the writing. And unexpected things happen [with actorsi; someone gets sick, someone gets pregnant...]

The show seems to be getting quite dark as it progresses.

You can't keep up this level of intensity throughout a series because people would find it agonising -- we're putting in a lot of fun elements.

So there will continue to he lighter episodes?

Absolutely -- I love doing comedy!

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