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The supporting cast of 'Xena' thinks the plays the thing.

Autolycus, King of Thieves

ON HIS FAVORITE EPISODE: There were a couple of dumb ones that
I did where I directed as well. One is called "The King of Assassins."
Ted Raimi (Joxer) played two parts. I've known Ted since he was 9.
I used to babysit him -- and still do on set. That was very nice.

ON WORKING IN NEW ZEALAND: I like working [there] because we're
so far away from the U.S. Everyone respects each other; the writers
respect the actors, and the actors respect the writers. We can get
away with a lot more than you can in the States.

ON HIS CHARACTER: I think guest roles are sometimes the best
parts, because the writers get tired of writing for the lead people.
You can tell they like writing my character's dialogue, because I'm
very flirty. I have tons of dialogue usually, and I think they just had
fun. Hercules always had to behave in a certain way. Well, I don't.
Xena's a little edgier -- she can kill people and stuff, so it creates a
different dynamic. I always sort of have my eyes on Gabrielle, but
not really Xena, because she'd kick my ass.

ON HIS CO-STARS: Between Lucy, Renee, and Kevin Smith, they are
three of the most pleasant people you'd ever want to meet. So it's
made it a kind of dream job, and I'm sort of dreading going back to
television in the States and meeting people who are just monsters.
I've seen enough monsters to appreciate Lucy and Renee.

Callisto, archnemesis of Xena and Gabrielle

ON HER FAVORITE EPISODE: "Necessary Evil" is my favorite. When I
read that script I laughed out loud. I just thought it was so mean,
and so horrible and so like Callisto -- so twisted. And Renee played it
beautifully, with that real innocence. I think that was my last scene
of the episode, so it was a good note to leave on.

ON PLAYING A PSYCHOTIC BLONDE: Well, I'm not for "Seeds of
Faith." I'm not the Callisto. I'm a lot different than I used to be. I've
gone through a lot of transformations in the show.

ON FIGHTING AND TRAINING: I train naturally by myself. I do yoga.
Doing the fights and other things are actually my favorite parts. It's
just dancing and I enjoy it; it gets the adrenaline up and breaks the

ON WORKING IN NEW ZEALAND: It's more of a tribe. If you want
something done, Kiwi's will figure out how to do it. More than
Americans. We're a little bit lazier, and we're much more [geared
toward] everyone have their own job and w don't stray from our one

Ares, God of War

mates. you don't see them for a wee while and you meet up again
and it's just like you saw them five minutes ago, except you're older,
you owe them money -- that sort of thing. It hardly seems like it's
been four and a half years, but when I look back on it, that's the
thing; the comfort, the ease [that you have] when you work with
people you like and you're comfortable with.

putting on a pair of slippers. It's not that I don't enjoy it [anymore],
but you've got to move on. [But] I do have an affection for the
character. I said to [the producers], if a good story comes up, like
the 100th episode for example, I'll come back for a visit. So, after
three months [away], it was fun stepping back into it again (for
"Seeds of Faith").

ON PROBLEMS OF RETURN VISITS: You know, just simple things like,
"Will the pants fit me?"

Joxer, a brave-hearted but incompetent warrior

ON THE SHOW'S POPULARITY: I think people are ready for a strong
female character who is not dependent on any man. I think in
drama, in television drama specifically, women always have men. It's
just the nature of what most producers consider important as
romance themes, and Xena doesn't have that. She's driven. She has
the same drives and problems as men. It's also a case of the right
place at the right time.

ON WHAT'S THE MOST FUN: I have to say that ridiculous costume. I
wouldn't get to wear that on any other show. Also, I never know
what's going to happen in the next episode. In one episode I'm
Joxer, and in another it's 1975, and in another, I'm king of Siam. It's
a complete grab bag. I can't think of one other actor who gets to do
the fun stuff I get to do. It's really a head trip.

ON THE FANS: They're all manic. They're just manic. The first
season we shot, I'd go to fan conventions and one or two [were]
dressed up like Xena. The second one, about 15 or 20 were dressed
like Xena. By the third, about 30 or 40 were Xena and about 10
started to dress like Joxer.

--Blake Murdoch and N. F. Mendoza

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