Horatio Potato Head

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Come listen to a story about my Potato Head named Horatio.

Horatio is my Mr Potato Head...he was given to me by the MerwolfPack in honour of my love for ... chopped off heads :-) Long story but go and read Missy Good's stories and you'll see why.

Last weekend was the Pasadena Convention and alas I could not make it. But my good friend JuneBug was going over so I sent Horatio with her and Little Horatio who was stored in a convenient place <g>

Here are the pics of Horatio having a jolly good time at the Bowling Alley - I suspect he did better than I would have and he did have a handicap...his shoes were far too big!

Thanks go to JuneBug for taking Horatio and Little Horatio on the long trip...

maryd1.jpg (8419 bytes)

MaryD2.jpg (11841 bytes)

So Horatio and Little Horatio had fun :-)

Many thanks to nlivin for the pictures :-)

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