Sword and Staff
26 January 2000


I have some really nice and very special news concerning Sword and Staff donations. A Sword and Staff donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered a two to one match on the first $10,000 in donations we make through Sword and Staff this year. That means that the first $10,000 we raise in Y2K will equal $30,000 in donations, with the matching money going to the same charities we designate as recipients of our donations. There are some restrictions as to which charities or organizations can receive the matching funds. The stipulations include that the organizations must be registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporations, and they must be based in the United States. Given that, and in compliance with IRS code, the first $10,000 in donations to qualifying organizations that come through Sword and Staff this year will receive the matching funds.

On behalf of all the fans who participate in Sword and Staff, and most especially on behalf of the organizations that will benefit from this very generous contribution, I extend thanks and warm regards to person who made this possible. This matching donation will turn the $5,860 we raised for Children At Heart at the Bards Brunch in Pasadena and from the Sword and

Staff Marketplace into a $17,580 donation that will make an enormous difference in the lives of a number of children and their future adoptive families.



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