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Rebecca Gibney is also set to star in this Aussie Movie with Lucy

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Dealing with Donna
Director: Richard Turner
Lead Actors: Lucy Lawless, Rebecca Gibney
Producers: David Hannay, James Wallace
Writers: Andrew Creagh, Judith Lucy
"Billed as the next Strictly Ballroom"


Hollywood Reporter - 30 March 20000

Lucy Lawless, the chakram-wielding "Xena," is circling the Australian comedy feature "Dealing With Donna." If she signs, it would mark her first major commitment to a feature film since her hit TV series began five years ago. Director Richard Turner said
that Lawless, who is based in Auckland, New Zealand, has expressed keen interest in the film, which is described as a sophisticated comedy about two dysfunctional women. Shooting is set to begin in September or October, when "Xena" is in recess.
The film is set to be distributed by Palace Films. A foreign presale is being negotiated by exeutive producer Larry Hirsch of Perth-based Toucan Films. (Blake Murdoch)
Source: Hollywood Reporter - 30 March 2000
Many thanks to Journs for the transcript

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