Many thanks to Catherine for the transcript and the translation

Le Monde Newspaper


April 8, 2000


Xena was on the front page of "Le Monde" (issue dated April 8th, 2000) a very serious french newspaper.

Under the title "The country where women have the power, 107 years after obtaining the right to vote", the first paragraph says :

"Following the example of Xena, the "Warrior Princess" of TV screens, born in New Zealand but now known all over the world, new zealand women are winning the battle for power on all the fronts. In this TV show, the kiwi leatherclad actress, Lucy Lawless, plays the part of a female Hercules-like and shows off her charms as easily as her sword. In the real life of the country, women are not necessarily as stunning as Xena is but they are as much efficient."

Then follows a presentation of the women who have the power in NZ from the Prime Minister (and the former one), the Chief of Justice and Auckland's mayor to CEO of Radio NZ or TELECOM, Lucy Lawless or Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.

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