Transcript by Mark Allen - AXIP News Reporter

The Sydney Morning Herald

10 April 2000

"The Simpsons survive"

Ten sources say Law and Order, The Simpsons, NYPD Blue, and Just Shoot Me will survive into the new year, in spite of the network cancelling contracts with the US companies that supply those shows. When Ten announced a surprisingly ambitious schedule of local mini-series, telemovies, and police series at the start of this year, it was unclear how it would be paid for. Last Friday however, the network announced it will save up to $20 million by not renewing its supply contracts with MCA-Universal and Aaron Spelling's WorldVision. Although Ten can continue with most existing programming from those companies it will not be able to tap into new 2000/ 2001 offerings. The net result: a huge reduction in Ten's reliance on US programming. The first causalities are likely to include Xena, Seven Days, Hercules, and possibly Charmed, starring Shannen Doherty. Tears are not expected.

Tony Davis

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