Behind The Scenes of The Tonight Show
Virginia & Lourdes S

The moment we found out that the Flawless One will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, we gathered some info. Tickets for the Tonight Show were available by mail or in person. We sent in our SASE and later received a brief note plus brochure that the mail supply of tickets for the show have been exhausted but there will limited tickets at the ticket counter on the day of the show at 8am. Since Burbank is just a stone-throw away, we decided to go. We will be experiencing being in the Jay Leno Show and seeing Lucy Lawless.

We woke up at 6am, got ready and arrived in Burbank at quarter to 8am. There was already a line and the doors opened exactly at 8am. Thanked God we got tickets and were not on a stand-by. Went home, ate lunch and went back at 11:30am, 4hours and 30mins til show time or til they let us in. They let us (the first 30 people) in at 3:30pm. Hoping to get the front seats, to no avail, because the seats were already reserved. We were so disappointed because it was on a first-come, first-serve basis but the seats were already reserved. We just didn't understand how the seating arrangement was and how people reserved their seats before hand. The seats were already selected. They only allowed a certain amount of people to sit in the front rows. Anyways, we had good seats, center section but of course we wanted to be nearer to the stage.

Jay Leno came out and talked to the audience a little bit, then another person was giving out freebies and was entertaining the audience. The taping began at 5:10pm with Jay Leno and his funny monologue then the guests. D.L. Hughley came out first, then LUCY LAWLESS and Patti Smith. The shouts, screams and applause were louder for Lucy Lawless than for the other 2.

When Lucy came out we were screaming and clapping. We were so happy to see her. She's so sexy and back to her svelte figure. In our humble opinions, she wasn't lively and talkative as we expected. It's like she was holding something back. She seldom looked at the audience and when she did she was kinda shy. During the commercial breaks, she kept talking to D.L. Hughley. Jay just sat there so quiet, sipping his mug. We wish she was on longer and talked more about XWP. When her SNL clip was shown, she was watching it and was mouthing the words. When Patti Smith did her number, Lucy stood and watched her. She was really into the music and kinda moving to the rhythm. Our eyes were on her and not on Patti. During one of the breaks, Lucy was sipping on her mug but couldn't tell if it was hers or Hughley's, but she kept drinking anyway.

Oh well, looking forward to the taping of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher with Lucy Lawless as one of the guests on the 13th. The show will be shown on Friday the 14th. We'll tell you about that taping later.

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